1. @coolsun @rickyroq1 I had that opinion about $EEH because it didnt do anything it just stood still so i got Frustrated and sold them

  2. $EEH Why the F**k did i sell my stocks... Right when i sold them EEH picks up :/

  3. $EEH does anyone know what we are looking at here ? Without hours of my own research ? Too crazy a chart HFTs at work could be the reason ?

  4. $EEH sold that crap


  6. @816tony As you can see i dont not steer you wrong :) $EEH

  7. $EEH This is a large cap momentum ETF by ELEMENTS..... do a search. I was floored by this up action, but not by the down action!

  8. $EEH so what exactly is this ?

  9. $EEH Yea it is,, made me buy some today thinking it will have another blast like last time

  10. $EEH what the pooh is this? Is this real?

  11. @DKyro: $EEH Interesting...... Elements has this valued at like 12 bucks! Do your homework people.

  12. $EEH It sucks i just see down down and down no up

  13. @NatGasPro @sfields would you consider reentering $EEH anytime soon?

  14. $EEH But lets buy some and wait for our luck lol

  15. $EEH Never heard of it, 9 to 180, back to 13? The chart looks like a group pump from iHub, gross.

  16. $EEH reminds me of $ESBA chart

  17. $EEH LOL 7 mesages, up 333.33%

  18. $EEH Im buying some if $EEH tomorrow morning

  19. $EEH is this chart for real? what the hell is this?

  20. @moosebert $EEH , im buying at the safest entry (long base price) I m feeling a second breakout coming up, adding tights stops also.

  21. @NayemQuano man I ve traded some dirty dirty things ($UVXY,etc.), but what the hell is $EEH? That looks disgusting.

  22. Going for the Golden Gamble! $NQ $EEH :)

  23. @xel_arjona Check out $EEH bro, what s your say on that?

  24. @816tony Hell yeah $EEH is a good buy now. Hoping for another Spike , make sure you set yours stops.

  25. $EEH Is this a good buy?