1. $EXK releasing Earnings on 8/6 Before Open (Confirmed). Anybody buying/selling in Earnings? http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=EXK

  2. #Silver Eagle Sales Headed for Another Record $SLV $SLW $SVM $GPL $AG $EXK $SI_F $HL $ZSL $AGQ $SSRI $PAAS $XAGUSD https://smaulgld.com/silver-to-gold-sales-ratio-july-2015/

  3. Record July #Silver Sales at US Mint $SLV $HL $SLV $SLW $GPL $SI_F $AGQ $EXK $AG $ZSL $SVM $SL $XAGUSD $PAAS $SSRI https://smaulgld.com/sales-of-gold-and-silver-at-the-u-s-mint-soar-in-july/

  4. $EXK s been a land lubber s nightmare. brought m aboard just ta spit m out.

  5. Silver Ignored While Gold Gets BashedDaily $SLV $SVM $SLW $GPL $SI_F 4GC-F $AGQ $HL $EXK $ZSL $AG $PAAS $SSRI $XAGUSD https://smaulgld.com/where-are-the-anti-silver-stories/

  6. UPDATED Post: July Silver Eagle sales set record $SLV $SLW $GPL $SI_F $AGQ $EXK $AG $HL $ZSL $XAGUSD $PAAS $SIL $SSRI https://smaulgld.com/sales-of-gold-and-silver-at-the-u-s-mint-soar-in-july/

  7. $CDE $EXK: Silver Equity Picks -- Hecla Mining, Silver Wheaton, Coeur Mining ... http://stockwires.com/silver-equity-picks-hecla-mining-silver-wheaton-coeur-mining

  8. A 5-10% bounce in $GLD could unleash 25%+ bounces in many miners $GDX $GPL $EXK $SLW $AU $PAAS

  9. $EXK There s a potential buy signal building on the daily chart. Technical 80% chance up. http://www.foxchart.com/index.php?symbol=exk&go=Get+Chart

  10. $EXK 9% on 1/2% move in silver on my put list for Monday

  11. storm continues unabated. hard for da crew of $EXK ta maintain headway in weather like this.

  12. $EXK seafarers use charts so s they don t board a sink n ship.

  13. Losers-3 $FCX -9%, $SAND -9%, $VAC -9%, $LOCK -9%, $AGI -9%, $PSUN -9%, $EGY -9%, $HL -9%, $PSIX -9%, $GENE -9%, $EXK -8%,

  14. Pre-Market Stocks Roundup- $JMEI $CYH $EXK $BLDP

  15. $GDX could see 25%+ bounces in many miners considering the carnage $GLD $SLW $EXK $GPL $AU $PAAS $SSRI

  16. Endeavour Silver Corp downgraded by TD Securities to reduce. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/EXK/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $EXK

  17. Case of China s Missing Gold $LV $SLW $SVM $GPL $SI_F $AGQ $HL $EXK $ $ZSL $CEF $XAGUSD $AG $PAAS $SSRI $SIL $USLV https://smaulgld.com/the-case-of-chinas-missing-gold/

  18. $EXK .......I have made money with exk every time I bought it. ...and on Monday I plan to buy some. Just sayin on a drunk Saturday night.

  19. $SSRI look what happen to zacks last strong buy $EXK better then SSRI LOL A better-ranked stock http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/174942/silver-standard-resources-inc-ssri-rises-stock-up-139

  20. Worst Performing Miners YTD: $EGO -44.08% $IAG -42.96% $THM -42.22% $EXK -41.61% $AUY -40.55% $HMY -40.21% $KGC -32.62% $GFI -32.01%

  21. #Silver Sales at US Mint at Record Pace $SLV $SLW $GPL $SI_F $$AGQ $EXK $ZSL $SVM $XAGUSD $AG 4PAAS $SIL $SSRi $HL https://smaulgld.com/sales-of-gold-and-silver-at-the-u-s-mint-soar-in-july/

  22. Miners I am short $SSRI $AU $SLW $PAAS $EXK ... still nowhere near max pain $GLD $GDX

  23. $EXK Since last ER, stock dropped 9%. Will drop continue aftr ER on 8/6 Before Open? http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=EXK

  24. Loss of Trust in Markets $SI_F $XAGUSD $HL $JNUG $JDST $SLV $SLW $EXK $AG $GLD $GC_F $GG $GDX $GOLD $NUGT $IAG https://smaulgld.com/loss-trust-in-markets/

  25. Worst Performing Miners YTD: $HMY -37.57% $EGO -36.68% $EXK -35.77% $THM -33.33% $AUY -32.59% $GFI -32.23% $IAG -32.22% $MUX -29.73%