1. $EMITF Just starting to research this. What s the word on this company?

  2. $EMITF any news today???


  4. $EMITF...I am predicting that this stock will hit $2.01 sometime in 2014.

  5. $EMITF I am predicting by October 2014 the will be back at $2

  6. $EMITF will it reach 2 $?


  8. Elbit Imaging Announces Discussions For An Investment In Insightec Ltd http://y.ahoo.it/KLS6K2GV $EMITF

  9. Elbit Imaging Announces The Results Of The http://y.ahoo.it/iFwGN4TZ $EMITF

  10. $EMITF New News news

  11. $EMITF Needs more volume

  12. $EMITF Excellent value at this price.

  13. $EMITF This is my pick for 2014. Although it did not have a great start, it has solid assets and will climb back to $2+ once news gets out.

  14. @1986iamwallstreet  $EMITF...Not in my portfolio.

  15. $EMITF In the green on the worst day in the market. Long and strong

  16. $EMITF http://y.ahoo.it/Zh93HWLX

  17. $ONCY Long and strong I can pick these undervalued companies all day waiting on $emitf to take off

  18. $EMITF

  19. $PAL buy buy buy, 20% + 10mil volume, $1 EOW NOT OUT OF QUESTION ACUMULATING $ZBB $HTM $EMITF LONG $PLUG & $TM news coming

  20. @iamnotaweed this is in play $NVS Novartis circles a deal to buy Gamida Cell in $600M deal http://y.ahoo.it/tIpsTIDR (LONG AND STRONG $EMITF)

  21. $EMITF New. What s the situation?

  22. $KIOR $EMITF $inve $oncy ENRT long and strong

  23. $EMITF

  24. $EMITF Bottom in and strong support,+many assets, CEO and 2013 financials released. Long $PAL $FCEL $HTM $EMITF

  25. My picks for the day $ISR $EMITF