1. Swing Update for 11/24 - https://mintcapitaltrading.wordpress.com/weekly-swing-watch-lists/swing-update-for-1123/ - $AVXL $EDUC $CYTK $KBIO $AEZS $VLTC $UGAZ $NHTC $RVNC $SRPT

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  8. $EDUC persistent small float monster

  9. $EDUC in deed was special hola

  10. $EDUC indeed was special

  11. $EDUC a monster

  12. #HYHRD WL w/e 11/14 $BANC $DRAD $EDUC $ORI $SPKE http://www.hyhrd.com/2015/11/13/hyhrd-wl-we-1114-banc-drad-educ-ori-spke/

  13. @hakihika hi. What is your opinion of $EDUC

  14. #HYHRD WL w/e 11/7 $DRAD $EDUC $ORI $SPKE http://www.hyhrd.com/2015/11/06/hyhrd-wl-we-117-drad-educ-ori-spke/

  15. $EDUC Wow what an incredible run. Double top at 13 though.

  16. #HYHRD WL w/e 10/31 $DRAD $EBF $EDUC $GM $ORI http://www.hyhrd.com/2015/10/30/hyhrd-wl-we-1031-drad-ebf-educ-gm-ori/

  17. $EDUC on the move!

  18. $EDUC looks yummy


  20. $NETE up 28% $NYMX up 21% $SGMO up 16% $PHMD up 10% $JDST up 10% $KERX up 13% $XCO up 9% $CASI up 9% $CVSL up 9% $DUST up 9% $EDUC up 9%

  21. $EDUC so thin but pretty

  22. $EDUC dang made really good money here but should have held a piece a little longer. Big move again

  23. #HYHRD WL w/e 10/24 $CBNJ $EBF $EDUC $GM http://www.hyhrd.com/2015/10/23/hyhrd-wl-we-1024-cbnj-ebf-educ-gm/

  24. $EDUC $APDN $TSYS $NSSC $TAYD $KINS $ERI $ULBI $LAKE $SMED $SLP flip flippas out there with potential that have been getting gobbled up

  25. sickening to see I missed the $PRMW $EDUC moves