1. keeping $ej $athm $hgsh $bita on watchlist

  2. $EJ $leju $sfun guessing it should be a good day. and a better Oct.

  3. http://www.freefdawatchlist.com/2014/09/volatile-stock-lisr-for-sept-30th-rada.html Volatile Stock list for Sept 30th: $RADA, $TNXP, $CTCM, $WLT, $ALIM, $EXEL, $CLVS, $NQ, $JNS, $CREG, $EJ, $DVAX, $ANR



  6. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Sep/26 SELL: $HCP $KRG $NG $FANG $HOV $OXY $AMSC $WU $SNH $AFL $DDR $CAT $UDR $FLR $RIG $MPW $WLL $O $EJ $OAS

  7. $EJ Can we go back to 11 now?

  8. $DSKY $EJ If these get any lower, I won t be able to resist

  9. $EJ Gone parabolic...no support in sight until 8.50. I d buy then

  10. $EJ Wth is going on here...

  11. $EJ testing support. bought more at 9.20

  12. $EJ Feel like nibbling again. Thus us getting overdone. The company is a high grower, turns profit and trades at 20 times.

  13. $EJ $LEJU would not be surprised another alliance is formed with a PR soon. $LEJU had triple digit rev growth last Q

  14. $LEJU $EJ Ridiculous valuation gap between these two shares still

  15. $EJ $SFUN $JRJC China Focus: Home purchase restrictions eased amid cooling market http://y.ahoo.it/WXcjgFh5

  16. $SFUN $EJ both moving higher above yesterday s high. Still lots of room to run in this reversal from the lows.

  17. My suspicion is u get one final rally in $leju $yy $qihu $ej etc before another move much lower

  18. $gtat $ej $sfun I need ten more days like today... I ve endured enough pain and bloodshed this month!!!

  19. $SFUN $EJ ...now green on a red day! : )

  20. @VIPS1000 The emotions of traders piling into china stocks like $leju $bita $yy $qihu $ej pre $baba ipo raised major red flags for me

  21. $EJ -9/15/14 revenues increased 29%. Real estate online services rev increased 63%, e-commerce services grew 159%. http://y.ahoo.it/49KoTyCw

  22. I still think its 2 early to be hopping back into $LEJU $BITA $YY $VIPS $EJ etc. I sold these about 3-4 weeks ago but not ready to buy back

  23. $EJ RSI way oversold. Water is warm, jump in and ride it back up.

  24. $EJ H&S looks complete here...could be setting up for a leg up.

  25. $EJ This is going to have an awesome bounce. Way oversold.