1. Strong dollar helps exporters of goods from Japan to USA .$DBJP $DFJ $DXJ $EWJ $EZJ - up 2.83% in 9 days http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Japan/weeks/absolute

  2. @BrennanBasnicki When following Japan also see $EZJ while $YCS is the canary in the coalmine.

  3. SNPL, on behalf of Air France’s cockpit crew, has announced to extend the strike $AFLYY $RYG $EZJ

  4. Flash Trend Alert: Tokyo Nikkei Average $NIKK $EWJ $EZJ $UXJ - http://y.ahoo.it/0US2LxYE

  5. Scratched out a 1% profit on $EZJ today. Several day swing trade. Having to fight for pennies with this low Vol market.

  6. $SPY Now into $UWM, pretty good bounce off 200MA. Tight trailing stop. Up 5.3% from 5/20. $TAN +10%, $BIB +7%, $EZJ - Japan - +6%,

  7. $SPY From the low of 5/20, here are my top 4 ETFs: $TAN +9%, $BIB +7%, $EZJ +6%, $UWM +5%. In all of them

  8. $SPY The SPY is now up a whole 1% from 12/31/13. Current Long etfs: $DIG, $BIB, $EZJ, $SOCL, $UWM

  9. $SPY Top etfs today: $TAN +4%, $BIB +4%, $EZJ +4%

  10. easyJet upgraded by Jefferies Group to buy. GBX 1,620 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/ssqDtGx6 $EZJ #EZJ

  11. $EZJ Another short. http://y.ahoo.it/GcTS3XyB

  12. @rchitecto: $EZJ Wait for a pull back http://y.ahoo.it/PkZfYwxx Down 10% since my August 18 posting. Staying short.

  13. $EZJ Wait for a pull back http://y.ahoo.it/4IwC5Wb5

  14. $EZJ $FEZ $SPY $YINN $FXI $CAF With $EDC Which Is More Short Term Trading ETF For $EEM Has Done Well IMO Momentum Still Moves Bullish $TRND

  15. Japanese Stock Market Using 300% Leverage What Can Possibly Go Wrong?http://y.ahoo.it/oAqYLJpy via @townhallcom $EWJ $DXJ $NKY $EZJ $SCJ $AIA

  16. @TheAmerican: $EZJ If You Are Bullish on Japan Using Various ETPs $DXJ $EWJ $NKY Stocks $SNE Currencies $FXY $YCS $YCL Good list!

  17. $EWV Swing Trade $EZJ Along with The Ultra Currencies $YCS $YCL To Look at $DXJ $EWJ $NKY Stocks $TM $HMC $SNE $NMR $MTU $MFG $NSANY $SMFG

  18. $EZJ A More Volatile ETF Greater Return If You Are Bullish on Japan Using Various ETPs $DXJ $EWJ $NKY Stocks $SNE Currencies $FXY $YCS $YCL

  19. $EZJ and $EWV if you like playing in a Japanese fire........ Thanks @CaptainJohn for bringing these to my attention.

  20. $EZJ $EWJ let see if we can rally 600-800 points up samurai style

  21. $EWJ ata boy! $EZJ take a notice was on sale today lol let s party

  22. Inside the Crash in Japan ETFs http://y.ahoo.it/ArCSPQgm $EWJ $DXJ $FXY $NKY $DFJ $EZJ $EWV

  23. [ETF Commentary] Inside the Crash in Japan ETFs (by @EricDutram) http://y.ahoo.it/qgeCLj6M $EWJ $DXJ $FXY $NKY $DFJ $EZJ $EWV

  24. $EWJ Abernomics QE has made this Trading to $SH The $FXY Going Long $YCS $NKY $EZJ ETPs And Stocks / ADRs $TM $HMC $SNE $NMR $MFG $MTU $PC

  25. @moosebert There is $EZJ (2x) but more contagion than $EWJ.