1. $EUO $SPY $GDX Who is hiding from the world? The Eurozone & the Euro. Hiding in the shadows hoping no one will see their weakness and panic.

  2. $EUO DRESDEN, Germany (AP) Protesters rallied against Islam and immigration in several European cities Saturday… Eurozone: Dead Man Walking

  3. New Video: Inflation is the Monster Hiding in the Closet http://www.econmatters.com/2016/02/inflation-is-monster-hiding-in-closet.html $BND $FXE $TLT $AGG $EUO

  4. $EUO $FXB $UDN On the lighter side,I am all alone here @EUO.I like that.It so reminds me of Christian Bale in THE BIG SHORT.

  5. $EUO The Euro target is .80 and down from 1.11 !!!

  6. $EURUSD $EUO ...lower lows and lower highs on the 5 min

  7. $EUO The Euro Target is .80 and down from 1.12 !!!

  8. $EUO $FXB $UDN $ULE $UUP EUO is way oversold and overdue for a pop to 28, and Euro going to .80 1yr, gold topping; I m into EUO big time.

  9. $EUO going to .80 or maybe lower. There is a storm coming to Eurozone, and the Euro may not survive.

  10. $EUO bargain basement time to buy. Going to .90 Just wait!

  11. $EUO I meant euro going to .80 Eurozone is toast w/o bacon. Huge mistake inviting a civil war into your zone. Big mistake. Huge.

  12. $EUO Buying more on sale. Euro going to 80. Then lower, maybe to zero.

  13. $EUO Millions of young, strong male Muslims will tear Europe and the European Union apart, if not totally destroy all European culture.Short

  14. $EUO $SPY Every now and again there s a no brainer trade.When you see one,you have to act.Shorting the euro is a no-brainer. Forbes 1/31/16

  15. $EUO $UVXY Mojo31 In at 25.25 up.04 already.Thanks Mojo31.You re the best. Will miss your knowledge and wisdom and experience.Thanks geffaxp

  16. $EUO Entry point 25.20

  17. $UVXY $EUO Entry point is 25.30-25.36. I got in at 25.19 the other day and 25.30 yesterday.The Euro is dead already.No-brainer.

  18. $UVXY Would buy on weakness at 38.00 but put the other half in shorting the Euro. $EUO.

  19. $EUO best looking cup with handle I ve seen.

  20. Buy Stock $EUO target $26.06 in 1W, success prob 99.59%. #Predicted via Tino algo A3 - Crowd Psychology IQ

  21. NEW POST: The Euro Looks Ready for a Chic, Trendy, Dirt Nap https://marketchess.com/2016/01/22/euro-looks-ready-a-chic-trendy-dirt-nap $EUO $EURUSD $FXE $USO $UUP

  22. Three Cheers For Germany $EWG $HEDJ Also $FXE $EUO http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/three-cheers-for-germany?post=82762

  23. $EUO Wonder where this goes if the EU comes close to collapsing?

  24. Three Cheers For Germany $EWG $HEDJ Also $FXE $EUO http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/three-cheers-for-germany?post=82762

  25. Highest call to put ratio $ALU $SFUN $TMV $VAL $RCI $GWR $YRCW $IGT $EQT $TER $EUO $STJ $VAC $AZN $JBLU