1. With U.S. Equities Remaining Bullish, How Do You Invest in Gold? $GLD $SPY $ABX $RGLD $GOLD $EGO $NGD #Gold

  2. $EGO As always....pressed much harder than other miners to the downside with gold up today. Never goes up with them. Someone really after it

  3. $EGO End of Day Scan: Bullish Engulfing

  4. Barclays Year-In-Review On #Gold $AEM $AUY $EGO $NEM $KGC $GG $RGLD $SLW http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/11/6009438/barclays-year-in-review-on-gold

  5. $EGO those hedge fund trying to kill this stock,but it will reverse on their head.

  6. $EGO Is this POS ever gonna track gdx on the upside. Underperforms it s peers on the downside but never participates on the green days.

  7. $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT $BAA $DRD $RGLD $GG $NEM $ABX $FNV $AEM $SLW $GOLD $AU $EGO $KGC $TAHO $AUY $GFI http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/11/gold-miners-strong-q3-results-2/

  8. Canadian Mint Gold Sales Pop 135% $NEM $AEM $NG $FCX $AUY $IAU $EGO $RGLD $PHYS $UGL $UGLD https://smaulgld.com/canadian-mint-third-quarter-sales/

  9. Happy thanksgiving from me and the staff at http://www.mybeststockpicks.com to you. Special thx to stocks like $TTPH $KBIO $EGO $DRAM for the gains

  10. New trend detected on $EGO when price was 3,04 http://shark-finance.com?stc=EGO #TradingSystem #Randomwalk

  11. $EGO Trading in this today should be investigates. No way this space is flying while this stays grounded. Ego tends to move more than others

  12. $EGO Who is sitting on this one lately? Never gets any traction while other miners fly. The options pull to 3 is that powerful?

  13. $EGO how is it other gold companies are moving up and this one sits.

  14. $EGO All this for -4 gold huh? God i hate fridays

  15. $EGO is this not at BUY level

  16. $DNR $arex $rexx $ego Just know DNR about the only way to trade this stock is buy when they buy&sell when they sell or cover their shorts

  17. $DNR, $arex, $rexx, $ego and others, oil and gold... Down 40% (almost 19k)... Feel devastated and numb. No sign of reversal.

  18. $EGO Ego down more with gold -1 than it was up with gold up 12 yesterday. Miners folks....just.....miners....

  19. TODAY S UNUSUAL CALL FLOW: http://rambles.wallstjesus.com/post/133554569163/todays-unusual-call-flow $BRCM $JCI $MOS $ANET $OLED $MYCC $EGO $EWH $ZFGN

  20. $EGO Jan 3 Call buyer +5k for $0.50

  21. $EGO Ego knows it s a gold stock right? Wtf

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  23. After Hour Movement: $NCTY $BIOS BEBE CRMD $KEG $EGO $CTIC $TVIX $TAHO $CLD $AVXL http://dekmartrades.com/

  24. Have you noticed how long $EGO, $AVXL $DRAM and $TTPH are? lets go make some quick profit

  25. $EGO waiting to drop further