1. $END Dang, wish I would have bought more last week. My average is at $1.46. Looks like I will be able to break even...... hooray

  2. $END 16k OI on Aug $1.50 calls

  3. $END: Closed $1.4 Up 7%. Chart looks better each day: http://y.ahoo.it/IaH5UzFw Significant short covering might occur: http://y.ahoo.it/2D4UoZSl

  4. @LinvestResearch @Tatoduk $ZIXI 4% $END 4%

  5. $END Charts not nice yet on this. Need to level off for a week to stop roller coaster.

  6. took $PLUG profits this morning at $5.90. Put money in $END. Looking at $SONS and $CYS tmrw

  7. $END just happened to look at the weekly. Wowsa RSI at 30.90. Pft just starting. Cheers to u beer 30

  8. $END nice day here too. Easy couple bucks short term. Tiny float almost all in above these levels

  9. $END what a great day here. Much more coming imo. Nobody selling into close and shorts need shares BAD

  10. $END Are we expecting gap up tomorrow here?

  11. $END in at 1.43

  12. $END short coming?

  13. $END in at 1.44

  14. $END Any thoughts on realistic price range after earnings?

  15. $END new HOD coming......AGAIN

  16. $END 1.45 broke - here we go - shorts done

  17. wish i played $HLF today!!! onto $END for an epic short squeeze

  18. $PLUG took my profits off the table this morning. Amazing three day run. Now onto $END

  19. $END Could be pushing upper BB by $END of day :) also, 8 x 34 dma cross coming shortly

  20. $END $1.45 break then maybe climb to $1.50s today, will see

  21. no $END in sight! in from 1.20. Loving the past two days.

  22. $END Way undervalued and shorts caught here

  23. $END not, just the beginning for the multi day run

  24. $END Firing on all cylinders now.....Stick & Stay I always say! Big winner in the makings. IMHO

  25. $END goose it baby 1.50s!