1. $ERB Off to a good start for the day.

  2. $ERB Nice to see green again.

  3. @Wolfhouse93 $ERB time to get back into the Pharma stocks.

  4. @Trader_McDader $ERB when a few analysts start covering $ERB we could see a major move.

  5. $ERB stealth rally beginning. Get ready for a melt up in $ERB.....jmho

  6. $ERB seems like a strong base is beginning to form......jmho

  7. $ERB whoa! A green candle....it has been a while

  8. $ERB selling is relentless, hopefully is exhausted. This seems like the time you buy. Price action past four months has been ridiculous.

  9. $erb starting a position here. Great earnings last q. 50% haircut over the last month. Tight stop. Hourly macd cross

  10. @Trader_McDader $ERB if they could only get their story out there. When the selling ends we could see an explosive rally.imo

  11. @Trader_McDader $ERB have you ever seen a stock MELT UP. It s great when your long.

  12. @Trader_McDader $ERB how can a company that s turning a profit go down in price. $ERB could be grossly undervalued..jmho

  13. @junkman12 $ERB lets hope it s soon. Whoever s selling is getting less and less for their stock.

  14. $ERB Should have never got in this POS

  15. $ERB somebody is messin with it it will turn around

  16. Inverted Chart Paints An Unbiased Picture: $PLUG $TRXC $NOK $APP $ERB $NVCIF http://y.ahoo.it/YTYmLTnT exciting day for $PLUG tomorrow!

  17. Inverted Chart Paints An Unbiased Picture: $PLUG $TRXC $NOK $APP $ERB $NVCIF Tomorrow will be an exciting one for Plug Power

  18. Inverted Chart Paints An Unbiased Picture: $PLUG $TRXC $NOK $APP $ERB $NVCIF http://y.ahoo.it/AKpo32MH

  19. @co_byrne @vdelpesce $ERB has increasing profits & revenues low float & undiscovered

  20. $ERB Any thought on when this might turn around. One 21K buy but much more selling.

  21. @Dracul $ERB maybe traders bought for a swing trade. If $ERB keeps reporting improving numbers we should do well eventually. jmho

  22. $ERB So ERB reported a profit for 2013 right? So why in the world would the stock drop?

  23. $ERB Form 8K Change in Directors or Principal Officers just filed. http://y.ahoo.it/So2Mz4cf

  24. @co_byrne $ERB it appears he exercised options for a lot less than $100,000.

  25. $ERB That stock purchase is no joke. I am guessing 300k is a big deal to him and his Fam.