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  5. $EPE Any opinions on a relatively safe trailing stop? I m trailing at .21 cents now. May be too tight.

  6. $EPE 66/100 on timing so the price is rising. A reflection of fundamental strength? Or is it just Mr Market at work? https://engine.stride.ws/value_investing/ep_energy_corporation.html

  7. $EPE Slow/Grind Long Set Next Target $16.25

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  17. Earnings announcement: $EPE is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Apr 29 2015

  18. $EPE is out of step with $USO. Ready to drop. Barring a move in WTI, I d short into the 11s. Could be dangerous with earnings 4/30 though.

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  23. Natural Gas Prices Surge: Highest Inventory Increase since November http://snip.ly/3wtK $UNG $XOP $XLE $EXXI $EPE $XCO

  24. $EPE

  25. $EPE Had to sell out 14.50 and not be greedy. No doubt there will be pull back