1. $TNA $SOXL $ERX volume dry out this month

  2. $ERX inside week and up. Thru 120 we get close to 130

  3. $ERX hod, oversold. To ma-50 $123.5 and go from there

  4. @InvestingJungle: $XLE Daily bear flag looks gross, watching the close today $XOM $CVX $ERX $COP $TSO http://y.ahoo.it/VeNU0uK3

  5. $XLE Daily bear flag looks gross, watching the close today $XOM $CVX $ERX $COP $TSO http://y.ahoo.it/ho3cfgbs

  6. $ERX

  7. @cybercash28: @lcc007 $TNA $ERX $BIB $TQQQ // BUY

  8. @lcc007 $TNA $erx $bib $tqqq..etc...

  9. $ERX. Not just $KMR up but $EPB also new high. Who needs Putin?

  10. $ERX watch ma-50 now $123.35

  11. $ERX Sold at high today $$

  12. $ERX In 113.48 for some retracement

  13. Glad that I sold my Energy 3X $ERX for a 40% gain last week!

  14. If $SPY last leg up was 186 to 199, then 192.5 is 50% retracement - hence our $ERX $FAS $SPXL trades are doing well. http://y.ahoo.it/yRhTyqJT

  15. $ERY $ERX has a proven track record and gives a 300% Upside to Epsilon Energy from $4. The SA link is here: http://y.ahoo.it/Hn1mbDWC

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  17. Selling my position in $ERX for a 40% gain. Speculative Trading Account,

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  19. The Future Into $FUEL Technologies Will Help Americans & US National Security On Energy Off Foreign $OIL $ERX $PLUG $FCEL $QTWW $BLDP $HYGS

  20. Eyes on $ERX on the inside 30 off the inside day and up


  22. $ERX..came down from extremely overbought zone. Watch ma-50 at $114 $115 to consider. Still up huge in 2014

  23. $ERY close>$13.30 is worth a buck+ (PT 13.67-14.57). Similarly $ERX close<$122.35 sees 117 then 112.


  25. Even hedge funds have stopped betting against this rally $SPY $TNA $ERX $EDC $SOXL $SSYS $YELP $LNKD $GOOG $PCLN