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  4. $EWZ Emerging markets down last week overall, so not just an EWZ problem. See $AFK $TUR $EEM $NGE etc. No sign of turnaround yet though.

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  10. $EEM Is most sensitive to rising interest rate


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  14. $EEM out small loss no bounce yet

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  18. $EEM don t look now but this is creeping up

  19. $EWZ one of the recent failed breakouts. $EEM also. http://y.ahoo.it/u0hUeK96

  20. $EEM down every day this week and off 4%

  21. $EEM MACD curling up a bit let s see

  22. $EEM getting a small bid here need volume

  23. Today s whisper $TASR moving higher, and $EEM moving lower, following the prints is my biggest secret http://y.ahoo.it/T8pUutFy

  24. $EEM breaking down and $IEV still weak .... not a positive sign .

  25. $EEM if we get to $43 I will add remainder way oversold