1. $EWH $XLI $PBW $AAXJ $VUG Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers by gainers, decliners and emerging volume. http://y.ahoo.it/oPOONDHK

  2. ETF in Focus: iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETF $EWH on the move higher. [video 2:10] http://y.ahoo.it/zr0gloKT

  3. Asian Tigers are really roaring -- Asian stocks entering parabolic stage $FXI $EWA $EWY $NIFTY $EWT $EWH See here http://y.ahoo.it/tzQB5fvc

  4. $SPY $DXJ $EWU $EWH $FXI cc @StockTwits

  5. sitting $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA watch incl. $AMGN $BITA $CMCSA $EWH $FB $FXI $GCI $SCTY $TLT $X

  6. sitting: $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA watch incl $ABT $AMGN $BIDU $CELG $EEM $EWH $FXA $FXE $FXI $GDX $GLD $QIHU $SCTY + @MercenaryJack thoughts

  7. sitting: $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA wary watch incl $ABT $AMGN $BIDU $BRK.B $CELG $EEM $EWH $FB $FXA $FXE $FXI $GDX $GLD $QIHU $SCTY $X $YY

  8. @MichaelBatnick: $EWH $EWJ $FXI $EWG Hong Kong, Japan, China had largest country inflows. France, Sweden, Germany had largest outflows.


  10. $EWH $EWJ $FXI $EWG Hong Kong, Japan, and China had the largest country inflows. France, Sweden, and Germany had the largest outflows.

  11. sitting $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA watch incl. $ACH $AMGN $BITA $CELG $FXA $FXE $EWH $FB $FXI $GDX $GLD $QIHU $SCTY $YY

  12. sitting w $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA watch list incl $ABT $AMGN $EEM $EWH $EWM $FXE $FXI $SCTY $TLT $X

  13. $EWH hey guys looking a going long here someone encourage me! :) I think when things settle out this gravitates higher...

  14. small book now. long $EGO $DECK $EWH $CROX $BK $TSLA short $SOX $MOS $DO $GMCR

  15. sitting $AKS $EXPE $GILD $TSLA ;watch incl. $ABT $EEM $EWH $EWJ $EWM $EWY $FCX $FXI $GLD $NEM $TSO

  16. sitting $AKS $EXPE $GILD ; $TSLA on deck;watch incl $EWH $FB $FXE $EURUSD $ZF_F $ZN_F $FXI $SCTY

  17. still long $QQQ, $EWH, $BK

  18. sitting $AKS $EXPE $GILD long;watch incl $ABT $EWH $FB $FCX $FXE $FXI $SCTY $TSLA

  19. HIGH CALL VOLU $KAR 24253% $CRR 3119% $LQD 2720% $BSBR 1873% $DRI 1747% $EWH 1660% $DLPH 1127% $DBD 936% http://y.ahoo.it/K29vWe18

  20. sitting w/ $AKS $EXPE $GILD ;watch incl $EWH $FCX $FXI grains/ags a/k/a $ZW_F $ZC_F $ZS_F h/t @bencbanks chart of $WEAT

  21. $FXI $EWH $EWT $YINN etc china over night was strong but these ADRs an opinion of some fncl guru or scumbag are fked up - annoying

  22. sitting w $AKS $TLT long $FXE short ;watch incl $EXPE $GILD $FXI $EWH

  23. $FXI $EWH $EWT etc keep the radar up for opps & threats - both longs and shorts working, choppy but working

  24. stopped out but for $TLT; $EWH $EWT $FXI $FCX are longs $FXE $EURUSD a short on weekly time frames

  25. July 31 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: New 52-week Highs http://y.ahoo.it/Fdi3xDet $X $LRCX $ALL $APA $NWL $ARRS $HOLX $EWH