1. $EXPE why is this one trading?

  2. $PCLN definitely getting ER calls Monday. Could easily be up 75 same day $EXPE ER. Getting excited. Glad I sold the 1200 I had Thursday

  3. $PCLN Good play for earnings but wait for $TRIP and $EXPE earnings first for confirmation

  4. $EXPE last May price

  5. Travel stocks (not just $PCLN) getting crushed. $TRIP $EXPE down sharply. $JETS ETF down 4%. Zika fears? Global slowdown fears? Both?

  6. peak of #earnings season w/ $DIS $TWTR $TSLA $SKX $ATVI $SCTY $REGN $CSCO $EXPE $CVS $FEYE https://www.earningswhispers.com/calendar

  7. $PCLN Don t worry about Priceline. It will be back over $1100 before $EXPE reports next week.

  8. $EXPE $PCLN $TRIP $LUV $DAL $UAL Snow storm started to hit everywhere and these follow...

  9. #Expedia, $EXPE, is down 5.1% - http://www.investing.com/equities/expedia

  10. $EXPE $TRIP $CCL $RCL all vrey weak

  11. $EXPE what the Dickens!! Why is this going down down down?

  12. BAGEL vs “FANG” only 1 winning stock among the bunch! (S&P -6%) $BABA -20% $AMZN -21% $GOOG -7% $EXPE -20% $LNKD -42% $FB +6% $NFLX -22%

  13. Live on http://www.periscope.tv/NaviAvatar in2min How I traded $FB $GOOGL $PCLN $EXPE $XON and taking your q&a $LNKD $SPY $NFLX

  14. $EXPE Earnings Preview: Expedia Q4 2015 http://sgi.seleritycorp.com/4711-2/

  15. $PCLN Launching Shatner Mode to Hyperspace $SPY $EXPE

  16. $EXPE low pole reversal today. 93 hold, bottom

  17. $TRIP risk/reward now favorable into earnings,says Piper Jaffray - recommends avoiding $EXPE $PCLN into the Q4 reports

  18. $EXPE Broke all support. Traders will continue to sell all rallies. Black Cross approaching.

  19. Just bought some more $EXPE. Averaging down in price :) $PCLN $CTRP

  20. $EXPE Mar04 110 Call buyers +1600 for $1.70-1.85

  21. $PCLN very close to losing a zero… hope it doesn’t catch a virus… $EXPE $TRIP

  22. #Expedia, $EXPE, is down 5.2% - http://www.investing.com/equities/expedia

  23. Unusual call buying: $EXPE 11x average volume, $KORS 8x, $OIL 6x, $CRM 6x, $GOOGL 5x, $ADM 5x, $MAT 5x, $XLB 4x

  24. 2015 Was A Fantastic Year For Ctrip, And 2016 Might Be Even Better! http://www.trefis.com/stock/ctrp/articles/333302/2015-was-a-fantastic-year-for-ctrip-and-2016-might-be-even-better/2016-02-03 by Trefis Team $CTRIP $CTRP $PCLN

  25. $EXPE jst like $ua. Analysts dwngrading n picking up cheap shares. They kno they will blast this up after ER