1. (Post) Can Portugal Stocks Spark One Last Hurrah For The PIIGS? http://y.ahoo.it/UaRDdsCN $EWI $EWP $GREK $PT $EIRL

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  4. Dollar Stores with slowing growth/margins going for 12X EBIDTA and Span/Italy 10 yr at all-time lows. No bubble, really? $SPY $FDO $EWI $EWP

  5. $EWI $eufn $ewj $ewu hmmm I like

  6. $EWG $EWI My play on Europe....in both

  7. $EWI I m in...sep 17 s....viva Italy!

  8. $EWI Put in low bid on the Sep 17 s....if i don t get filled I ll go for the Dec 18 s

  9. $EWI Dec 18 s I have a date with soon..

  10. $EWI Saw nice bullish option flow here yesterday...Italy s gotten hit...Probably joning the trade..

  11. HIGH CALL VOLU $ENB 1777% $ROYT 1197% $OII 1163% $WEC 1105% $QRE 1034% $NM 1026% $GORO 1001% $EWI 897% http://y.ahoo.it/IBFxOmHH

  12. $EWI clearTREND Research DOWNGRADES iShares MSCI Italy Index Fund on emerging downward primary trend, confidence rating of 75%

  13. @adatherton: $EWI #MIB buy at 20450 TP 20650 http://y.ahoo.it/j3nP5Zod // my target+100 !!

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  21. $EWI bought September combo: 15-17 bull put spread + 17 call for a net credit of 0.05$

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