1. $SCOK $EVRY $CTIC $STEM was told to buy these by some newsletter today vs. MOJO swing picks $PT $COUP $FOLD think MOJO picks are better

  2. $EVRY we so need some volume to get this thing moving. All it takes is volume and BOOM it takes off.

  3. $EVRY everywhere is RED today...

  4. EveryWare: Unaudited Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Information http://y.ahoo.it/CexatJ4w $EVRY

  5. $EVRY Bullish close

  6. $EVRY Hold the green!

  7. $evry as soon as it gets green = Icarus http://y.ahoo.it/kD6R1EFl

  8. $EVRY At least it s green!

  9. $EVRY volume????

  10. $EVRY c mon bubu come to your mama...

  11. $EVRY TOMMOROW will be the bottom yay. HIGHLY BULLISH FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS!!! been waiting for a very long time


  13. $EVRY come to $USU We are about to go nuclear !!!

  14. $EVRY im out. For a loss. Oh well. Cant take it anymore.

  15. $EVRY Looks like $DGLY has run the course. Losing momentum now. Time to focus on $EVRY.

  16. $EVRY $MX is a potential mover. Same with $SKBI.

  17. $EVRY looked at USU yesterday at 4.96...I wished I bought it...

  18. $EVRY nothing can happen but going down,,no volume at all...

  19. UPstocks weekly newsletter $DGLY $ASTC $VJET $EVRY $USU $HGSh $SPY $IWM $QQQ http://y.ahoo.it/V2OCurgN #joinchat

  20. $EVRY dont buy right now the bottom will be about 2.10s-2.00. Please dont interpret my chart to mean you buy right now. I meant buy in week

  21. $EVRY EVRY breakout going to happen. hello http://y.ahoo.it/DMHLSAJt

  22. $EVRY Nice day. Held nicely. I think bottom is in

  23. $EVRY I have watched the show over at DGLY and $LLLI could be another one to come into play soon. http://y.ahoo.it/fImnwjai

  24. $EVRY load the truck while you can,last call

  25. $NURO $EVRY small..... going to play ..