1. Today s winners: $LPI $EPE $CSC $CRC $WLL $SDRL $ALNY $PBYI $AGIO

  2. $CHK $EPE $TNK only open position into tomorrow is $TNK, charts look bullish GLTA

  3. $EPE called this and sold early, patience friends ...

  4. $EPE: New SEC Filing for EPE: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1596951_000112760216053333_0001127602-16-053333

  5. Major owner of EP Energy Corp just disposed of 2,117,228 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2792729 $EPE

  6. $EPE all out.

  7. $EPE I am ready to pull the trigger and sell, hmmm I dont want to be greedy here

  8. $EPE bounce off the 20 5.17 5 day 15min candles

  9. $EPE pt 5.50 on my long, then short there for bounce off the 200

  10. $EPE 5.00 is a really cheap lowball bid lol wth

  11. $EPE Why is this getting bids for 5.00?? When MRO is getting 13.25 bids

  12. $EPE Pretty confident this comes up today. Oil is almost at 50

  13. $EPE hey, you all should take a look at $NUGT, this is gonna start up-trending very soon

  14. $EPE 50/50 chance your right...all depends where oil is by tomorrow. if its 50+ This will rise

  15. $EPE keep coming down! Fill that gap so I can close down shop!

  16. $EPE They are trying to hard to bring it down...this thing will pop soon

  17. $EPE This will more than likely hit mid 4.0 s before returning back to the 5 s

  18. $EPE WHat a bum wrap, i accidentally clicked a buy order at 5.02...fml

  19. $EPE entered long position EPE, hold through wed

  20. $EPE If we can increase oil price we can increase $EPE price, everyone buy all the gas station oil for your car ! ! !

  21. $EPE has formed a nice base to push from...

  22. $EPE Oil is back up boys, this will see $6 before you know it. Good swing trade here

  23. $EPE Swing trading this at 4.99. Sell order at 6.00. No clue wtf @tony330 and @sharp_shooter are so bearish lol. This will see 6 soon

  24. EP Energy Corp s PT raised by SunTrust to $5.00. neutral rating. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/649586 $EPE

  25. $CHK $BCEI $DNR $EPE prediction: dollar scales back, oil has short pop tomorrow, rig count up, everything gets crushed.