1. Unusual Put Vol $ADBE $LUV $ANV $SPLS $ESV $FDX $EWZ $EFA $BAX $X $WAG $PFE $DOW $MRK $FAS (1 of 2) http://y.ahoo.it/dsrGSe1I

  2. Brendan Ruchert-Dixon holds an allocation of -52.7% in $FAS in his Alpha Trapper Investment Portfolio

  3. @Afortyyearold: @Investorplans: $AAPL L term no better co to invest. $GILD $BAC $JPM, lever ETF $FAS and $TMV will beat it if no crash

  4. @Investorplans: $AAPL Long term no better company to invest.... $gild $bac $jpm and leverage ETF $fas and $tmv will beat if no crash

  5. $FAS was clean buy at $90.67 and again at $95-8-08, but have to be out below 105.85,pos new sig soon http://y.ahoo.it/ZfRs1uAd

  6. How much does the possibility of the Fed changing language, - affect Market Volatility? $TQQQ $QQQ $FAS $MMP $CMG $AAPL $GOOGL $SPY

  7. Puts, sold $FAS, strike 104, expiration Sept. 20, 2014, for 2.10 each. If puts are exercised, buy $FAS shares, cover with calls. Win/win.

  8. $FAS sold covered calls jan 2015 @110 for 6.75

  9. To Mark The 6th Anniversary Of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy; What Have We Learned? $XLF $FAZ $FAS http://y.ahoo.it/lJdNm13p

  10. $ERX $FAS. In green. So tech got killed

  11. $FAS hmmm looks like a lot of confusion here. which way will it go?


  13. Argentina stock market up >100% this year ! Always follow the money & dont give in to the Media/political theatrics $SPY $TLT $USDJPY $FAS

  14. $FAS $KRE, $USB, $MTB, $XLF, $BLK, $HBAN, $ZION trending names on Stock Twits dominated by financials right now. This group is overdue!

  15. @financialtrader $FAS $USB

  16. $FAS is holding the recent gains well & now arm wrestling the mid-line of the Bollinger Bands http://y.ahoo.it/LnzqFdNQ

  17. $XLF $KRE $FAS Added to watch list $USB http://y.ahoo.it/RlvYABre

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