1. $ELMD Short patient play..inevitable imo

  2. $ELMD

  3. $ELMD Extreme Overbought, odds definitely favor short trades

  4. $ELMD Shorted 2 day ago didn t think it would run much more she should run out of steam very soon. Over extended IMO.

  5. $ELMD Odd stock to play long - historically low volume, no growth stock that doesn t spam PRs - how will it sustain a move?

  6. $ELMD falls if 3.13 is taken out

  7. $SUNE I warned SO many people at $6.40 then dump off retest to $5.85..that $1.80 was coming back! I wasn t joking, catch $ELMD return

  8. $ELMD Out -.03 Looking weak.

  9. $ELMD looking for break of 3.30/3.40, 1/2 dollar, and new highs

  10. $ELMD Long

  11. $ELMD stop at 3.10

  12. $ELMD Watching

  13. Long $ELMD for the 3.40 break

  14. $ELMD - squeezing the shorts

  15. $ELMD over 3.25 is key

  16. long $ELMD 3.24

  17. Morning Watchlist 2/12 Bullish $UWTI $AVXL $RLYP $GLUU Bearish $TRXC $GRPN $ELMD $MNKD Also watching $NUS $BG $SCSS

  18. 2/12 Trade Plan - $ZYNE $GLUU $TRXC $ELMD $JNUG $KORS $TFM - http://mintcapitaltrading.com/daily-watch-lists/212-daily-scan/

  19. $ELMD Covered at the close. 8% drop is still not too bad, even though I expected a bit more. Good luck to all still trading this name.

  20. $ELMD Bid size just increased like 50 times. Nobody wants to hold overnight ))

  21. $ELMD

  22. $ELMD

  23. $ELMD had my limit at 3.08 and it never went through. haha damn it

  24. $ELMD looking real weak right before power hour

  25. $ELMD @Michaelrayyy Starting to look good. Nice call