1. Fundamentals always look awful at bottoms and look great at tops. $spy $eem $ewi

  2. Looking Ahead - October 5, 2015 http://www.briefing.com/investor/analysis/story-stocks/looking-ahead--october-5-2015.htm #Eurozone $EURUSD $VGK $EZU $IEV $EWG $EWP $EWI $EWQ

  3. In the Green: $GDX +5.74% $GLD +2.34% $TLT +1.87% $FXI +0.81% $EWI +0.49% $EWGS +0.41% $PZA +0.28%


  5. $EWI http://FinGraphs.com Pot. consolid in Uptrend : LONGERTERM Wly-Dly-Hly combo chart

  6. $FEZ $EWG $EWQ $EWI $EWD $EWN $EWO all made new low on gaps down w/ momentum diverging. On watch for a short term reversal Island reversal?

  7. $EWI http://FinGraphs.com Pot. intermed bot in Downtrend : INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  8. European ETFs were prominent on the list of breakdowns this morning: $EZU, $IEV, $EWG, $EWI

  9. Euro area Composite PMI is at its highest level for 4 yrs, climbing from a trough of 45.7 in late 2012 to 54.3 in Aug $ewg $ewi $fez $spy

  10. September Flash PMIs (for Germany, France and the Euro area aggregate) are due tomorrow. $ewg $ewi $fez $spy

  11. $UVXY $ERY $FAZ $GLD $IAU $BOND $IEF $TLT $BRZU $UCO $USO $EWI Top ETFs Daily Market Movers for Friday Sept. 18 http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-SEPTEMBER-18.html#comments

  12. $EWI http://FinGraphs.com Pot. cont. Uptrend : INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  13. Will the $EWI Italy ETF rally if Vinci pulls off a shocking upset of Serena? Wow. Vinci up 5-4 in 3rd and about to serve.

  14. The italian markets ETF is still down 70 plus percent from the 2007 highs...but the food and views... $ewi

  15. End Of Day Scan: 1234 Bearish $VVUS $EWI $EZU $INTU $KR $PX $GFI $NAVI $GMCR $SYMC www.DailyStockPlays.com

  16. $EWI http://FinGraphs.com Pot. resume Downtrend in pullback : INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  17. End Of Day Scan: Below Ichimoku Cloud $XLU $KIM $CNP $UDR $TSN $EWI $TSO $KHC $ARMK $CTXS www.DailyStockPlays.com

  18. $SPY $ewi measured target = -9 LOL

  19. End Of Day Scan: NR7 Stocks $EWI $VEA $TWM $SVXY $INTU $ACWI $HEWG $SPXS $LUK $MSI www.DailyStockPlays.com

  20. $EWI - - Significant Breakout with Unusual Social Activity - Up 3% for the day.

  21. $EWI Pot. intermed top in Uptrend : LONGERTERM Wly-Dly-Hly combo chart

  22. $EWI Pot. cont. Downtrend : INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  23. Bullish Doji http://www.dailystockplays.com/Bullish-Doji-2015-08-24.html $VTV $XLV $VOD $VGK $FEZ $WU $BCS $XLF $RDS.B $AMT $TAP $NWSA $EWI $PM $ING $OIL $BBBY $NVS

  24. $EWI Pot. cont. Downtrend : INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  25. This month s performance. International/EM ETFs. $EWI $EWL #1&2 - Too bad Malaysia is THE worst one $EWM -17.3%