1. $ETRM Target Valuation - $100 - $250M ... You figure out the PPS - Wednesday s call let s us know if we ll get there or not.

  2. $ETRM buying the stock works better than vBloc itself... If you follow your investment you ll never want to eat...

  3. $ETRM Know any companies already doing this?... Want To Lose Weight? Train The Brain, Not The Body - IFLScience http://www.iflscience.com/brain/want-lose-weight-train-brain-not-body

  4. $ETRM bullish

  5. $ETRM I can go along with that. Gotta keep employees motivated and happy to achieve success. Good move

  6. $ETRM it looks like the company is repricing existing stock options for their employees. Basically they had nothing but WALLPAPER.

  7. $ETRM will this be green ever+

  8. $ETRM If they do not have concrete plan on CC then it might drop to .30

  9. $ETRM Now it is very risky to even hold over the long weekend

  10. $ETRM trading below cash, if no pulse after conference call on Wed, I m taking the loss.

  11. $ETRM Very little hope here

  12. $ETRM Black-Scholes Model http://www.investopedia.com/features/eso/eso2.asp

  13. $ETRM: New SEC Filing for ETRM: Form SC TO-I, No. 0001193125-16-605144 http://stocknewsflow.com/1371217_000119312516605144_0001193125-16-605144

  14. $ETRM it will some but probably back down agin. This stock needs time to develop.i think we have a big future

  15. Tender offer statement by Issuer http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2801464 $ETRM

  16. $ETRM news June 1 should run in that catalyst. I m in

  17. $ETRM

  18. $ETRM. Today shaked the s*it out of weak hands. Will run after June 2.

  19. $ETRM now... Is there financial manipulation? Absolutely. And every time you buy this and then sell (trade it) you help drive the PPS down.

  20. $ETRM yes this company is clearly a fraud. That s why the FDA approved vBloc and Duke, Florida Hospital, MedStar, the VA and others offer it

  21. $ETRM i think this company is fraud. I asked an agent if anyone works in Minnesota office, the guy left the chat room.

  22. $ETRM I thought for sure the support at $.69 would hold

  23. $ETRM I wish I had never come across this stock. Bummer.

  24. $ETRM what is it again, same dump n pump?

  25. $ETRM nice end of day buy to close unch!