1. $end ... ARE YOU READY FROM Tomorrow s likely BK announcement?

  2. @hardbod775 $end

  3. $end I guarantee this will be over one dollar Again

  4. $end 72% in red

  5. $END how many stocks and how much u guys invested in this, what is ur ave price and how much down r u guys? Feeling

  6. $MHR looking for love, $END shows life, $SINO will make me rich(hmmm) $VHC holding well today,End of Day is Lookin Good

  7. $END If Transier can get END back on its feet without a r/s, he will be the biggest oil hero of all. All oil plays are down

  8. $end hop aboard before its to late

  9. $END Why is this going up?

  10. $END the pop before the drop.

  11. $end get all u can while it s hot don t miss the bus

  12. $END lol

  13. $end 2 more days will tell all. I doubling my stock, praying

  14. @mscarol02 I am still holding $END, just not looking good. On the bright side there is a whole lot more upside than downside

  15. $END Is this the end guys? 1 more piece of bad news and this thing goes into single digits

  16. $END Looks like it is over

  17. $END There is just no excitement right now so no volume. we need volume and excitement. hopefully once the rig is back online.

  18. $END 1 penny down is a ridiculous percentage now..

  19. $YHOO Trying To Create Value For Shareholder As $CX, $END, $BMY http://y.ahoo.it/lwfcTuOj

  20. $END Looking for Better Days http://y.ahoo.it/BSPNxSZm

  21. $END Need good news http://y.ahoo.it/67KIaay6

  22. $END evaluate http://y.ahoo.it/xQ5gKH36

  23. $END be optimistic my children. It will be awesome future. It is all green :)

  24. $END http://y.ahoo.it/VZ0rm5bJ

  25. $END It could happen!