1. @BigWin631 I sold everything I had except $ino and $eltp. Big believer in ino. I rode eltp from .3 to .75 and am back in at .4 til 2.5

  2. $AMRN $BLDP $ELTP $MNGA $RNN $ISR Well that was like watching paint dry for 6 1/2 hours....

  3. $INO $RNN $ADHD $ELTP Started trading three months ago.. it s been one hell of an initiation, hope this was the bottom

  4. Doomsday for bio stocks.... now I am not sure what to do :) Just pray it will magically retract $IDRA $RNN $ELTP $IPCI ... the list goes on

  5. $RNN -$ELTP just read ZOHYDRO to be released in Canada via Paladin Labs. Common ELTP

  6. $RNN was not even posted on MARKETWATCH $ELTP

  7. $RNN hmm- but curious as to how many people know about $ELTP 40mil from Lincoln Park, ya baby

  8. $INO You guys out of money yet keep buying...$ELTP and $MSTX both up today...

  9. $RNN What do you guys think of $ELTP news?!!!!

  10. $RNN In the green. $ELTP breaking out!!

  11. @flowomo: $MNKD $INO $RNN Nice to see $ELTP bounce back over 20% big new with Lincoln cap

  12. $MNKD $INO $RNN Nice to see $ELTP bounce back over 20%

  13. best mj stock by far $twd tweed this 1 is real dd it cheap will double or triple soon $RNN $MSTX $GALE $IPCI $ELTP $MYEC

  14. Started 2014 so good and one bad month took away all gains ..Had to ditch $pgnx $nvax $eltp $cytr $gale ...Holding $rmti $omer $nspr $ino

  15. WATCH $MYEC might want dd it this could be the golden goose. hired some big shots for management team $RNN $MSTX $IPCI $ELTP $GALE $BTZO

  16. @Felo3179 Yes, looks like $ELTP is holding up well and $RNN too:)

  17. $RNN Slowly rising, $ELTP IS BREAKING OUT again, get in while cheap!!

  18. @LongT I hold $ELTP and $RNN... yes.. all my portfolio is red.. except for one $IDRA ...it is LT.. but it hurt just to look at em ;-|

  19. $HEB I m still holding $ATRS $ELTP $HEB $IBIO $IGXT $NAVB $ONCS $RNN for LT , but it s getting hard to look at all that red...LOL

  20. $RNN wow $eltp getting crushed right now, might regress even further before EOD to .23 area.

  21. $ELTP What s up with eltp? Is there going to be a bottom soon hopefully? Getting hard to stomach .. $rnn $ino $chtp $dcth $acad $halo

  22. Insider Transaction: $ELTP Sale at $0.41 per share of 147664 shares by Director Narine Jeenarine on 2014-04-02.

  23. another day of red... blah! $BAXS $RNN $CBLI $TTNP $HEB $CVM $SYN $ELTP

  24. WATCH $MYEC this could be huge long $RNN $MSTX $ELTP $IPCI $GALE $BTZO

  25. $FNMA Its a gatdamn blood bath - everything is on sale. $GTE $RNN $DNN $ONCS $ELTP $GOOG