1. $EWZ wow, I can t believe I considered putting money in this garbage.

  2. $EWZ what s the reason for a sell off ?

  3. $EWZ scaling in a lil more now 65% position, didn t think 10% in 3 days..lol

  4. Stock/Indexes that show positive December seasonality trends: $EWZ $RUT $IWM $STN $BSX

  5. $EWZ - update http://btlplus.blogspot.com.ar/2015/11/ewz-update.html

  6. Premarket Top % Losers: $AEZS -13%, $MCUR -12%, $QURE -9%, $EFUT -8%, $VALE -7%, $BBD -3%, $BHP $TSU $BBL $UA $TEVA $ABEV $KBIO $SFUN $EWZ

  7. $EWZ 50% haircut this year... opens under 22 in 2016 closes around 12 next december

  8. $SPY $FXI $USO $EWZ $RSX $SLV $JJC Futures

  9. Says Brazil gets worse before it gets better $EWZ

  10. $EWZ scaled in a bit today, now 50% position size

  11. $EWZ Stopped out. getting slammed here.

  12. $EWZ $MACRO $EEM $BRZU Brazil setting up for a rebound?

  13. Treacherous trading 3 wins: $DDD $DYN $DAR 3 evens: $NUAN $EWZ $BCS 3 loss: $HPE $CSTM $WPX Performance report at https://www.estockpicks.com/slow-slower-slowest-market-9-stock-alerts-for-112515/

  14. Brazil setting up for a rebound? $EWZ $MACRO $EEM $BRZU

  15. $EWZ Brazil Real 3.749 failed to break 20day; on a 3% stock swoon. sitting right on 100d ma. gyrations.. 50 day is trending lower.

  16. $EWZ the arrest of corrupt policitians are near term bad for stock but very bullish for lt prospects.

  17. $EWZ wow, one weeks gain is gone.. geez, need to have strong stomach on this

  18. $EWZ Was just looking at inequality by country, no wonder Brazil s economy sucks.

  19. $EWZ. $M, $BABA, $CMG right now are my 4 positions, $IBB & $XLE are 2 I m watching

  20. $EWZ at $ 24.37 - Buy Stock Picks Alert at 10:43 AM ET #stocks

  21. $EWZ Good pullback. In at 24.14.

  22. Brazil s Real Leads Major Currencies Lower on Corruption Arrests http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-25/brazil-s-real-leads-major-currencies-lower-on-corruption-arrests via @business $EWZ

  23. $EWZ Brazil federal gov seemed to have made some long overdue progress in policitical infight.still long way to go.take profit on next pop

  24. Worth watching: $EWZ

  25. Strong follow through on $EWZ from the bullish flow yesterday...30,000 total calls bought on March 27.5 and 32.5 strikes for $1.9 million.