1. Endeavour Mining $EDV.CA will be added to the INK Canadian Insider Index at the close on May 20: https://index.inkresearch.com/announce.php?id=6

  2. $EDV.CA down today but strong out performance compared to other miners.

  3. Endeavour Announces Governance Changes http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2728286 $EDV.CA

  4. Endeavour Mining Corp just filed its News release - English http://sedar.com/GetFile.do?lang=EN&docClass=8&issuerNo=00018439&issuerType=03&projectNo=02481329&docId=3915027 $EDV.CA

  5. $EDV.CA this stock blowing up !

  6. $EDV.CA within 2 years they expect 800,000 ounces a year at $800 aisc. Wow.

  7. $EDV.CA much lower debt, only 71 million now. Aisc now under $900. Gold production to go higher rest of year. Fcf of 28 million.

  8. Endeavour Reports First Quarter 2016 Results, AISC Continue to Decrease Below $900/oz http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2702712 $EDV.CA

  9. Endeavour Mining Corp just filed its News release - English http://sedar.com/GetFile.do?lang=EN&docClass=8&issuerNo=00018439&issuerType=03&projectNo=02478679&docId=3910887 $EDV.CA

  10. Earnings announcement: $EDV.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, May 2 2016

  11. $EDV.CA going to rock Monday ?

  12. Endeavour Mining to Announce its Q1 Results on Monday May 2, 2016 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2682098 $EDV.CA

  13. Endeavour Mining Corp just filed its News release - English http://sedar.com/GetFile.do?lang=EN&docClass=8&issuerNo=00018439&issuerType=03&projectNo=02475195&docId=3905751 $EDV.CA

  14. Endeavour Completes Acquisition of True Gold http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2667838 $EDV.CA

  15. Endeavour Mining Corp just filed its News release - English http://sedar.com/GetFile.do?lang=EN&docClass=8&issuerNo=00018439&issuerType=03&projectNo=02473591&docId=3903377 $EDV.CA

  16. LT pos. $SA $AG $XRA $KAM $BCM $NUG $FMF $EXK $GPL $VGZ Watch/swing $TAHO $SLW $NSU $EDV.CA $PLG $IVN.CA

  17. Endeavour and True Gold Shareholders Approve Acquisition Transaction http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2656087 $EDV.CA

  18. Endeavour Mining Corp just filed its News release - English http://sedar.com/GetFile.do?lang=EN&docClass=8&issuerNo=00018439&issuerType=03&projectNo=02472190&docId=3901257 $EDV.CA

  19. $EDV.CA if you want to be in gold, edv is the place you want to be. Low cost mines, profitable and growing.

  20. Stock Trends - TSX ST-IM Select stocks $BIR.CA $CR.CA $EDV.CA

  21. $EDV-CA missing the boat sucks...my consolation prize is that I knew it would fly. Learning how to fish (everyone else ate my fish though)

  22. $EDV.CA this will be $50 a share when gold hits $1500 an ounce

  23. $EDV.CA 2 fantastic pieces of news in one day. Hounde project given green light and true gold has commenced production.

  24. $EDV-CA wow - what a run Endeavour is having! Real momentum behind this stock.

  25. Endeavour Mining starts construction of its Hounde Project, its next low-cost gold mine http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=2623697 $EDV.CA