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  4. $YHOO also long this symbol as well, 40 strike september calls. Target is 43-44 on the underlying. $EUO also a good trade here.

  5. $EUO I am holding calls on this. As the dollar strengthens and the euro weakens, it should continue to climb steadily. Target is 20-21.

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  8. Out $EUO after nice gains on Mario Draghi stepping into QE; ECB head has my vote for right guy in the right job - but euro will get slammed.

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  11. @Lheyclehrer Yes it is. And I agree that trend is up intermediate term. Draghi s guaranteeing that. $UUP $EUO

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  15. $EUO Nice rate cute

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  17. @andrewnyquist - Closed $EUO and now i m in $FXE from $130.00 - lets see what next week deliver. I am taking a swing with the bat here.

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