1. Spain ETF Stands Out in the Eurozone… For Now $EWQ $EWP $EWG http://y.ahoo.it/pRrb1fan

  2. Stocks Finish off their Lows of the Session; Europe still Struggling http://y.ahoo.it/vNBrdiHP $STUDY $EWG $EWQ $EWU $HYG $JNK $RUT $COMPQ $SPX

  3. A belated Happy Bastille Day to all the Francophiles out there! $EWQ ETF up 0.5% today. Even Paris-based $ALU rose nearly 2%. Ooh la la!

  4. The Probability of Contagion Risk in Portugal... $SPY $TLT $STUDY $DIA $QQQ $FEZ $EWG $EWQ $PT $GREK $EWP $EWI $SAN http://y.ahoo.it/yqneiYkN

  5. The Probability of Contagion Risk in Portugal... http://y.ahoo.it/B7cagpUc $spy $tlt $study $dia $qqq $fez $ewg $EWQ $PT $grek $EWP $EWI $SAN

  6. @KimbleCharting not sure of wt of london but $EWQ $EWG $FEZ worrisome ditto $FXI $EWT $EWH

  7. Study Country Exposure in Your Europe ETFs $EWK $EWG $EFNL $EWO $EZU $EWQ $HEDJ $FEZ http://y.ahoo.it/pxOsDBCY

  8. Germany, France and UK all dipping below their 200 DMA today. Had been showing poor Relative Strength since mid may. $EWG $EWQ EWU.

  9. European benchmarks rolling over as period of seasonal weakness nears: http://y.ahoo.it/WCOOIjrN $DAX $CAC40 EWG $EWQ $EWP $EWI

  10. Andrew Smithers: When To Underweight US Equities http://y.ahoo.it/VMjQNBPo $SPY $SPX $VIX $EWG $EWJ $EWU $EWQ

  11. France ETF Could Lag Rival Europe Funds http://y.ahoo.it/paGs3wLj $EWQ $EZU $FEZ $EWG $EWN $EWK $EFNL $EWO

  12. $FEZ $EWG $EWQ $EWJ $FPX daily & wkly gave a tell

  13. $FRA40 Update France $EWQ That s it. Tomorrow is another day http://y.ahoo.it/7SwhBHRE

  14. Low volatility. 2 buys, 7 sells. Buy $HEWG, $EWQ but very soft indicators!

  15. $FRA40 $EWQ/France: 4th visit to the same demand zone.. Will hold this time? http://y.ahoo.it/256HZUPG

  16. @lamonicabuzz: $EWQ ETF is outperforming $EWG YTD. $GXG is trouncing $EWZ. Predicting #FRA and #COL upsets over #GER and #BRA tomorrow!

  17. The $EWQ ETF is outperforming $EWG YTD. And $GXG is trouncing the $EWZ. So I am predicting #FRA and #COL upsets over #GER and #BRA tomorrow!

  18. The $EWQ ETF is outperforming $EWG. And $GXG is trouncing the $EWZ. So I am predicting #FRA and #COL upsets over #GER and #BRA tomorrow!

  19. In light of the France-Nigeria match today... The World Cup ETF Portfolio - Sizemore Insights http://y.ahoo.it/Sq4v8ooO $EWQ $NGE

  20. $EWQ and French CAC: see chart for comments http://y.ahoo.it/ORlgpAIG

  21. $EWQ France approaching first demand zone. after 2.618 rejection http://y.ahoo.it/lDxdibHa

  22. $FXP $PDP $PIE $EWG $EWQ etc Dont just look at the indices look under the hood they trigger before the indices - mind ur risk

  23. $EZU $EWG $EWQ France PMI 47.8 vs 49.6 German PMI 52.4 vs 52.2 Eurozone PMI 51.9 vs 52.2

  24. France $MOVE Defies $ALL $EU $AND As $AN $ALLY $FOR $SALE Of $A $WARSHIP To $RUSSIA http://y.ahoo.it/B8SGLUnv $EWQ $EUO $RSX $SPY $FXI $EDC

  25. Turn the Lights on to a Global Utilities ETF $XLU $EWQ $DBU $EWZ http://y.ahoo.it/Bi5ZkXR4