1. Pigs will get slaughtered. $SPY $DIA $ERX $QIHU $HAL $NFLX $GOOGL $IBM $MCD $ERX $IWM $TVIX $UXVY $NFLX

  2. $ERX time to slip back over to $sco

  3. @gltrm $UWTI it s all about the follow through--See you Sunday $UGAZ $DGLD $DSLV $ERX $XLE http://stocktwits.com/message/32036749

  4. $uwti $erx closed $mlpl hold

  5. $SCO loaded up today $erx should drop again like a rock

  6. $UWTI $ERX $MLPL KILL OIL BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sold my 52.50 to 52.60 shares of $ERX at 52.80 freeing up cash to play these swings in oil - remaining shares ave 49.01 (1/4 position)

  8. @StrongBull: $ERX will b goin long soon.. :) Buy 45-47 n sell at 52$+ $SCO $ERX easy money @LotusAngel ;)

  9. $AMZ $BIIB $BIS $ERX $EXXI $JNUG $UVXY $XIV Out of everything +1800 on the day what a great last 20 minutes http://stocktwits.com/message/32029677

  10. $ERX gave me 52.5 instead of that 52 i wanted... how nice of them

  11. @mikete90 Yes! You in $ERX?

  12. $ERX i m luvin it

  13. sold the $ERX bought this morning for a little over 3 bucks gain at 51.18

  14. i want 52 on $ERX

  15. $erx don t look now no jinxing

  16. $USO against better judgment looking to hold 3/4 $UCO $ERX

  17. $ERX isnt falling for the move in $UWTI.. or maybe its just lagging

  18. @Partridge: $ERX $TNA $XIV scalp it baby do not let them take your $$$ HUNGRY http://stocktwits.com/message/32014421 Jan. 30 at 9:31 AM RAISE STOPS!

  19. $ERX $TNA $XIV scalp it baby do not let them take your money $$$$$$$$$$$$ HUNGRY http://stocktwits.com/message/32014421

  20. in $ERX and $TNA at the lows

  21. nibbling some $ERX here at 48.0325

  22. $ERX you people do find it easy… day after day? seriously?

  23. $ERX haha… this is as easy as printing money … sick … ok better stop being too cocky

  24. $ERX $XIV :))

  25. $JNUG $JDST $DGAZ $UGAZ $RUSS $RUSL $ERX $ERY good luck to all, signing off.