1. $ERB flirting with 50 moving average, need powerboost. $rlgt, $pyds doing great add $hill and $lyg to watch and buy list

  2. @Paulson545 sorry can t fix last twit, look at $rlgt huge numbers and $pyds its growing, $erb has same potential

  3. @Paulson545 I think March our month if not patience this management te at$rlgt and $pyds just as good as $erb

  4. @Paulson545 $erb has a great chart, can be maddening at times, once it breaks throu 3.70 to 4.13 long term trendline, it will go hard.

  5. @Paulson545 $erb will have its day, need a kickstart it. $lbmh, $uve, $gtt, $zagg, $smci, $mndo, $rlgt, $pyds love these last 2 $erb next.

  6. @TheWallStreetFox @Kajundc $ERB seems to be mimicking Dr Frost s $OPK.$1.00 to $15.00. Patience pays.

  7. $ERB approaching its 50 day MA..... could bounce off...may be good entry level here

  8. @Kajundc @Paulson545 Here s one of my old write ups on them: http://www.thewallstreetfox.com/2013/11/erba-diagnostics-future-consolidation.html but very long term horizon...slowly but surely $ERB

  9. $ERB This seems to have gone into limbo. No one is talking about it, and very few are trading it - Volume is next to nothing.

  10. $ERB if you $erb check out $rlgt and $lbmh earnings and charts all going north.

  11. $ERB set up for a move higher, buckle your seatbelt, fasten that chinstrap Dorthey your not in Kansas anymore, say hello to the fours soon.

  12. $ERB How come the One Med Presentation didn t contribute as much as the others thought?

  13. I ve been fortunate with $PLUG $RNN $IDN $ERB $APP $FST $ISR $MNGA $RGSE $DQ $RAD $PLUG $BLDP $COST over thr past 2 yrs... SLTD your next!


  15. BO IDEAS [ As Per VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjHhEQ5LDpkYjxsTqzOiqnF6CThsfp5m5 ] $AGU $ANGO $ERB $LMNS $ORAN $PSXP $RARE http://stocktwits.com/message/31773091

  16. $ERB Got in today at 3.40. Nice to be off to a good start.

  17. $ERB just stepped on the gas up up to $3.71 after a bounce off the 20 day moving average! Lets take out the $4 level and go home happy

  18. @TheWallStreetFox $ERB just announced more great news . They are partnering with Government distributors this is huge.

  19. @TheWallStreetFox @Kajundc Is $ERB a $100.00 stock ? The message board makes a compiling case.

  20. @Kajundc Its a very solid company. 82% if company is owned by insiders, 5% owned by institutions. There are not many shares available! $ERB

  21. @maddawg1992 @TheWallStreetFox $ERB was today a huge buying opportunity ? The fundamentals are only getting better.

  22. @TheWallStreetFox I think $ERB is just taking a break before it busts out of 3-4 range. Too much positive info from presentation!

  23. @maddawg1992: $ERB Just listened to One Med presentation which is on their web site. I am blown away! Just watched, unreal! Undervalued!!

  24. Stocks on the move higher, $ta, $uve, $ivfh, $erb, $rlgt, $zagg, $smci, $lbmh, $flxt, $pyds,$mndo and $nvcn

  25. @TheWallStreetFox $ERB the slow move up continues.