1. Sizemore Capital holds an allocation of 10.5% in $EWP in his Tactical ETF Investment Portfolio

  2. $IBEX beginning a corrective process that will likely bottom between 200-week & 200-month sma. $EWP http://y.ahoo.it/OI7jilec

  3. One Little PIIGY $EWI $EWP $EZU http://y.ahoo.it/0T7YVB8v

  4. PIIGS and European Markets http://y.ahoo.it/oaVwmhuU $EWI, $EWP and $EZU all wobbling, w/ EWI dropping from a wedge.

  5. $EWP, $EURUSD Spain short update

  6. Today s #HOT #Whisperoftheday is http://y.ahoo.it/je61JPRk $EEM $FXI $EWP $EWT, check out 3 mil print http://y.ahoo.it/dWf5kkyZ

  7. Bearish on $EWP huge print today 41.24, #followingtheprints www.thestockwhisperer.com

  8. Why to invest in European Periphery Stocks $VGK $EIRL $GREK $EWP $EWI $PGL http://y.ahoo.it/jZuvrwFX

  9. Sizemore Capital holds an allocation of 10.5% in $EWP in his Tactical ETF Investment Portfolio

  10. Whatever It Takes 2.0? http://y.ahoo.it/t5jekzjV $EWU $DXY $MACRO $FED $TLT $TBT $SPY $SPX $EWP

  11. Certain emerging markets waxing U.S. indexes $EWZ $FM $ILF $EDF $GULF $EWI $EWP. Not recent either. All year long.

  12. $IBEX Re-Emerging market story showing -tive momentum divergence @ LT price congestion range. $EWP http://y.ahoo.it/mOthw3Ev

  13. Monday: CAD stocks exit $COM.TO enter $BIR.TO USD stocks exit $AMTD enter $XLU $CORN $EWP $EIS http://y.ahoo.it/2uuDktIW

  14. High relative strength here! http://y.ahoo.it/vYuO4RAP $IDX $GULF $EWP $EWC $PIN $EPI

  15. Vastned - Baupost Consortium Close Deal For Seven Spanish Shopping Centers http://y.ahoo.it/HqgSUlqi $EWP

  16. Also FWIW: All matters of European Markets just fine, thank you very much $FEZ $EWI $EWP $EWN $EWK $DFE $EWQ $EWG

  17. $EWP - http://y.ahoo.it/U5zrjScn - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  18. Swing #Trading Long Repsol (REP) on Spanish #Ibex35 & $REPYY American Markets breaking zig-zag $EWP http://y.ahoo.it/25v2AJAv

  19. @Steen_Jakobsen: Spain 5 yr. interest rates now below 5 yr US! Who would have thought that..... http://y.ahoo.it/racanrre $EWP

  20. Spain $EWP continues to break out. I am long in MY trading account

  21. Sizemore Capital holds an allocation of 10.4% in $EWP in his Tactical ETF Investment Portfolio

  22. $EWP still poppin after ECB stays the course against much criticism

  23. $SPY also key Eurozone country etfs, the iShares $ewq $ewo $ewp $ewg $ewi and $itlt can be shorted. they on huge runs lately into ECB

  24. Periphery Stocks Surge In Q1: Weighting Or Valuation? http://y.ahoo.it/acAXjKB5 $GREK $EWP $ERO $EWI http://y.ahoo.it/O2O5Bc8h

  25. Have mentioned iShares country ETFs ranked by RS, today new highs for 3 of top 5 $EWP $EWI $EWK [ $EWL $EWG round out the 5]