1. $ERX

  2. $ERX activity $OIH $XLE

  3. $ERX continues ro retrace to around $44 area

  4. $ERX Buy and Hold.

  5. $ERX hod awesome ..what a great day team ST!!!

  6. mikehowell downgraded $ERX to STRONG SELL & has a 63% success rate w/ a 2.95% return per tip on 900 tips. https://closingbell.co/mikehowell

  7. $ERX

  8. $ERX above ma50 solidly. look at weekly report. target 45 47

  9. $ERX nice nice

  10. $UWTI $ERX RUSSIA war in Syria

  11. $ERX almost hod..looking good

  12. $ERX time to go long agin. strong sector


  14. $ERX $ERY

  15. $UWTI $ERX with Russia attack US back group, I think Russia is trying to push crude higher. IIMO.

  16. $ERX lod red.. i said to sell at 36 37 now move to oversold sectors

  17. $USO 50 s a round# for resistance. sold all $UWTI $ERX earlier..need to rest

  18. @KevinBantz: Eventually $DWTI will come back into play, but it maybe @ $54 $CL_F $ERX $ERY $UWTI

  19. $ERX almost 38 high..nice

  20. $ERX higher high awesome

  21. $BHi rig count decreased. . $UWTI $ERX $OIH working until reversal sign


  23. $USO ,$UCO,$DWTI,$SCO,$ERX,$ERY,,10:30 EIA Petroleum Inventories

  24. $CHK Oil/Energy sector still moving up..Shorts should provide nice upside on this break of 9 $XLE $ERX

  25. $ERX pulls bck to ma50 is good entry