1. $EJ developing new platforms that could be just as profitable as $LEJU in the near future. The mothership will go rocketship my friends!

  2. on the short term like today, maybe the run up on $LEJU was a short squeeze, so not reflected in $EJ share price yet

  3. @LGLG If $leju is up 12%, shouldn t $ej be up at least 9%... Confused.

  4. $EJ price is what you pay, value is what you get, getting a lot for $EJ right now

  5. @whofeih in reality when you buy $EJ you get 3/4 of a share in $LEJU i think.

  6. daytraded #stocks : $SPXU $FOLD $NQ $FCX $ARO $EJ $DGLY $LEJU $SFLY $BBRY $HGSH $USU $MYL $DRL $MOBI $JRJC $CY went 18/25 for +$1160

  7. I was thinking yesterday if I ll buy $EJ or $LEJU, and guess what... I bought $EJ. Should ve gone with $LEJU instead... Darn it....

  8. @peterjakonovisky Yeah valuation is much more important with these new China IPOs. $LEJU $EJ are by far the cheapest now in internet space

  9. Honest, #Housemarket is too much bubble in China. We sold $EJ and made about $2.8/share prior earning report. We may by it again.

  10. E-House; Saw continued softness in China s real estate market in Q2. Hoping that relaxed govt policies and developer cuts juice 2H. $EJ

  11. E-House is admitting this? The real estate market in China experienced a substantial slowdown this year.... $EJ

  12. @peterjakonovisky Seems like a very smart mgmt team. $EJ mgmt team too. $EJ is launching a $YELP like service with $SINA.

  13. $SINA When I buy 1 share of Sina, I buy in the same time, approximately: 0.46 sh of $EJ 1.74 sh of $WB 4.58 sh of Tiange 0,06 sh of $YOKU

  14. $EJ is now my favorite China position in the intermediate term given their stake in $LEJU. I own $LEJU $VIPS $QIHU $Z

  15. Put it this way: $EJ s stake in $LEJU is worth $1.6 Billion (same as their mkt cap). So mkt is saying their $500 Million cash is worth $0.

  16. China earnings this week $AMCN $JMEI T) $YOKU $ZPIN $CMCM $TEDU $CCIH W) $XNET $LEJU $LITB $JASO $EJ TH) $WUBA $QUNR $ZX $BORN

  17. I ve been bullish on $LEJU since 50% ago and favored it over $EJ but diffference is now too great. I bought some $EJ today. Long $Z too :)

  18. $LEJU collected over borrowing info for over 30 million people through WeChat (Tencent). Wow very bullish. $EJ

  19. $EJ owns 75% of $LEJU, which is worth $2.1 Billion. Additionally they have $500 MM in cash. Combo is $2.1 Billion. Look at $EJs mkt cap

  20. $EJ $DANG $HPJ China stock sold in high.. bot in dip 4me tho..;)

  21. oh well, not a good day for me again.... hope i get a shot like $JRJC, $HGSH and $DGLY... show some love $RXII $VJET $JASO $EJ $CNET

  22. Revealing justifications offered up in $EJ transcript http://y.ahoo.it/wDW3httZ

  23. Daytrade 6: Short $EJ 1000 12$

  24. Out of that list in my portfolio $CELG @91.88; $EJ @ 11.99; $HAIN @ $95.75; $JBLU @$12.62; $SODA @ $34.48; $NQ @$6.53

  25. $JBLU $EJ $ARIA $NQ $HAIN $SFLY $CIG $SODA $TNP $CELG Top Ticks for short term bull rides