1. $ENTA. Biotechs down. ENTA fully invested by most. Patience. Hold. FDA coming which will allow financial projections for ENTA future.

  2. Enanta Pharmaceuticals upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $43.80 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/H4QfRDYk $ENTA

  3. $ENTA - http://y.ahoo.it/7wbEi2X7 - Downside Blowoff - 15 Minute Up Reversal - Green bar after 7 lower highs and lower lows

  4. $ENTA - http://y.ahoo.it/vqz1JLZg - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  5. @TheNewWolfOfWallStreet Also holding defensive stocks...bought more happily...$ENTA $PURE $LYB...all have strong recovery potential.

  6. Pre-Mkt Moves 10%+ Vol: $NQ $GPS $VJET $INFY $JPM $GILD $MRK $AJG $GOOG $JNPR $F $ASML $FAST $ENTA http://y.ahoo.it/RlSQRVSM

  7. $DJIA My defensive stocks are still in the black: $ENTA (cost 27-33); LYB (cost 77-79), PURE (cost under 1.20) and $NKE (cost 70-71.50).

  8. $IBB strong w several key Conferences in Cancer, Urology & HepatitisC/Liver Disease in April May. $ABBV up, $GILD up, $ENTA up, $CELG up..

  9. ability 2 discount 20% of sovaldi combo prices 2 gain share. $ENTA, partner, brought P2 ready drugs to abbv. Royalties only. Humira funds RD

  10. @wisdon: @gharo34: W/L Best: $ENTA Rest: $LOGI $AMRI $CALL $FRP $GLOG $HELE $HIMX $QTWW $SYN $WYY super cool TOP list for new position

  11. Once again, look at $ENTA vs $ABBV today. Markets are inefficient and irrational.

  12. $ENTA The pharmaceutical payer revolt and proposed boycott of $GILD will benefit $ABBV and $ENTA with mkt share when they launch this Fall.

  13. $ENTA shareholder base clearly smarter than $ABBV s. Look at the reaction to BMY s NDA from each today.

  14. If $ABBV hep c NDA timing is really delayed then why isn t $ENTA down more? Ask yourself that.

  15. $DJIA So now I ve acquired what I want to hold thru this correction $ENTA $LYB $ PURE ... so now I ll sit back and ride out the storm.

  16. $ARIA Cashed out yesterday. Used proceeds to buy more $ENTA.

  17. $ENTA Bought more this morning. No news driving biotechs so this is a clear buy low signal for me. See if I m right in 30 days.

  18. $ENTA - irrespective of how great the fundamentals look - Friday s action was a big negative. Never hit my pivot - off the watchlist.

  19. Some names w/ down gap fills in sight on further weakness $CRAY $FEYE $RHT $ENTA $EXPE $FL and more http://y.ahoo.it/fWV6CzHO

  20. $ENTA Still delighted at new entry points created for $ENTA - FDA approvals coming, plus when new drug goes on sale, price, etc. All good.

  21. $GILD Not bad considering some bio stocks. $ENTA Oi! I d see that as strength in $GILD

  22. $TKMR bouncing above $20 but $ENTA still in a deep hole.

  23. $ENTA S&P

  24. $ENTA Fire sale...amazing how the market allows us to buy low, periodically. It s like an ebb and flow. This is the ebb. VERY COOL.

  25. busy this morning adding to $ADEP $ENTA $HYGS $POZN and $ARTX. 2015 shd be a good year :)