1. 0-star analyst Vishal Shah from Deutsche Bank downgraded rating on $ENPH to HOLD. Vishal has a 35.9% success rate http://y.ahoo.it/g7DK8tXD

  2. Carl Icahn Gets His Way With Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Acquisition http://y.ahoo.it/vQ0PC6c1 $FDO $TRLA $WUBA $ENPH $QUIK $ANIP

  3. @BigJ Wait for earnings. They hardly ever disappoint. Long $ENPH

  4. Downgrade 7/28 $DSW, $PCG, $AON, $CSCO, $EE, $HRZN, $PFE, $LEA, $ENPH, $LTM, $TRP, $ACRX, $CDE, $COG http://y.ahoo.it/K4mYPTaL

  5. $ENPH you can add to my previous list

  6. $ENPH I couldn t resist and added more. 10 is the long-time resistance turned support so why not?

  7. $ENPH it s nice to know a downgrade can knock 12% off one of the best recent breakouts out there

  8. $ENPH this is worse than expected but losses comes with the territory. It is what it is.

  9. Deutsche has downgraded Enphase $ENPH to Hold.

  10. $ENPH bit much for a downgrade

  11. $ENPH Deutche Bank s price target is 11.00.

  12. $ENPH In again at 10.34. Expecting a good ER Aug 5th.


  14. Enphase Energy downgraded by Deutsche Bank to hold. http://y.ahoo.it/DY6J8ytS $ENPH

  15. This week s top technology gainers: $NQ 42.76%, $TRLA 39.11%, $ENPH 25.92%, SFUN 23.83%, $LOGI 19%, $PLUG 17.69% (courtesy briefing.com)

  16. $ENPH possible bull flag here, high growth, great industry http://y.ahoo.it/PG4nZoNG

  17. $ENPH out at 11.50 for a decent profit. Will get back in if and when the price normalizes. Wish me luck...

  18. @UpNComing The issue with $ENPH has been declining mrgn and warranty reserves. Friend tells me their marketing team is top, I m not worried

  19. $ENPH Anyone have opinions or insights about earnings?

  20. Stop hit on $ENPH so the Swing position is now closed. +2.00

  21. @1nvestor thanks for the tip, locking in gains. Swings have been a too wild not to protect profits. $ENPH

  22. $ENPH jumps today with a 7 % move in new all time highs. http://y.ahoo.it/ziMHuTxl

  23. @alandelmz @HighGrowthFinancial @nmckittrick @MadMarsupial $ENPH http://y.ahoo.it/kOVm2MX7

  24. @alandelmz @HighGrowthFinancial @nmckittrick @MadMarsupial $ENPH beauty options play for me, holding a few calls up net 150+%

  25. @alandelmz @MadMarsupial @misterfoti @miked10 $ENPH multi day mm to 13.50 s ? Alan does your #s for ENPH coincide?