1. $ENPH bill gates to unveil multi-billion clean energy fund tomorrow.

  2. $ENPH It s trying to suck me in for more losses... as if I didn t lose enuf already. Ugh...

  3. $ENPH Dan Loeb s Third Point paid more then i did for his shares LOL


  5. $ENPH $3.2 k is stuck at 2.99 a share . Should I just ride this one out ? I guess not much too lose anymore since most is lost already lol

  6. $ENPH Time for mgmt. Change!

  7. $ENPH is this going to zero?

  8. $ENPH buying opportunity or dying opportunity. Market cap is incredibly low (Timeline ~2 years)

  9. $ENPH If loss recovery is possible, what s the new entry or cost basis average point... $1 or less?

  10. $ENPH market cap = ~1 quarter of sales

  11. $ENPH wonder if Enphase / Solaredge technolody difference is as vast as Blackberry/Apple iOS in 2007.. $SEDG ..will ENPH ever recover

  12. $SEDG $ENPH Interesting, ENPH does biz w/ JKS, and JKS just reported a bad Q ER. JKS was one of ENPH s life-floats.

  13. $ENPH Why would anyone buy product or stock from a company that won t be around next year

  14. $ENPH $SEDG Every time ENPH has an analyst or investor conference, their stock plummets.

  15. $SEDG $ENPH Don t forget ENPH investors, come over quickly to SEDG while it s still on sale. We have 2 big investor conferences next 2-wks

  16. $ENPH has potential as it can work with any PV system (or even without a PV array). Related: $PLUG $BLDP $FCEL

  17. $ENPH Goldman Sachs U.S. Emerging/SMID Cap Growth Conference (Nov 19, 2015 2:30 PM ET) : http://investor.enphase.com/eventdetail.cfm?EventID=166966

  18. 8 Analyst have given the stock $ENPH a near short term price target of $6.31. http://newswatchinternational.com/news/price-target-update-on-enphase-energy-inc-nasdaqenph.html

  19. $SEDG $ENPH As ENPH was lowered today to 190-cents-per-share-price-target, we should welcome ENPH refugees to the SEDG board.

  20. 2 © 2015 Enphase Energy, Inc Agenda http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2194506 $ENPH

  21. $ENPH weeeeeeeeeeeee. These drops are fun! Any explanation why greens continue to get hammered?


  23. $ENPH Sold all 10K shares. When a max loss limit is crossed and there are more losses coming, why is it smart to hold? Ugh...

  24. $ENPH Wow, yesterday really was my chance to reduce losses before getting out. Now its just going to keep dropping to $1. Frack!!

  25. $ENPH Losses back to where they were. Ugh...