1. $END My position currently trading at $200 ... Put an email in to investor relations waiting on response

  2. $END Well , here is some better news for you all who lost big like me. You can write off up to $3k on your taxes.. (click for full)

  3. $END http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/energy/article/North-Sea-challenges-Endeavour-International-5820512.php Poor Endeavour, boo hoo. ...Apparently investors should know better, but corporations are victims.

  4. Endeavour secured notes trade up 10 points after Ch. 11 filing $END #bankruptcy

  5. $END how come i can t find this symbol on yahoo finance anymore??!!

  6. @Troutter she is a rebound girl. Hooked up with her from desperation. I got dumped couple of days ago with my ex $END. She left me 4 a punk

  7. $END Should i sell these shares.. are they for sure going to 0

  8. $END what r 4.5 million shares doing? Hope Our Old Stocks Somehow holds. Devastating!!!

  9. Step 3 - BK Court will discharge the BK. Upon discharge, all existing shares $END / $ENDRQ will be cancelled (zero value).

  10. The board/Judge are unlikely to overturn anything because $END pre-negotiated with their creditors. Creditors are the majority of the board

  11. $END $ENDRQ lots of people asking what to do with their shares...

  12. $END Endeavour International Corp files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Fil.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/END/communique/788159

  13. Endeavor International: Restructuring Support Agreement http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1199110 $END

  14. $END Took a gamble with $1.5K and lost $500. Looks like I could have lost everything. Really pathetic management and a hard lesson learnt.

  15. $XCO The next $KWK or $END

  16. @mscarol02: $END Not sure what happens today. Opening ??? /so why were you constantly pumping it,when writing was on the wall?

  17. $END - what a POS!, out at 6 cents. Hopefully management is removed!

  18. $END what happens if we r old holders and hold on to our shares? Can we trade them later? I can t even sell them now.

  19. $END mystery solved

  20. $END I don t see this trading under the new symbol endrq, anyone?

  21. $END What are other possible outcomes here

  22. $END oh great mtfkrs! They cancelled common stock so all in the trash! Grrrrrr!

  23. $END oh great! Bankruptcy! Was it chptr 11?

  24. $end going to buy 5000 u never know

  25. $END still holding on my stocks waiting for a miracle