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  2. $EPZM looking to go long here at $21.50 any thoughts? Although I think it will do one of the crazy drop and recover again during ER

  3. $EPZM strong support at 21.5 (50MA) also 21.12(200MA).. If those don t hold mid 19s or lower is likely

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  7. @Think4self $AAVL easy short IMHO. someone asked so I had to say. $STML $OMED $TGTX $EPZM $MGNX $KPTI $JUNO

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  9. $EPZM Institutional ownership up 14.48% Q/Q, with 4,863,090 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/EPZM

  10. $EPZM with confirmed $CELG interest, strong EPZ6438 data, this pullback represents a nice chance to increase the number of shares

  11. $EPZM looking reload below $21

  12. $EPZM Good news out of this co recently. Hoping people realize things have been positive except for unfounded 50% cut in PT from an analyst

  13. $EPZM iron stomach to deal with this company

  14. $EPZM What a complete load of bs. That price target was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  15. Pre-Market News Report on: $MLNX $EPZM $LF $FISV

  16. HIGH PUT VOLU $EPZM 10771% $ABY 7490% $HMSY 4775% $WIN 2779% $RDN 2571% $HTWR 2520% $ENPH 2429% $BEN 2351% http://community.livevol.com/index.php/index.html

  17. $EPZM is a HOLD - says Andrew Fein of H.C. Wainwright:https://www.finstead.com/outlook/epzm-epizyme-inc#recent-opinion

  18. $EPZM this will recover soon.

  19. $EPZM analyst is. What a joke! Only positive thing is that I get to load more again but still....what a a-hole!

  20. $EPZM valuation...this guy is a joke! To say that it is not clear that ezh2 is a valuable Clinical target shows how much ignorant this

  21. $EPZM so let s see if I understand, before all the good data that came out this guy had a PT of 40something but now with extension of celg

  22. $EPZM any reason for the downgrade?

  23. $EPZM this looks like it wants to go test $20.50 area. Will definately load it back then

  24. $EPZM wainwright you got your $22 PT. now what ? Do we just stay at $22 lol

  25. $EPZM 900 stocks can push it down, 20k cant push it up. Y0u can see it s artificially pushed down