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  4. Bullish on these ETF s; $GDX, $GLD, $GDXJ, $NUGT (very bullish), $SLV, $JNUG, $IAU, $EIDO, $TIP

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  8. $EIDO uptrend, low volume

  9. $EIDO election upcoming on 7/9 Felt like it was going to b a buy on rumor sell on the news of the new President situation I hate 2 lose $

  10. $EIDO it was up 3.5% for the day when I sold I lost 2.66% on capital; but gained 1% on 1 div during the 5 weeks. I read bout an election

  11. $EIDO Indonesia bot at 28.55 May 29. sold today at 27.79. it closed at 27.89.

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  16. nice island reversal on the daily chart in Indonesia over the weekend $EIDO - today s lows is the stop imo

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  20. $EIDO Anyone know Indonesia leveraged ETF s (2x / 3x) stocks to buy prior & post to election?

  21. $EIDO daily, sold position in early wave 4 pull-back 12.1% gain in 3 months, will re-enter in early wave 5, sell target old 52wk high.


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