1. $end like I said be patient.will be much higher in the future.

  2. $END OI for maturity 09/20/2014. 1.00 Highest put. 5.00 Highest call. http://y.ahoo.it/lraRmoFB

  3. $END Are they getting bought out ? :-)

  4. $END I am long on END and I want it to recover for sure.But something is NOTlooking right to me here http://y.ahoo.it/zkq5rHGV

  5. $END that was a nice pop! pennies a share on thousands of shares adds up... where is this going? Not taking any off the table until .70+

  6. $END give me GOOD news pls!!!

  7. $END If debt restructure is announced I an diving back in HEAVILY

  8. $END That EOD volume was no joke. Interested to see what money brings...

  9. $END My sell limit at .53 hit! Was able to drop a few shares and now have a position that I wouldn t be broken if it went to 0.

  10. $END sideways movement for weeks , now all of a sudden 2 mill volume somethings up

  11. $NETE $END strong into the close. $KITE someone picked up 426k shares at the close

  12. $END Early leak of some good news? Nobody has wanted to tough this with a 10 foot pole and now it pops EOD on solid volume? Hmmmm

  13. $END Wheres the news? Someone LInk it!

  14. $END lets get some short covering..:)

  15. $END nice end of day pop , volume over 1.25 mill

  16. $END at least i think we will be going in the weekend in hopes of better monday. really hope they resolve issues by monday.

  17. $END is there a good news? what is this green for?

  18. $END Finally ! lets go..! ;-)

  19. $END we got green!!! we are back randolph

  20. $END Roxanee you don t have to put on the red light !

  21. $END I think we need to post stock info on gamblers anonymous site at these prices.

  22. $END I think this could close slightly green today. Good news could come over the weekend

  23. $END Another downer day..! crap..

  24. $END Just another ordinary day

  25. $end golf today, no worry, Turnberry isle miami