1. $ENZN here s another special div, this one for $SOR...25% rule in effect for this one: http://www.streetinsider.com/Dividends/Source+Capital,+Inc.+(SOR)+Declares+$33.65+Special+Dividend%3B+52.7%25+Yield/11290513.html

  2. $ENZN papa Carl is not stupid and recent report confirmed more hedge funds to buy Enzon...

  3. $ENZN Icahn never loses. He ll keep it & wait just to sell it higher after some bull anouncement @ujil11

  4. $ENZN if u wanna get easy money get in in time... I loaded again. Or u can buy it later, I ll sell it just to u when it ll rise again LOL

  5. $ENZN hey Icahn bag.holders see how many billions your hero is losing in $CHK lmfbo

  6. $ENZN FY 2015 earnings release is near & they ll announce div at same time, like they ve donne last time

  7. $ENZN And there was allways a lot of bearish pressure before every annoucement to stole some cheap shares

  8. $ENZN @marek2 no matter earnings will be, there ll be more div to announce because they have no other way to spend money ;-)

  9. $ENZN other source say the report will come 3/3/16

  10. $ENZN fourth quarter report should come today...

  11. $ENZN something is obviously brewing here.Not sure of what it is but I expect we ll soon find out.

  12. $ENZN for those interested, $SYMC is offering a $4/share special div: http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FileName=0001157523%2D16%2D004470%2Etxt&FilePath=%5C2016%5C02%5C04%5C&CoName=SYMANTEC+CORP&FormType=8%2DK&RcvdDate=2%2F4%2F2016&pdf=

  13. $ENZN THs is goofy they gave us dividends then all they way down here!!

  14. $ENZN Ths thing ovr?

  15. $ENZN Selling for 2 cents less than cash per share and its sole reason for existing is to return royalty income to shareholders. Piling in!!

  16. Bios on watch $SYN $BLCM $ENZN $BCRX $PETX

  17. $ENZN interesting that they don t say what Delaware law they believe to have been broken... Not enough there to change my mind on the stock

  18. $ENZN http://zlkdocs.com/ENZN-Info-Request-Form-3920?utm_source=SEC&utm_medium=PR-Paid&utm_content=ENZN&&utm_campaign=

  19. $ENZN http://zlkdocs.com/ENZN-Info-Request-Form-3920?utm_source=SEC&utm_medium=PR-Paid&utm_content=ENZN&&utm_campaign=

  20. $ENZN under investigation for breaking delaware law

  21. $ENZN are NOLS in play for a possible buyout?

  22. $ENZN Institucional Holders are increasing their position & maybe the ones who are making pressure to get more cheap shares...

  23. $ENZN 4. VANGUARD GROUP INC 1,437,164 5. UBS GROUP AG 743,207


  25. $ENZN BLACKROCK, INC. obliged to fill an Amended Statement of Ownership (sc 13g/a) because they as now 3570816 shares who sold it? :-)