1. $ETRM http://seekingalpha.com/article/3472006-enteromedics-ceo-to-depart-is-this-good

  2. $ETRM http://www.lulegacy.com/2015/08/27/enteromedicss-buy-rating-reiterated-at-canaccord-genuity-etrm/591943/

  3. $ETRM ?

  4. $ETRM bottom is in

  5. $ETRM Zacks 1.5 Buy Rating and a PT of $1-7. Procedures are just taking off!

  6. $ETRM hopefully we have more sane posters on this board going forward.

  7. $ETRM .02c x 76k

  8. $ETRM It looks like PastorGainz cashed in his 1 cent profit. Looking good for true longs. Expecting exponential gains once numbers are in.

  9. $ETRM http://www.investornewswire.com/analyst-views/enteromedics-inc-nasdaqetrm-brokerage-rating-update/34801/

  10. $ETRM http://www.lulegacy.com/2015/08/27/enteromedicss-buy-rating-reiterated-at-canaccord-genuity-etrm/591943/


  12. $ETRM is approaching overbought status.....down peri coming !!!!!

  13. $ETRM what a pisser

  14. $ETRM somebody take one for the team and buy 15000 at .32 after hours

  15. $ETRM dump or pump before the close.......i think we close at .26 so I say dump

  16. $ETRM Million share traded till now. We should see some more action now.

  17. $ETRM Worst case scenario of 100 procedures by years end. That is 1.5 mil rev. Revenue growth from 70k to 1.5 mil is 2000% growth rate. PPS?

  18. $ETRM Good..

  19. $ETRM Ceo to depart...... good or bad?

  20. $ETRM dead money at higher levels.....ill take it!

  21. $ETRM will it hit .30 today

  22. $ETRM what dummies are selling this at .27? This is about to take off!

  23. $ETRM highest close since aug 18th maybe?

  24. $ETRM needs to break the ma

  25. $ETRM ok.. Let s hold these gains please