1. $EJ Unusual opening buyer looks to put a stop to recent bleeding: 1763 Jan15 $10 Calls $0.95 15:46:42 IV=53.3% +3.9  http://y.ahoo.it/iqjmcUib


  3. $EJ thanks for the opp

  4. $EJ Ouch. Support on the daily and the uptrend at 9.35ish. Need to hold or I m out!

  5. $EJ - http://y.ahoo.it/RsPzK32H - is getting CRUSHED this week. Randolph, turn the machines BACK ON! - Down 5% for the day.

  6. $EJ This is gettin scary. From 12 to 9 less than one month.

  7. $EJ wow. $LEJU Popping but nada for this

  8. $EJ This is so frustrating holding this thru the BABA mania. I hope that is all BABA affecting this... plus a lil concern re housing.

  9. $EJ You have to appreciate the manner in which Zillow, a USA company is successful with tiptoeing into China $EJ/$LEJU.

  10. $EJ Started a new position 9.85 today. Will add when we break 10.

  11. @GooberBoobButt @ohnicematt Yeah you re right, $BIDU $YOKU $SINA $EJ $SOHU damn scam artists.

  12. $EJ What! A positive close. Maybe we get moving after the BABA mania

  13. @ManagingEmotions: Wouldn t be surprised to see a very st rally in $LEJU $BITA $YY $QIHU $EJ etc but then selling will continue Hope so

  14. Wouldn t be surprised to see a very short term rally in $LEJU $BITA $YY $QIHU $EJ etc but then selling will continue

  15. $EJ ... China s Central Bank Injects $81 Billion Into Top Banks to Counter Slowdown http://y.ahoo.it/kL8Noait

  16. China s home prices continue to roll over. Here is a recap of the NBS release from today http://y.ahoo.it/ZsRTIIka $SFUN $EJ $LEJU $CTC

  17. $EJ H&S confirmed on break of 10.50 neckline. Downside target of $9

  18. $JRJC $HGSH $NETE $EJ no more hype every second?$VRNG $VHC $AMRN--

  19. $EJ - multiple BUY ratings, revenue growth, solid financials, increased sp, earnings per share growth. $LEJU, $SINA, $BIDU $Z

  20. $EJ Anyone awake? Looks like a great level to buy here imo

  21. $EJ Here we r again at 6.52. Is this a short term triple bottom? Or, is BABA the only worthwhile china Internet play this week?

  22. $EJ Doubled up 10.64

  23. $CGA Remember $EJ s epic run last year from the $3s to $17? Increasing revenues and net sales, this is what I look for in a stock!

  24. $EJ Up/down volume ration 1.4, down from 1.7 on 8/9.

  25. $EJ Back in right before close at 10.84