1. $ENSV mentioned in this $HIIT article. I believe $HIIT to follow suit..

  2. I picked $MPO over $ENSV @ $3.00. $MPO is winning...

  3. We recommend $ENSV with an Outperform rating -Rudolf Hokanson. Read More: http://www.theenergyreport.com/pub/co/6224

  4. $ENSV http://biz.yahoo.com/e/141014/ensv8-k.html

  5. $ENSV. was beat harder than anything else oil based. Glad I was buying that drop..

  6. $ENSV bought all the way down. @ $3.05. $2.85. And more @ $2.55

  7. $ENSV $EMES Low oil prices are hurting some of these oil sector stocks big time. Save at the pump but if hold the stock, u losing money.

  8. Thursday s Losers: $EOPN -33%; $KFX -24%; $ARCW -24%; $EXXI -21%; $CBMG -16%; $GSL -16%; $ENSV -15%; $SZYM -15%; $PGN -14%; $LAS -14%

  9. $ENSV I expect it to settle back in around $3.85 today...we ll see

  10. $ENSV I just went all in before the conference tomorrow. Bought more @ $3.57

  11. $ENSV.

  12. $IG $ENSV

  13. Investment Idea: 11 Stocks with Gains of More Than 100% YTD $AYA.CA $ESP.CA $CTP $EMES $BITA $WLDN $VDSI $GBX $ENSV - http://y.ahoo.it/RLuDIRxP

  14. $ENSV nice stable up move past 2 weeks. looking great

  15. $ENSV Beastly. Watch this march right along on to $5. You buy yet? Hahaha!

  16. $ENSV great long term hold Oil and Gas play!

  17. $ENSV

  18. $ENSV looking at 6 mo chart pattern I d say this spikes up near 4.50 then pulls back to 3.50

  19. $ENSV watching test of the daily chart, 3.95 for a break, nice vol bar before

  20. Big opening VOLUME MOVERS trading UP in ENERGY #stocks $MILL $ENSV $CAK $PARR $EXH +more (click View Results ) http://y.ahoo.it/cLx9vS4x

  21. 12 Stocks with Over 100% Increase in Trading Volumes Last Week $EFOI $GUD $SCOK $VIMC $MNDL $OTIV $ENSV $RADA $COSI - http://y.ahoo.it/TMouj6ni

  22. @PsychSignal Excellent. And No I ve never been Bearish on $ENSV also bought up some $HIIT recently..

  23. New bullish conversation activity in $ENSV. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  24. $ENSV Give me a pullback so I can get in

  25. $ENSV I spit hot fire $GPRO