1. Ford Revving Higher on Bullish Forecast http://www.traderslog.com/ford-revving-higher-on-bullish-forecast/ $F

  2. Jan 30 #algo bull sentiment scan $bby $f $aa $bx

  3. $O increases monthly dividend 3%. http://kdkfund.blogspot.in/2015/01/dividend-increase-for-realty-income.html Other div increases this year for fund include $F, $T, $SYY

  4. Ford Motor Co. $F Up 2.70% Forecasts Stronger 2015

  5. $F: CNBC’s Phil LeBeau breaks down Ford’s quarterly numbers: http://stockcomments.com/f-cnbcs-phil-lebeau-breaks-down-fords-quarterly-numbers/

  6. Ford Stock Forecast For 2015 Based On A Predictive Algorithm - Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) | Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/article/2847026-ford-stock-forecast-for-2015-based-on-a-predictive-algorithm $F

  7. $F troll- fuming mad-no one listening 2 him. terrible smell- back in cell now getting hosed down. no computer privileges till later. crunch

  8. Ford Backs 2015 Earnings Outlook Despite Headwinds http://news.investors.com/business/012915-736935-ford-revenue-and-profit-fall-in-fourth-quarter.htm #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $F $FCAU $GM

  9. A good earnings day. Earnings Stocks ↑: $JBLU $VAR $RYL $FLEX $COH $CL $PHM $APD $SWK $ALXN $DB $DOW $ABT $NOC $ATK $MJN $PSX $TMO $F $FB

  10. $F This thing beats earnings and still no real movement. Do might sell all this crap and put it in $BABA At 87

  11. $F Looks like the Troll is paying my dividend this time.

  12. $F congrats to longs who held this out

  13. Ford Motor Company Restructuring Efforts To Bear Fruit, Says Stifel http://www.bidnessetc.com/33640-ford-motor-company-restructuring-efforts-to-bear-fruit-says-stifel/ $F

  14. Ford reported earnings this morning $0.26 per share. $F http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/162327/ford-f-beats-q4-and-fy14-earnings-estimates-down-yy

  15. $F un-enthusiastically drifting up. I love to hate this stock. I feel the same way about my Ford van.

  16. $F still looks attractive (rated 6.3 as price is up to 14.80). Price vs ratings chart: https://www.v2ratings.com/ratings/t/f

  17. $F Nice reversal

  18. $F Lol - Forbes J. Muller + Edmunds unethical bribe-driven attack article to fuel shortsters smear play. Sleazy. http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2015/01/27/whats-crazier-than-smashing-an-aluminum-ford-f-150-with-a-sledgehammer-the-repair-bill/

  19. $F offers tremendous value to the investors at these levels as well as a 4% dividend... https://www.quantifiedalpha.com/stockData/F#value http://stocktwits.com/message/31950388

  20. $F Good to see

  21. $F Profit from the irrational short-term, hold for the inexorable march to $20. I love this stock.

  22. $F Go further

  23. $F the worst part is over. the future is bright. this is just starting. catch the train before is too late

  24. $F position add this a.m., not an exciting trade but one that made sense; working!

  25. $F Don t get excited shorts are just taking profits