1. China s imports plunged the most in 5 years, Shanghai Composite Index currently 2% down. Starting the week with bad news $EM

  2. US$ soars & $TLT $GLD $EM move lower as Fed Dots move closer in and up. Slope of tighten increases. Fed keeps Considerable Time text.

  3. $EM

  4. $SPY, $EM - p.11: All leveraged actors stampede to pay back their carry trade credits, mainly in $FXY and inflict themselves further losses

  5. $SPY, $EM - p.10: The individual actors: Leveraged entities sell where they can sell, not where they want to sell. (Which means in the US.)

  6. $SPY, $EM - p. 9: containment even at this stage is possible. China and EMs can manage this, if they get everything right.(Is that possible?

  7. $SPY, $EM - p. 8: capital flight spreading to Thailand (was ‘97 the first to fall) and Russia. (In addition to the original fragile 5.)

  8. $SPY, $EM - p. 7: most EMs (states and companies) won’t suffer a double whammy of captal flight and rising debt measured in local currency.

  9. $SPY, $EM -p.5: escalation - the Chinese state will fight moral hazard first and will later bailout only the banks the politicians control.

  10. $SPY, $EM - p. 4: possible and most dangerous course in China: ICBC et al won’t bailout individuals invested in shadow banking products.

  11. $SPY, $EM - p. 3: movements in Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, Turkey will foreshadow and determine the early stages of the crisis.

  12. $SPY, $EM - p. 2: international portfolio shifts due to tapering lead to currency movements, which are triggering re-rating of global risks.

  13. $SPY, $EM - p.1: A giant shadow banking bubble bursting in China? Possible. Parallels to US subprime implosion not to ‘97 Asian crisis.

  14. Emdeon s $3 Billion Privatization Undervalued, Say Shareholders http://y.ahoo.it/5eITGf0g $BX $EM

  15. SP500 Futures; a Pot-Pourri of The Risk On / Risk Off Mismatch ? SPY, $SPX, $ES_F, $VIX,$EM,$TLT,$SPU,$JEM http://y.ahoo.it/4Jt12i2a

  16. Emdeon wraps repricing, amendment; leveraged loan enters secondary atop issue price $EM #healthcare #billing

  17. Emdeon tightens leveraged loan repricing, recommitments due at 1:00 pm EDT $EM #healthcare #billing

  18. $AAPL $IBM on lows as specialty retail led by $BBY and $JOSB $M on highs. $XLU and $XLV strong while $$EM down again - getting played out

  19. Emdeon launches leveraged loan repricing, amendment package $EM #medicalbilling

  20. Emdeon sets lender call for 2:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow; last in market one year ago $EM #healthcare

  21. $CEM, $EMO- MLP s are multidecade story not mutiyear says Chris Eades ($EM, $EMO, $CTR) his partners in a mini-Barrons Roundtable