1. $EJ Wednesday decent sized vertical spread put on...They are buying the May 10 calls and financing that by selling the May 13 calls.

  2. $LEJU Real winners of LEJU will be their owners - Tencent, largest internet company in China & $EJ...Long EJ. Half off Analyst Price Target.

  3. $EJ Wish I had also jumped on $BITA as EJ did not react as positively on rebound...but potential here for 100% returns are higher than BITA.

  4. $EJ Will be looking to add to position on Monday. . . may even double down entire position with free cash.

  5. $EJ from

  6. @JFinDallas: $LEJU , a $Z at 3X sales & a 14 PE $EJ $SFUN Zillow doesn t trade at 3x sales, nor does it have a 14 PE, ttm or fy1. wow.

  7. $EJ has some competition... $LEJU priced IPO today at the low end of the range.

  8. $LEJU doing well with a strong bid now after a little trip below issue price, a $Z at 3X sales & a 14 PE growing faster, easy one $EJ $SFUN

  9. $EJ Starting to bounce

  10. $EJ is this worth staying in?

  11. $EJ why?

  12. $EJ LEJU ipo ....10 million shares priced@$10...low end of 10-12 range

  13. IV30(TM) GAINER $DLLR +27.77% $ATHL +16.97% $CXDC +16.44% $IRM +13.09% $EJ +11.55% $DYAX +7.07% $GTI +6.35% http://y.ahoo.it/qwnhtnIh

  14. $EJ Nice!

  15. $EJ New Seeking Alpha article out this afternoon. http://y.ahoo.it/ASYWBqBk

  16. $EJ ER could be massive with LEJU...guess that is why Tencent came on board.

  17. $EJ May still get there if LEJU and Zillow and Tencent deals. . .

  18. $EJ Guess when you do DD you buy too early and get manipulated. Unfortunate - this should have channelling between 13 & 15.

  19. Closing out $EJ 1083 v 1035 ...gettin late , golf day

  20. $EJ $SFUN acting well today, Leju $LEJU #IPO is pricing tonight & is said to be hot (whatever that means), size of deal has been cut though

  21. Share an idea on $SFUN $EJ showing love. $XIN like unwanted stepchild

  22. $EJ Said it would be an interesting day. Morning started slowly - oh but she is getting some legs now.

  23. $EJ seeing some unusual call activity, 3.7x usual --

  24. $EJ getting interesting

  25. $IMMU oyt some 398...in $SYN ...out some $EJ + a dime , stop to entry on rest of it = 2/3