1. Public Trade. Taking profits on $EDZ (5% position) today. [Subs taking $RUSS $BIS profits as well.]

  2. The elephant in the room, how could the fed raise rates more than 1 basis point. $BDI $SPY $SPX $SPXU $QQQ $SQQQ $IWM $TZA $EDZ

  3. Final Trade. Adding 3% $EDZ (for 5% or one-half position) Market On Close. (Continuing to methodically add to this trade as $EEM climbs.)

  4. $EEM $EDZ

  5. $EEM stalling at EMA(20), huge overhead Supply. Beginning to build $EDZ today. Will continue building methodically.

  6. Final Trade. Opening 2% $EDZ M.O.C. 2-3-5% progression. Add to trade if moves against me. Avg trade 5days. (I allocate 10% acct to trade.)

  7. $EDZ will be a 2-3-5% progressive trade (more about this later) executed with Market On Close orders. $EEM #ETFSwingTrader

  8. $EEM 50% retrace of recent downthrust, RSI(2) near 90. Will trade this with $EDZ [3x inverse] 30min before Close.

  9. $EDZ another great op to go long $EDZ

  10. $SPXU $SQQQ $TZA $EDZ Thanks Obama.

  11. robertxxpow gave $EDZ a HOLD rating & has a 67% success rate w/ a 1.97% return per tip on 6 tips. https://closingbell.co/robertxxpow

  12. $EDZ $QID $SPXU $TWM $TZA long

  13. $SPY I was shorting the market before it cool $SQQQ $SPXU $TZA $EDZ

  14. $EEM submerging markets follow through lower below 50 day, long $EDZ

  15. $EDZ at 45 👍🏻👍🏻

  16. $DJIA $spx $uvxy $labd $dug $drip $fxp $bzq $edz starting to slowly unload shorts. Mkt has WAY more to fall

  17. $EDZ $UVXY $DUST $LABD $UGAZ after 14 straight winning days and the port up 21% finishing down on the day -$203 video http://swingtradesetups.com/free-updates/11-10-day-trades/

  18. $EDZ 43.84 , 45 next marks

  19. Emerging markets breaking down - support break on $EEM http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/414625118; $EUM $EDZ $EDC

  20. Dead elephant bounce is the only way to describe this sensational 6 week rally. #PostQE $SPXU $SQQQ $EDZ $TZA

  21. Top% Movers: $ZSPH 40% $LXRX 35% $RATE 27% $BLDR 27% $WTW 27% $STMP 26% $ECOM 21% $DATA 20% $CALD $YOKO $EDZ $BBRY $NVDA $HZNP

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  23. $EDZ great entry price just about now 👍🏻👍🏻

  24. $EDZ buy intraday 610.77 pesos in Mexico SIC

  25. $DWTI $UWTI $EDZ $EDC Energy Companies may rain on S&P 500 earnings parade http://www.marketwatch.com/story/energy-companies-may-rain-on-sp-500-earnings-parade-2015-11-01-17103010?siteid=rss&rss=1