1. Monday/Tuesday could be a big day for $SPY on $AAPL beat, one eye on $ERX $FAS

  2. $STT Down after earnings beat, can it hold above 50 day ema? $XLF $FAS

  3. $SPY $QQQ Sifting thru the tea leaves...looking like net-short going into the weekend could be a possibility. $FAS $FAZ $BIB $BIS etc...

  4. $BLK Keep your eye on $372 level. $JPM $FAS $XLF

  5. $RY No longer extended from 8 day ema $XLF $FAS $JPM $MS

  6. $FAS damn thing sold off at the end! otherwise, a good day.

  7. $FAS Sideways sets up a TREND CHANGE distribution watch for the JAB

  8. Price/Volume POP! For $LTXB $FAS $XLF

  9. $GS $C $XLF $FAS Watching stocks like GS for NYA direction, currently leading out

  10. $NYA $DIA $XLF $FAS NYA float weighted index, 16T total market cap, average market cap 8B, financial heavy

  11. $SPX $ES_F $SPY on the verge of breaking out $FAS

  12. $XBD $XLF $KRE $FAS Financials performing well today

  13. $FAS above ma50..

  14. $FAS $BK Bank of New York Mellon lovely breakout :-* Financials back in action!

  15. $BAC Can it find a bottom and put in low for year? Bullish on $JPM $FAS $XLF

  16. $RY Watch for bullish reversal off $65 then $63 for new entry $FAS $XLF $JPM

  17. @ep_capital: Big reversal in fins/banks- $XLF $FAS $KRE $KBE strong now after early weakness

  18. $FAS $XLF $KRE Financials moving up the leader board. $SPY

  19. Big reversal in fins/banks- $XLF $FAS $KRE $KBE strong now after early weakness

  20. $GLD Financials $FAS and Small caps $IWM, $TNA in red and King $ is in red, what more you need for a rally in $GDX, $GDXJ, $NUGT,$GLD, $JNUG

  21. 11 Direxion ETFs will undergo 4-for-1 and 2-for-1 splits on May 20th: $MIDUE $INDL $CURE $RETL $SOXL $FAS $TECL $SPUU $MDLL $SMLL $SYTL

  22. Setting up for next leg higher? POP QUIZ! $SPY breaks above $212.24 What will you do? What will you do? $SOXL $FAS

  23. $FAS Updated chart. $XLF

  24. $FAS $XLF $RY Waving a bull flag.

  25. Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq $SPX $FAS $FDN $TLT $GLD $MS $STI $STT $GOOG $AMZN http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/weekly-wrap-up--market-forecast--sector-watch-spx-nasdaq?post=63166