2. $ERY $XIV $XLE - this energy bounce could be temporary, Crude oil may see $45 still http://www.seeitmarket.com/crude-oil-prices-fall-45-per-barrel-13946/

  3. @GJN You re Welcome. What do you think of $ERY $ERX $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F or $brent $NOKSEK

  4. $XLE clears 80.00 may have a squeeze it back to around 86.53 where there is a confluence of TL, supply, and gaps $ERX $ERY $OIH $USO $CL_F

  5. @daisy9 Daisy, $JDST $SCO $ERY.. are 3 times ETF, you would loss money faster than any stock.

  6. @mikete90 $ERY?

  7. $ERX call back over 20%...raise the stop. Target $69 next week. $ERY $XLE $USO $CL_F

  8. $XLE bot sum Thurs. up nicely plus today is ExDiv. so get the divvy too! SWEET! $erx $ery

  9. $ERY Brent is down as you saw it. bottom is somewhere down below.. ERY can provide great leverage until Spring.

  10. $ERX was 20% gain at the open, now under 15%. Set a stop around $54 and otherwise let it run. Oil needs to bounce. $UWTI $ERY $USO $CL_F

  11. $ERY I am out (TMR) #ery

  12. $ERY: stop 23.33 #ery

  13. $ERY in 23.46

  14. $ERY I am long small size #ery #elliottwave

  15. @CoolHobieCat: The problem for $XLE is explained very well here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-18/bankers-see-1-trillion-of-investments-stranded-in-the-oil-fields.html Interesting.... $ERY $ERX $CL_F $USO

  16. $XLE $ERX $ERY Shorts getting sucked in like the longs were last month. #Flexible

  17. Crude acting crude again $OIL $CL_F $XLE $ERY

  18. $ERY Gap filled we are out thanks for quick $

  19. $ERY red to green action in the making stops up again $23

  20. $ERY moving stops to 22.67

  21. $XIV into end of year should be huge. And $ERX with a stop, just in case. $VIX $VXX $UVXY $ERY $XLE

  22. $ERX buy from yesterday working nicely. Raise the stop and let it run. This could see $69+ just on a bounce. $ERY $USO $CL_F $XLE

  23. ETFs Bear (DEC 17 2014) RUSS $ERY $FM $BZQ $USMI $DUST http://buyandsellshares.blogspot.pt/2014/12/etfs-bear-dec-17-2014.html

  24. $ERY Minor Support around $22.

  25. $XLE 1st time holding above 50 hr ma since gap down in Nov. $erx $ery http://stocktwits.com/message/30349954