1. Daily chart recap of today s sad free fall. Hopefully we bounce off the 200MA or else $FAS $FAZ $XLF $SPY $SPX $STUDY http://stocktwits.com/message/31910278

  2. $FAS I got killed today.

  3. similarity of 2008 Chart Playing out -Jan 25 Post=Look Out 4 Flash Crash http://stocktwits.com/message/31720289 $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY $USO

  4. Based on some M candles, I am growing bearish for February: $SPY $SPX $DIA $INDU $FAS $SOX-X. Having said that, $FXY looks done going down.

  5. Mutual Fund window Dressing Looks like could B in $UUP $!!! $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY $USO http://stocktwits.com/message/31886932

  6. China s http://www.businessinsider.com/credit-drying-for-chinas-soes-2015-1 economy slowing and liquidity drying up $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY $USO http://stocktwits.com/message/31885685

  7. $SPY $DIA $QQQ $FAS $TNA $IWM Now smapp caps trying to hold and lead up...

  8. $SPY Under $201.74 can Dive fast Be careful $BIB $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $USO

  9. Intraday if This line Breaks on $SPY Trouble $BIB $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD http://stocktwits.com/message/31873229

  10. $BIB When Strongest Sector Fall Be Careful if UR Long – Protect with Stops $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY

  11. BIG MONEY shorting (Casino- D HOUSE WINS)(Since Friday) chart http://stocktwits.com/message/31698082 $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY

  12. Typo LOL=Be Careful Sometimes Casino Wins D HOUSE & Takes All the Chips! $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY

  13. If Greek Banks effect Spain Italy& Ireland it Will Effect Liquidity on Banks Could look like 2008 Crash $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY

  14. Greek Banks lost 1/3 value in 3 days -Can have domino effect to Spain, Italy & Ireland Be Very Careful $SPX $QQQ $VIX $IWM $FAS $GLD $SPY

  15. $AAPL Trade setups - $AAPL $DJIA $COMPQ $SPX $AMZN $BABA $BIDU $CAT $FAS $FB $GOOGL $GPRO $HAL $NFLX $TSLA $TWTR - http://www.tradewithjoe.com/trade-setups-from-pivot-point-trading/

  16. VIDEO Earnings PRO Trades $AAPL $DJIA $COMPQ $SPX $AMZN $BABA $BIDU $CAT $FAS $FB $GOOGL $GPRO $HAL $NFLX $TSLA $TWTR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcBu14lrF1g&feature=youtu.be

  17. $FAS $AAPL helya apple beat on revenue!!!! Only one im worried about are my FCs. Andy speaking 2moro gives me jitters no excitement $PLUG

  18. Street One Financial - ETF Chart of the Day: Financials Funk http://www.etftrends.com/2015/01/etf-chart-of-the-day-financials-funk/ $XLF $KRE $FAZ $FXO $FAS $SKF

  19. $FAS $FAZ $XLF Financials might bring everything crashing down :( $SPY $DJIA $STUDY @stocktwits #stockcharts #gluckall http://stocktwits.com/message/31810348

  20. $SPY $DIA $QQQ $IYT $FAS $TNA $IWM Small caps still hanging tough, don t want to go down...

  21. @PPointTrading: VIDEO $AAPL $DJIA $COMPQ $SPX $AMZN $BABA $BIDU $CAT $FAS $FB $GOOGL $GPRO $HAL $NFLX $TSLA $TWTR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMAMmYV_mqQ&feature=youtu.be

  22. $FAS hod..good sigh for mrkt to go higher. we need MSFT TXN to do good AH

  23. $SPY $QQQ $DIA... $XLF looks to continue it s long term bear market. https://www.tradingview.com/x/ZaEoj0dK/ $FAZ looks to be the next big 3x swing play.$FAS

  24. @bryankeithc i made a killing on $INDL now planning to the same with $FAS

  25. Futures 2.5% down. I said that history repeats itself. $UWTI $DWTI $WTI $OIL $SPY $XLF $USO $FAS $XLE #OILPRICES http://stocktwits.com/message/31709427