1. $EPI Guy on CNBC just now says a Modi win in India will ignite a generational run in their stock markets

  2. @mccartjt @Loyola80 @InsiderBuySuperstocks Some love here $EPI $SCIF $PIN $SPX http://y.ahoo.it/l7sJI606

  3. Block Trade: 10:08 $EPI Apr19 19 P (ARCA) 0.20 17000x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/9eIechjY

  4. What’s Working In Emerging Markets Based On Graham, Greenblatt http://y.ahoo.it/DXsWgnED $EEM $MACRO $EWZ $FXI $EPI

  5. Here are the #BRIC #ETFs YTD --> $EWZ $RSX $EPI $FXI http://y.ahoo.it/iNThrA4F

  6. ...the cheesy music on the non-stop TV ads for $EPI

  7. Int l leaders still out-performing; could play catch-up in top-down bear but for now, judge on their own merits. $EWI $EPI $ILF $EWZ

  8. Took profits in $epi because the index for options isn t that liquid. I added to $eem short instead which along with $ewz has far to fall.

  9. Took profits in $epi. THANKS INDIA! I took 3/4ths my hedge off for $sds. THANKS USA! 100% still in my Brazil hedge. Port up huge in value!

  10. $EPI Sold my puts. .35 entry yest on Fed pop. sold for .60 today. Thats how we do it. :-0 GL all. could be a waterfall coming though

  11. $EPI is resting today http://y.ahoo.it/O1TyQhWA

  12. $EPI Wow!!! 9,997 put contracts were just bought in the 19 EPI strike I own!! woohoooo!!! Implied vol climbing!! climb baby climb!

  13. $SDS happy!!!! we re looking good here!!! I doubled up on bear trades on USA, Brazil $ewz and India $epi yesterday..

  14. Great article by @seemacnbc on why elections may have a big impact on India s stock market http://y.ahoo.it/opfDN5qM cc: @JeremyDSchwartz $EPI

  15. $SPY $EWA $EWC $EWT $EPI $VGK Interesting to see which ETFs are making new highs while $SPY bounces http://y.ahoo.it/bl7hrqeJ

  16. $EPI 14-month closing high on volume #India

  17. $EPI near 14-month high on increasing, above average volume #India

  18. $EPI looking at adding $EWZ puts too.. but already well off the highs of that one... hmmm.

  19. $EPI added some puts aroung 19.50 after Fed pop

  20. $EPI This is at 52wk highs....Path of least resistance is down...THis hedge I m keeping till at least Monday....This one has to fall soon

  21. jumped into $ewz and $epi puts this morning..

  22. $EPI India’s Rupee Forwards Advance as Inflows Seen Increasing http://y.ahoo.it/zpoqoiHg via @BloombergNews

  23. @RiskReversal: Too Many Options: $EBAY, $GLW, $PFE, $CMCSA, $EPI, $EWZ http://y.ahoo.it/q1owsXo5 @EnisTaner

  24. Too Many Options: $EBAY, $GLW, $PFE, $CMCSA, $EPI, $EWZ http://y.ahoo.it/UE37SiNT @EnisTaner

  25. $EPI $EWZ $EEM The HERD is alive and well and like clockwork 99% of traders now betting that the runs are over and selling calls/buying puts