1. $ETRM under 1 buck soon

  2. $ETRM

  3. @Ndsmith82 I like where $ETRM is with a conference in Feb and $FXCM is a sure .30 pop. I m mainly BIO but FXCM has made me money twice.

  4. $ETRM https://www.last10k.com/sec-filings/ticker/1371217/0001193125-14-409363.htm paragraph 13 ,why the stock is 1.10-1.20 , unit a big catalyst they have to do this , I m long

  5. @bradfordhall Dilution can happen in a day. $ETRM

  6. @evan1 I can only speak from experience. I still have $ETRM and $RMTI sitting in my portfolio, hoping they ll eventually go green.

  7. @jjj2015 key is to get in the momentum early :) nothing wrong with a good pop $ZGNX $ETRM $RMTI

  8. $ZGNX I caution you all to study other recent approvals. Biotech stocks have been tanking quickly after the approval jumps. $ETRM $RMTI

  9. @sammies He s realistic. Look at other recent approvals. They tank quickly after the approval jump. We ve been burned before. $ETRM $RMTI

  10. $ETRM This is not a tradeable stock right now. This is a buy and hold until there s a catalyst

  11. $ETRM i just came here to see red and manipulation

  12. @PhamSterZzZz isn t $ETRM still red post the last FDA approval? Maybe I m missing something

  13. Bullishness in $ETRM dropped 51.7% compared to past 48hr bullish average of 1.97 on a scale of 0-4

  14. $ETRM Im long.... using the pullback to add at cheap prices. MACD Histogram displaying a positive divergence. http://stocktwits.com/message/31965988

  15. $ETRM i will buy more when this hit $1, i do believe device has great potential.

  16. $ETRM Why didn t the price go up with FDA approval a few weeks back?

  17. $ETRM needs to skyrocket

  18. $ETRM in @ 1.18

  19. $ETRM Partnership or insurance approval are the two big catalyst for this stock , partnership is only one that could happen soon, I m long

  20. $ETRM Eyes on you

  21. $ETRM $1.22 pre-market. Keep going baby!!

  22. $ETRM present at 17th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference http://wsprwired.blogspot.in/2015/01/enteromedics-to-present-at-17th-annual.html

  23. $ETRM EnteroMedics to Present at the 17th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference http://finance.yahoo.com/news/enteromedics-present-17th-annual-bio-120000079.html

  24. $ETRM Keep an eye on this one.The market for this device is HUGE $$ http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-14/obesity-device-that-makes-you-feel-full-to-cost-15-000?cmpid=yhoo

  25. $ETRM MM turning it up