1. @DanielJVega Does it make sense to short $IG, $ISIS, $ENTA, $AGIO, $VRTX, $GILD,etc? Look at their YTD returns.BB did not keep buying these

  2. @DCF On what is the $ENTA HepC solution based? How does it compare to $GILD Harvoni or Solvadi?

  3. $ENTA really tight (somewhat squeezing) action today....PDUFA Dec 21st. Link http://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/pdufa-calendar/

  4. @ChicagoV @simontarrab @Kanigo2 The idea that $GILD suffers at the prospect of $ENTA or $ABBV having a HepC entry is not substantial. $ENTA


  6. $ENTA any usual suspect here for pdufa decision?

  7. @happyGILDmore @long_sovaldi they have to pay at least $ENTA. Won t make much if they go to 60k, pay out, and don t get many prescriptions.

  8. $ENTA might buy some calls in this today with $ABBV announcement pending.

  9. @Kanigo2 $ENTA this is not good news for $gild the fast track by the fda

  10. $GILD Biophamcataylst reports $ABBV & $ENTA PDUFA as Dec21(sunday) http://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/fda-calendar/ enta info http://ir.enanta.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=147990&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1939816 (w/o ribavrin)

  11. @davidavery1 I have mostly avoided $ENTA options because of the large spread and premiums, although at $39 the options were probably better.

  12. @88MPH Good luck. This is my pers opinion but I think you ll do very well at that entry point - $ENTA is still my largest holding.

  13. $ENTA tends to drop unexpectedly and deeply for no reason, at odd times, so the $39 price was a buying opportunity. Interesting moves.

  14. @Think4self $IG Beast, $ENTA Keeps giving chances for people to load up. $MACK Slowly but sure keeps going up!

  15. @siteobserver Talking about $ENTA also sorry !!

  16. @BioSense $ENTA long doesn t make sense as hedge for $GILD long. Can lose on both.

  17. $GILD Hedging w/ $ENTA At least one will make money soon enough. Most likely both. HepC market big enough for both.

  18. $ENTA now below 200 DMA. No reason for drop other than general market woes. Imo this is as sure of a thing as it gets in biotech, mkt cap is

  19. $CERS Now I wish I went here for the approval date instead of $ENTA. Oh well, back pulling lattes to make rent....

  20. $ENTA http://finance.yahoo.com/news/enanta-pharmaceuticals-added-nasdaq-biotechnology-131900531.html Yah, whatever. If losing 15% in 5 days is what you get for it, then take it off the list!

  21. $ENTA Entered into a position today. Hopefully my magical fingers can rub this baby back into the green!

  22. $ENTA I m growing more and more skeptical about this stock. Holding because my HAL purchases are offsetting this garbage.

  23. $ENTA Annnnnddd... out

  24. Insider Transaction: $ENTA Option Exercise at $0.73 per share of 7055 shares by Officer Luly Jay R. on 2014-12-12.

  25. $ENTA Losing faith there is a PDUFA play here. We should be well into a run-up not teasing red.