1. $ENPH Breached my PT of 7.38, decided not to buy 1st 1/4 of new long position here, nothing below, waiting for $5 now

  2. Technical Collapse -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=rc&ticker=ENPH $ENPH Down -2.76% to New Low

  3. $ENPH Was the past year running above $10+ mainly over speculation that an arrangement with $TSLA would happen? Got Vivint instead.

  4. For $ENPH, being down 1-2% is a good day. Being down 3% or more, is a bad day. And it goes on day, after day. A group dispises this company

  5. $ENPH: Enphase Energy and GRID Alternatives to Expand Low-Income ... http://stockwires.com/enphase-energy-and-grid-alternatives-to-expand-low-income

  6. $ENPH Just keeps going down...and the Greek situation is not helping

  7. $ENPH Did anyone else see the $2.50 pop during PM today? I knew it wasn t legit, but very puzzled what caused it. Anyone know? Tks

  8. Ode on a Non-Grecian Earn(ings): Let s Talk About Low-Priced Stocks $ENPH http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/06/29/2015/ode-non-grecian-earnings-lets-talk-about-low-priced-stocks?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  9. $ENPH Double bottom @ $5 maybe?

  10. $ENPH God just selected $ENPH as the preferred solar energy solution provider for Heaven. MMs sh*t themselves and $ENPH tanks

  11. $ENPH will never touch this stock again. Goodbye all.

  12. $ENPH Ouch - just keeps tanking.

  13. $ENPH any catalyst or support? will they up somehow?

  14. $ENPH Enphase Energy Selected as the Preferred Solar Energy Solution Provider for Domos Industries Freewatt Solar System

  15. $ENPH still watching for any kind of support but none in sight at the moment. Recent PRs have been great news yet it goes down everyday

  16. $ENPH Solid company w/ promising strategic partnerships. Great investment potential! Someone is playing shady games with stock.Alerting SEC

  17. $ENPH oh boy, heading toward another 52-week low AGAIN. This pos should be in the guinness book of broken records

  18. $ENPH why its still going down? I see no reason. can someone explain?

  19. I learned to stay out $ENPH, & in $SEDG ahead of good news days for $ENPH. Plus, mention the manipulation, & gain even more. today i m up!

  20. $ENPH Good company, great sector, crappy stock... Been holding at 9, when is this gonna make a move?

  21. stocks with premarket moving news: $CONE $BLUE $ADHD $PAH $NKTR $INFN $KERX $ENPH $ATI $CNC

  22. stocks with premarket moving news: $CONE $BLUE $ADHD $ PAH $NKTR $INFN $KERX $ENPH $ATI $CNC

  23. $ENPH: Enphase Energy Selected as the Preferred Solar Energy Solution ... http://stockwires.com/enphase-energy-selected-as-the-preferred-solar-energy-solution

  24. $ENPH only a matter of time until we have a nice move back up, can t keep a good stock down forever

  25. $ENPH looking to go long soon in this hated stock. Market seems to be irrational and logic is my thing