1. $ERY lot of energy co s reporting earnings next week...and sounds like there s speculation of another storage build


  3. (video) Chart Analysis $MSO $CBG $VLTC $DSKX $GRPN $AMZN $FLTX $MCP $KORS $ERY $JO http://thecontrariantrader.com/members-stock-picks-april-23-2015/

  4. $ERY 5 min trendline gave u another entry this Morning

  5. Wednesday’s watch list for swing trades Long $ERY $OHI $OMI $BIG $PBF $UDR $CUBE $AMAT More ideas at http://gemsbot.blogspot.gr/

  6. Is #Energy about to resume its downtrend? Read new blog post here: http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/short-signal-on-energy-xle1 $XLE $ERY $ERX

  7. Plenty of short ideas as well, though no time to post all the charts on these (Tight stops): $TCK, $DO, $COH, $ANF, $ERY, $EXP, $DDD $FOSL

  8. $ERY we are just getting started here

  9. Still wayyyyyyyy short #oil stocks via $ERY ETF. $CL_F not showing much confidence for the longs IMO

  10. sold $ERY too early at 16.96 from 16.18

  11. $DWTI $ERY rest time for us,... some lamb treats

  12. $ERY yeah baby go go

  13. $ERY pretty hard for you cows on another side... wolves are too hungry

  14. $ery PUSH IT GIRL

  15. $ERY she wants moar

  16. $ERY target 1 hit. Here are the next 2 targets over 17 we move stops up

  17. $ERY grabbed some at the open

  18. http://profit.ly/5004QP $72 loss in $ERY nop not today

  19. $XLE put on a stellar performance, #energy is still long-term bearish. Watch @ 11:25 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYelZlOjmms&feature=youtu.be&t=11m25s $ERY $ERX

  20. $ERY big drops almost always happen on mondays. Although i doubt it will be this monday.

  21. $FAZ $TZA $BIS $SPXU $ERY $SCO $SOXS Anyone holding shorts over the weekend? How come?

  22. @unaffiliated: $ERY went in at 16.20 yesterday. Out at 16.92. Solid swing.

  23. $ERY went in at 16.20 yesterday. Out at 16.92. Solid swing.

  24. $ERY out 17.06 :D

  25. $ERY Also, Q1 results for oil companies should start releasing and after that past few months low oil prices, it should be a blood bath.