1. $END Someone make this stahp going down!

  2. $END With 33% short float people sure have some high expectations here. GLTA.

  3. $END Endeavour Schedules 2014 Second Quarter Conference Call and Webcast.. http://y.ahoo.it/ZlAlSNxx

  4. $END: $1.32 is starting to slowly move back up. Earnings on August 5 will be good. After earnings target: $2.35 http://y.ahoo.it/gafBaJV7

  5. $END Anyone a long here? Or most people just waiting for the Aug release and sell on the pop?

  6. $END: $1.3 Earnings on August 5 will be good. Good chance to go over $2 little downside with high oil prices http://y.ahoo.it/7Eb5SwoM

  7. $END wedging nicely...day or two away from bounce

  8. $END Happy Monday! Looking forward to this week/next week!

  9. @ACInvestorBlog Check out $END as well. 26 mil float 17 mil short. Company raised guidance and financials 8/5. Shorts caught next week imo

  10. @ThePatch $END It s making higher lows above $1.19. Don t expect it to drop to $1 Bullish -- curious which chart are you looking @..d/w/m.?

  11. $END EPIC short squeeze coming next week here.

  12. $END good friend used to own when it was at $6 back in august 2013. Now time to buy it again. But at $1.00. Still has room to drop.

  13. $SPEX stop out. $END $APP. Bullish moving on

  14. $END Coming back - getting ready for next weeks epic squeeze - http://y.ahoo.it/qsK54Chv

  15. $END lets close green.

  16. $END Yes fake wall..trying to do anything to get shares...Their time is coming with getting shares and at much higher prices imo next week.

  17. $END Added @ 1.28

  18. $END 6 days left after today. 17 million shares short..MM s doing anything and everything they can to try and get shares. Very Bullish here

  19. $END Taking early day off.. this will most likely end today slight red but believe me when i say this will be 2 in August.. easy money guys

  20. $END Adding to position @ $1.31

  21. $END Back in 1.29

  22. $END Market dips everyone relax

  23. $END getting closer to hitting the trendline on the daily as well

  24. $END According to the one month chart we are just forming the handle to the tea cup!

  25. $END weak hands selling - couldn t even hold for the fireworks next week - sad