1. $EMITF Bank Leumi debt deal!

  2. $EMITF...Fear not. The markets are red today. Be patient and listen to this classic tune: http://y.ahoo.it/GcElbH2H

  3. $EMITF just settled 38 million in debt- This should be flying to .30

  4. $EMITF Next stop .13!

  5. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 1/2 $ALK $ALSN $AUY $BA $CAT $CBL $CLFD $CMI $DO $DTV $EMITF $GM $HMY $KKR $KNDI $LEN $LHO http://y.ahoo.it/egnsTp20

  6. $EMITF Could it be bottom fishers?

  7. $EMITF very bad start for today. Lost trend!

  8. $EMITF closed positive and above trend line.

  9. Elbit Imaging Ltd. Announces Closing Of Settlement Agreement With Bank Leumi http://y.ahoo.it/6aFYp4N8 $EMITF

  10. $EMITF Next breakthrough and hold above .22

  11. $EMITF has two options - take off or die! Expect results in either direction within 45 days!

  12. $EMITF waiting for the pop pop pop 💵💰

  13. $EMITF increasing volume the last week or two in $EMITF. also keeping a watch on $HH and $ZAZA

  14. $EMITF appears to be a lot of action in this last hour.

  15. Elbit Imaging: The Company S Subsidiary, Plaza Centers N.V., Announces Effectivness Of Debt Restructuring Plan http://y.ahoo.it/pxJ5Bbv8 $EMITF

  16. $EMITF...Give it time. It s coming.

  17. @Jpat: $EMITF has to push through .24 and then .28 before taking a ride to .40+

  18. $EMITF has to push through .24 and then .28 before taking a ride to .40+

  19. Upper Bollinger Band $ARCP $C $CMA $CMLP $DLR $EMITF $FITB $GRA $HBAN $MA $MEA $MSFT $PAYX $ROC $SAVE $STT $T $UPS http://y.ahoo.it/zKeTRxM4

  20. Upper Bollinger Band Top $ARCP $C $CMA $CMLP $DLR $EMITF $FITB $GRA $HBAN $MA $MEA $MSFT $PAYX $ROC $SAVE $STT $T http://y.ahoo.it/cPKd5iro

  21. $EMITF rolling the dice 🎲 $$$$$ Let s Go!!!

  22. $EMITF ahh why not take a gamble

  23. $PLUG...If you like to gamble a bit, check out $EMITF. It s starting to show signs of a big move (Israeli company).

  24. @pinnacleplumbingservice Aren t they going to do a 1-to-20 reverse split on $EMITF?

  25. @pinnacleplumbingservice $EMITF....I ve got 10,000 shares of this stock. Bought in the upper 20 s awhile back as a gamble.