1. $ERX - http://y.ahoo.it/5gkuvge3 - People are talking about this UP MOVE - Up 3% for the day.

  2. $ERX at ma-200. RSI oversold, forming Doji

  3. $ERX $FAS. In green. So tech got killed

  4. Long $ERX to track the $XLE - expecting a bounce. (I like $WLL $NBR $KMI $COP) Buy these. http://y.ahoo.it/WHO21ePp

  5. $ERX hammer/hanging man candle formed..

  6. $ERX Added anticipating Obamas speech to send out a scare. Oil will probably spike.

  7. $ERX way oversold, hammer reversal forming...Good add.

  8. $ERX. Oil begins to retrace. ERX is bottoming from $135. Oversold

  9. @SippinCoughy @DailyWinningStocks @VIPS1000 @lcc007 @Alpha2014 We made lot of money on $TNA $ERX $SVXY $SOXL $QQQ $TQQQ. But we reduced now

  10. $rut $iwm should go for a new attempt to break 118 http://y.ahoo.it/XcketY8y $spy $aapl $goog $tna $tza $erx $xlf $xle $qqq $ndx $spx $dia

  11. $FSLR // IMPENDING EXPLOSION // ROCKET FUEL // #UPSIDE // #GAINS ~ $ERX $XLE http://y.ahoo.it/46NZ3PcI

  12. $ERX We bought early Aug $113 and cashed in $119.50. Back in under $121 for an Energy bull that ain t done $XLE $XOM $CVX $COP $SPY

  13. @ronin245 @hftrader @SyntecVentures @40c Avoid $TNA $ERX $SOXL $SVXY do not buy at high

  14. $iwm $rut Triangle bullish long term target 138 http://y.ahoo.it/DH50G8Hn $tna $tza $dia $spy $c $jpm $aapl $gs $xlf $xle $erx $goog $AMZN $MS

  15. $TNA $SOXL $ERX volume dry out this month

  16. $ERX inside week and up. Thru 120 we get close to 130

  17. $ERX hod, oversold. To ma-50 $123.5 and go from there

  18. @InvestingJungle: $XLE Daily bear flag looks gross, watching the close today $XOM $CVX $ERX $COP $TSO http://y.ahoo.it/VeNU0uK3

  19. $XLE Daily bear flag looks gross, watching the close today $XOM $CVX $ERX $COP $TSO http://y.ahoo.it/ho3cfgbs

  20. $ERX

  21. @cybercash28: @lcc007 $TNA $ERX $BIB $TQQQ // BUY

  22. @lcc007 $TNA $erx $bib $tqqq..etc...

  23. $ERX. Not just $KMR up but $EPB also new high. Who needs Putin?

  24. $ERX watch ma-50 now $123.35

  25. $ERX Sold at high today $$