1. $ERX Yahoo shows volume at 837,000 and Scottrade at 840,000 shares traded for the day.

  2. $ERX Over $56.50 could move the stock to over $60 it appears.

  3. Markets Jump; Volume Mixed http://bigwavetrading.com/27674/markets-jump-volume-was-mixed/ $XOM $CVX $ERX $ENPH $TSLA $FSLR $VDE $IYE $COMPQ $SPX $DJIA $RUT $NDX $DJT $NYA $STUDY

  4. $ERX so far, nice action

  5. $ERX Like this 3-5% everyday :)

  6. @ep_capital: Energy- $XLE $IYE $ERX Hod ing into the final hour; $ES_F 2080.50 +28.00

  7. Energy- $XLE $IYE $ERX Hod ing into the final hour; $ES_F 2080.50 +28.00

  8. $ERX is paying well we are currently up 4.83% Over 57.00 it could get fun

  9. $ERX News: March 30, 2015 Strong Housing Data Drives Up U.S. Dollar; Currencies, Commodities Under Pressure . http://www.fxempire.com/commodities/crude-oil/

  10. $ERX Why ERX is up while oil down? Do you think it s likely to go to $40 soon when oil hits $40? Thanks and nice day!

  11. $ERX http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=UUP&p=D&b=5&g=1&id=p58655427337 dollar bounce, its busting down bullish for a little longer time frame.

  12. $ERX This ones tough it go either way, long term bullish

  13. $RAD just broke out past its 52 week.... it s gone... $SPY $QQQ $GILD $DIA $HAL $ERX $CVS $WBA

  14. $XLE $ERX $ERY $XLF $FAS $FAZ Thin Volume, gaps, exposes how Algo s, MM s, HFT s,front run and scalp off the triple levered products.

  15. observing price correlations between $UUP $USDX and energy sector $XLE $ERX (correlation to $USO also present)

  16. long term weekly view for $ERX $XLE trade in a way i m saying $USO has put in a bottom Won t be pretty but trend up

  17. $XLE dly that triggered trade via $ERX 56.3 Expected pullback but surprised it lost 50dma Long term plan $USO $UWTI

  18. $ERX can someone explain oil up but erx has no follow through from pre-market

  19. bot $ERX 56.3 at bell hope it s long term position chart coming up later

  20. Williams Over -20 http://www.dailystockplays.com/Williams-Over--20-2015-03-25.html $PBR $NBR $PWE $CCE $PVH $PGH $IAU $TTI $ERX $GTE $SJM $CRZO $TPLM $FXE $HAWK $BWC $BSAC $GLOG

  21. $ERX Sold some today, but held on to some too. $XLE $XOP $OIH $UCO Outperformed today

  22. $ERX can we bust through this time http://finviz.com/publish/032515/ERXc1dl1521.png

  23. $UWTI lovly $ERX :)

  24. $ERX hod

  25. $SPX Market testing support 50 day ema, near by support 2040. $SPY Energy outperforming $ERX