1. $ERX $SOXL the most potential ETFs to gain more days ahead. PPO chart begins to cross up

  2. $XLE Oil can trade between 80-82 and XLE can go up 2%-3% today with the market. $ERY $ERX $CVX $XOM $COP components.

  3. $ERX playing both sides Today was $ERY turn and hoping for continuation tmr. Gap fill at 20.21 http://stocktwits.com/message/28318862

  4. $USO The next support is @ $29. Watch out for the sector. $XLE, $ERX, $ERY, $CVX, $APC, $SU, $RIG http://stocktwits.com/message/28317827

  5. $ERY That is the target now $18. $ERX $XLE

  6. $ERY $ERX a very insightful analysis about oil and the oil price was out this morning from Seeking Alpha: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2581505-8-major-reasons-why-the-current-low-oil-price-is-not-here-to-stay

  7. ETF Of The Day: $GASL 12.22% $TAGS 11.74% $SOXL 10.88% $ERX 9.14% $BZQ 8.31% $CURE 8.18%

  8. $IWM $ERX $SOXL the most reward/risk ratio ETFs now.

  9. @lcc007 @cheri1 @strattonite @VIPS1000 Whe mrkt shows sign of reversal ETFs best trade $SOXL $bib $ERX $YINN $TQQQ $SPXL $UDOW

  10. $ERX very good add here...

  11. RT @InvestingJungle: $XLE Held one of the key T/L s and weekly 150ma $ERX $XOM $CVX $PSX $TSO $OIH http://stocktwits.com/message/28243973

  12. $SOXL to ma-200 $94.xx & go from there. $XIV about $32.5 like posted $ERX beginning of the reversal. QQQ to ma-50 $FB ready 4 $78

  13. Nice reversal confirming for $ERX on W. Needs close>$77. PT $81.75-86.50-99. Fave OS play $NFX is up the most in $XLE. $XLE PT is $86-88.50

  14. $ERX way way oversold. Higher than high 2 days ago. Oil down does not mean energy stks down forever. Also oil not down forever

  15. $Nasadq above ma-200 still far from sept high. $QQQ $SOXL $ERX $SPY right at ma-200 now..

  16. $TZA $TNA $ERX $ERY $SPY analysis from SA for the oil bulls about a small cap energy company: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2566285-petroamerica-my-additional-take

  17. Crude will hover around $80/bbl, but oil companies wont. A little late, but starting large position on any dips next wk $USO $ERX

  18. $TNA $SOXL $EDC $ERX $SVXY $$JCP $ all buy here the Correction 8.5% is over . Market will test new high

  19. $XLE Rejected upon a retest of weekly T/L #1 $OIH $ERX http://stocktwits.com/message/28129428

  20. $ERX Oil rises above $86 as investors say market oversold http://www.cnbc.com/id/102095897

  21. close over 10dma of $ERX 75.81 and it s to the freaking moon. Intraday candle looks exhausted for today though

  22. $ERX Oil demand is gonna pick up in 2015 ...on CNBC now

  23. $USO. Oil recovery & mrkt recovering will drive $ERX much higher to retrace drop from $133

  24. @mikete90 this chart making my morning. 30% $ERX rest on $SOXL. Thinking on making energy heavier. Now JNUG needs to push!!

  25. http://www.freefdawatchlist.com/2014/10/premarket-trade-ideas-for-oct-oct-17th.html Premarket Ideas For Oct 17th: $XLNX, $URBN, $AMD, $SRPT, $SNDK, $GOOGL, $TKMR, $XIV, $UVXY, $NUGT, $ERX, $CMRX, $APT