1. @vmareddy Vpak is only the first income stream (royalties) - not huge but pretty solid for a small biotech like $ENTA = revenue stream.

  2. @vmareddy $ENTA is a proven research engine. They developed the HepC therapy & will do much more w all the cash they earned fm milestones.

  3. @vmareddy @davidavery1 I don t own $ABBV tho I made $$ when it split originally & on call options. I prefer $ENTA for upside value/growth.

  4. $ENTA I listen to the ABBV call and it sounded good. Not sure why they are bringing both of the ENTA and ABBV down.

  5. @Think4self Pharma News: Bristol-Myers Evotaz gets FDA approval for HIV-1 treatment in adults http://www.pharmaceutical-business-review.com/news/bristol-myers-evotaz-gets-fda-approval-for-hiv-1-treatment-in-adults-300115-4500076 $GILD, $ABBV, $ENTA

  6. @siteobserver Do you think if $ABBV has a good earnings report it will help $ENTA or nah?

  7. $ENTA and $ABBV....what a steal at these prices.

  8. $ENTA Analysts PT $50 if 25% of Market Share. From weekly scripts we know Viekira got 3.6% of MS, less than 1/5 of projected cash flow.

  9. Scan results - Stochastic Buy Signal today: $WTW $SJR $FTI $ATHM $CM $ABBV $SFS $SWIR $ENTA $EXH ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/24/equities?selected_date=2015-01-27

  10. @QueenBioinvestor Investors want confirmation that the big financial gains fm $ABBV and other deals will finally hit $ENTA s ER.

  11. @TheStockWizard Don t forget: $ARIA $ENTA $NLNK

  12. $TKMR $TKMR is a chance to get in on the ground floor of HBV - this is analogous to HCV stocks that did so well ($GILD $ABBV $ENTA).

  13. added $CNAT and $MEIP today. Holding $BDSI $TGTX $ENTA

  14. @QueenBioinvestor No way to predict the impact of any ER on stock price. However this should be $ENTA S first ER showing substantial income.

  15. @vmareddy I don t believe analyst PTs. Almost always wrong. $ENTA has hit 52 before. This Q they report their first real earnings. PT=54-55.

  16. $DJIA Several biotechs will report first time earnings or large cash inflows - could fuel a biotech sector surge. $ENTA $TKMR $NLNK $ARIA

  17. $ENTA If $ENTA goes fm qtrly losses of 20-30 cents/share to earning several dollars a share - that s what every biotech investor hopes for.

  18. $ENTA $3.50+ Q1 earnings expected for $ENTA fm prev. quarterly losses. PE ratio will drop & stock price should rise. http://www.wkrb13.com/markets/470334/brokerages-expect-enanta-pharmaceuticals-to-post-3-53-earnings-per-share-nasdaqenta/

  19. @Think4self $OPK,$NLNK looking good on the weekly chart. Is the bottom in $ENTA and is $ACHN pulling back?? All will be answered tomorrow

  20. @clarkjohn18 Yup what @DCF said. I used $ENTA to hedge $GILD. Its been a symmetrical see-saw last couple of weeks.

  21. @SullyinFL @HairNation88 Ah... wrong stream I was thinking about $ENTA but coming ER FINANCIALS apply to $ARIA also.

  22. @Swingman24 Buyout price of course would be a home run on $ENTA. Nice aspect is that $ENTA often goes up when mkt drops so possible hedge.

  23. @Swingman24 Seems to me $ENTA PT will depend on valuation (0boosted by milestone cash plus $ ABBV royalties). ER will give clues.

  24. @siteobserver I didn t say $ENTA s run is over, will take time to re-base, no one knows how long. Opportunity Cost of $$ is real

  25. @ModifiedDarvasBox $ENTA didn t earn $280 million in milestone payments since Sept by failing. A rare proven research powerhouse.