1. $EXXI well, sold my exixq (pref shares) for $0.5 today. *sigh*

  2. She warnned about $exxi bk before market closed

  3. Check the profile. She warned about $exxi bk before market closed last time. Stay away from this and take ur loss.

  4. $EXXI Even On the Darkest Night the Sun will Return and bring New Light, except not here

  5. My bad guys - here s the full Infographic timeline for $EXXI $EXXIQ $UPL:

  6. I put this together for $EXXI at BK announce. I ll do one for $UPL as well:

  7. stocks $SD,$GDP,$SFY,$EXXI i went against with @DallasSalazar advice//bearish; you know how they end up. This time i m go with him on $CRK.

  8. $EXXI i was late to see your messages and list 8k not this stock. Do want to follow your direction on $UPL. Pls help

  9. $LINE $ZAZA $USEG $LNCO $EXXI $WRES $MPET $ROUL $LLEX You can add on StockTwits, the section dedicated to the title stock YUMA energy?

  10. $EXXI Classic pump and dump. Wesley Prosperity32 no longer has an account here.

  11. $EXXI why are people still on this thread if they are only pumping new stocks and not talking about EXXIQ

  12. $EXXI is this still trading under the symbol EXXI. I haven t seen any movement. Or is it on pink sheets under a different symbol. Thank you

  13. $EXXI Took a long time for people to get out when warned countless times, led on by pumpers

  14. $EXXI Exchanged all my shares for Mallo Cup points.

  15. $UPL $EXXI I just published a reponse from the investor relation at UPL. do you have ulterior motives behind your article?

  16. $UPL $EXXI Why are you taking this personal?

  17. $UPL (assigns intern to watch UPL IR tonight for soft testing of BK announce, as did with $EXXI the Thursday before the Friday BK announce

  18. $CORR $EXXI $UPL $UNG $USO today? tomorrow? if you don t know don t post anything at all!

  19. Ultra Petroleum Requests First Day Energy XXI Bankruptcy Documents - BK today? Tomorrow?http://seekingalpha.com/article/3968925-ultra-petroleum-requests-first-day-energy-xxi-bankruptcy-documents-bankruptcy-filing-within?source=tweet $CORR $EXXI $UPL $UNG $USO


  21. $EXXI if u are a day trader, buy it under 10 cents.. bc it will drop

  22. $EXXI i told u guys already.. never listen.. under 10 cents soon

  23. $EXXI this still.looks like a good buy

  24. $CRK @DallasSalazar, I lost 85% of my money on $EXXI. I regret not listen to U. hopefully, U R right on this one. i put my $ left on CRK.

  25. $EXXI regardless of BK can this potentially rise above .20 again or is it just going to fluctuate in this range before it eventually dies?