1. The headless horseman is gone for now. $PCYC $spy $tna $aapl $fb $yinn $iwm $twtr $fas

  2. $FAS Wow!

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  6. The Era Of Financial Insanity $FAS $FAZ $TNA $TZA http://y.ahoo.it/dCpAYziY

  7. @cdsharpe76 $FAS $TNA setting up big for huge moves up

  8. $SPX $FAS $TNA we have lift off!!!!

  9. $FAS Watching for a play after FOMC..., either way

  10. Brendan Ruchert-Dixon holds an allocation of -47.0% in $FAS in his Alpha Trapper Investment Portfolio

  11. $FAS up big, no fakes this time ready to explode end of month no surprise!!!

  12. @MsPutOptions > $FAS will react to the FED, which will create anxiety. It has a history of stalling, so I expect the same in reality.

  13. @MsPutOptions > I usually trade 4 or 5 contracts. Trades are strategic on down ticks. I m watching $FAS and the FED July 30th, GL!.

  14. $SPX ready to blow top off! $FAS $TNA markets ready to roar, big events this week!! And end of month perfect set up long. $VIX Telling story

  15. $FAS Financials going sideways. This is telling me...Caution, danger might be ahead.

  16. Brendan Ruchert-Dixon holds an allocation of -19.1% in $FAS in his Beta Blocker Investment Portfolio

  17. @fglobe Should have grabbed $TNA or $FAS ....huge downside potential for $FAZ $TNA here...what are your thoughts after watching open ?

  18. $FAS is telling the story market is about to explode here!! Grind is coming to an end....

  19. $FAS here she goes

  20. $FAZ inverted hammer should spell nice big gains today and these next couple weeks for $FAS

  21. $MS $JPM $XLF $FAS Financial stocks to watch this week, if it triggers call it out. http://y.ahoo.it/jeaaMiXj

  22. $FAS , > Watching this week > The Fed, 2nd Qtr. GDP, July payrolls, The Institute for Supply Managment Manufacturing Rept., July car sales.

  23. $FAS What is the lagging financial sector telling us...run

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  25. $FAS $TNA rallying back. Looking for string monthly close this week