1. $EGLE

  2. $EGLE

  3. $EGLE This stock just went to $3.5 on march 7th,16 with 2m volume, so this is going higher!

  4. $egle is it monday yet? lol

  5. $EGLE I think will open above $1

  6. Hope the $EGLE soars this week!

  7. $EGLE only shipping stock with insider buy and it s huuugeeee!

  8. $EGLE whats driving this volume

  9. $EGLE It s been a steady climb to the top! Looking ready to just POP off another LvL!

  10. $EGLE sorry u r correct

  11. Yah $egle from my perspective it will jump over $1

  12. $EGLE thats a decrease not increase

  13. $EGLE No merit to your idea without a link backing this up. You can t be bullish if you have no bullish news, and there is yet to be news.

  14. $EGLE is the cheapest w heavy insider buy among the all shipping stocks, better deal than $PRGN and $GLBS! http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/egle/insider-trades

  15. $EGLE Monday above .98 +$1

  16. $GLBS $egle hope oil still goes up on monday

  17. If your losing then No Dont sell it... DAKP Its gona go up Like $egle

  18. $EGLE Bulls will be in full control coming week!

  19. $GLBS $PRGN $DSX $GNK $DRYS $EGLE $SALT - what a run 4 shipping sector last week - we charted start of run & will be on it until run is done

  20. $EGLE - checkout our last chart - closed above 50 day simple moving average - April 11 close = key level to break -

  21. $EGLE this is where we are headed!

  22. $EGLE $DRYS $PRGN $DSX Chart 4/29/16 - Technical Analysis Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du6eX_nVfFs&feature=youtu.be $

  23. $EGLE I sold half my position and put it in $GLBS its been moving faster with lower float and has better chance to catch up with $PRGN GLTA!

  24. $EGLE got a good feeling about this one

  25. $EGLE what s the realistic target for Monday?