1. $ENZN I hope im wrong for the people who bought @ 1.70. But no Volume No business Insiders selling a farse to get out is what I see. GL

  2. $ENZN 52 week high $14 .... wow

  3. $ENZN look at this junk. Short this garbage into penny land. Wipe my arse with your trash dividend talk. Burn

  4. $ENZN http://www.streetinsider.com/dividend_history.php?q=ENZN

  5. $ENZN This is what happens with nice paying dividends. $ANTM example

  6. Stocks to keep an eye on July 06, 2015 http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2015/07/stocks-to-keep-eye-on-july-06-2015.html $EBAY $ENZN $FIT $KITE $TWTR $ZIOP

  7. $ENZN What does everyone think a realistic HOD for Monday is?

  8. $ENZN This stock will be dumped on Friday, July 17th (Remember T+3).

  9. $ENZN You must be a shareholder of record on July 21, 2015. This means that you must own the stock THREE trading days prior (July 16).

  10. $ENZN ...you can sell on or after ex div date and get the dividend...july 21 is ex div date, yes?

  11. $ENZN ...etrade said as long as you own the shares as at the close of the trading day prior to the ex dividend date...

  12. $ENZN seems to be differing views of how this works. Costco had similar special div earlier this year. For that one I contacted as etrade...

  13. $ENZN I m certainly no expert in this stock but there are way to many people bullish that have no clue. This is not free money. Be careful.

  14. $ENZN wont dividend pay out tank the stock price?

  15. $ENZN how are they going to disburse the div? And if I sold on July 22nd would I still receive it? In at 1.77

  16. $ENZN @JacobM

  17. $ENZN Hey guys, what s the deal with this garbage stock? You re wasting your time

  18. $ENZN Cheers.

  19. $ENZN no brainer getting into this on monday.

  20. $ENZN if your not eating up these shares at this price you might as well get out of the stock market and save your $$$

  21. $ENZN Predictions for HOD on Monday? Predictions for price on ex div date?HOD on Mon = 1.85. Price on ex div date = 1.60

  22. $ENZN guys need help suppose I sell Monday then I get divy for my stock?

  23. $ENZN we ve been in this far too long! Really deserve the dividend. Congrats to all of us

  24. $ENZN might buy on monday just to play the hype but i will make sure i get that dividend with my other acct

  25. $ENZN I m not knowledgeable on the history of Special Dividends. What price trends should we expect? Lookin to buy Monday morn.