2. $END NYSE required business plan to show how they will get out of current situation could be a bonus for shareholders

  3. $END Notice from NYSE is non issue as 6 months from now if the company is still pumping it will be well over 1

  4. On 06/04/2014 $END posted a job position for a Senior Exploration Geophysicist. Why would they be hiring people if they planned to go BK?

  5. $END I know my last two posts sounded kind of desperate!!

  6. $END Endeavour Receives Notice Regarding NYSE Continued Listing Standards.. http://y.ahoo.it/hQIDA2gP

  7. $END looks good but time to get into $BLGO b4 big news on breakthrough AOS water treatment that will rocket shares http://y.ahoo.it/2XrA3l7F

  8. $END conservatively if they liquidated and only had $50million to give to shareholders thats still $1/share

  9. $END has $2Billion in assest and $900K in debt, BK and liquidation could leave $1B to pay to........Shareholders maybe?

  10. $END Yesterdays price action was not bad... Large amount of shorts covering at .50 or people going long

  11. $END Currently basically every piece of bad news short of actual BK is already baked in to the current price.

  12. $END Hovering around .50 is the betting odds you get for either BK and possible zero, or debt restructure and quick shoot up over 1+

  13. $END Very interested to see what this stock will do if we ever get a piece of good news.

  14. $END Straight up money loser.

  15. @revtruelove: My 6 picks for the next 2 weeks: $OIBR $ARO. $END $RGSE. $CGA. $RSH. $TVIPF... Buy up! Thanks.

  16. Race to the bottom $RSH $COCO $FREE $LEDS $NIHD $KIOR $END Bankruptcy to whom first?

  17. $END Who will come out and address the pile of crap they created first: Goodell or Transier? LOL

  18. $END nice bids today. Big Shorts are probably covering. MACD is looking good, ready for a technical move up

  19. @polarpeak Yes. That was my point. The repair indicates nothing about the attitude of $END, as others suggested.

  20. $ZGNX @bostox- Its no where near delisting, see these stocks. $MSTX, $HEB, $END and Zo has more cash and revenue than all three combined

  21. $END The 5min candle chart looks crazy!!!

  22. $END this thing needs electric shocks...

  23. $END Holy Flatline.. i havnt seen a stock do this, lots of volume but no movement in price

  24. @Partridge: $END $FREE if you like shorting find stock with a similar ticker .. poof magic lmao Sep. 12 at 6:49 AM --> POOF

  25. $end people who talk BK are apathetic .everytime a stock price goes down with any company people always talk BK.always ups and downs