1. $SCO $RUSS $EDZ $TLT $UUP Yellen s innocuous statements really roiling the markets. Why? Fed is powerless to raise rates.

  2. Long $SCO, $ERY (bought more on the Nigeria knee-jerk dip), $RUSS, $EDZ - having a good day

  3. $EDC $EDZ $EEM $EEMV in-depth analysis about the best energy & debt-free picks from the emerging markets now: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2933506-petroamerica-oil-the-strong-buy-rating-has-become-even-stronger

  4. @PnFChartist im not short spy, yes I am short with real money, been killing the $gpro short, $sco $ery $uvxy $edz short $mbly $ll

  5. @Afortyyearold @_ZR_ I still think that $EDZ will be the place to be when it unwinds/continues to unwind w/ $ rallying

  6. @howardlindzon @ivanhoff oops meant $EDZ

  7. @todd1 +2.4% $EDZ, +10% $ERY. Great month, increased acct / net worth over 4%. Won 9 for 9. Whew.

  8. @StarKiller2035 I m short individual equities right now and $OIL via $SCO, $EEM/$EDZ, $RSX/$RUSS

  9. And looks like subscriber trades will score today in $EDZ $ERY $QLD -- and $QQQ calls. No losing #ETF trades in January.

  10. @Lach14 confusing market right now, I m pretty much opposite $SCO $ERY $EDZ $RUSS $JNUG $UVXY short $VIPS $GPRO

  11. @todd1 $EDZ $ERY Both trades are fighting me today. Huge intraday turnaround in $SPY. But pocketing +11.8% $RUSS today so I m still happy.

  12. @Mr_Dev @todd1 Doubled down on my $EDZ position last night. Having a good day.

  13. @Mr_Dev @todd1 Finally some relief for my $EDZ trade. $EEM ready to give up the ghost?

  14. $EDC $EDZ - $EDZ chart - in Dec. $EDZ busted through the upper BB while Sto s were in power zone & ran from 35 to 46 http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=EDZ&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p28776666232

  15. & $EDZ proceeded to run from 35 to 46 - so if $EDZ can do it so can $EDC, but that remains to be seen - $EDC has a great start -

  16. Checkout $EDZ - back in Dec. $EDZ busted through the upper Bollinger Band while the Sto s were in the above 80 zone http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=EDZ&p=D&yr=0&mn=3&dy=0&id=p28776666232

  17. @benrab @JFinDallas @vandelayindustries As an example use $EEM to make your decision but use $EDC or $EDZ if you want to leverage it.

  18. Taking +2% profit on small $QLD trade. $XIV $EDZ trades still active. (Gone skiing)

  19. $SPY $OIL tanking again already $EEM even better short than spy $EDZ

  20. $EEM continues to respect overhead Resistance, boding well for my $EDZ trade. https://twitter.com/ETFSwingTrader/status/555099950569103360/photo/1

  21. $EDZ try for an inverted head and shoulders http://stocktwits.com/message/31189887

  22. $eev $edz on 50 dma.

  23. $EDZ has been replaced with $RUSS for my downside hedge.

  24. Closed all shorts. Made my 5-10%, target was 17500 on the Dow so if the play fulfills your target, get out! $SDOW $SQQQ $EDZ

  25. To my followers, you re welcome lol. $SDOW $SQQQ $EDZ. Remember, the first down day is rarely the last $MACRO $STUDY