1. Upward trend on #Financials #ETFs $XLF $FAS $KRE - up 5.13% in 3 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Financials/days/absolute

  2. This market is on FIRE! Up 20% $YINN $EDC 10% $HOV 8% $FAS 16% $WB no reason to sell any IMO, all attractive here

  3. $XLF $FAS $KRE avoid this sector

  4. Some companies report next week, but earning really kicks off with $JPM on 10/13/15 $XLF $FAS

  5. $KRE Weakest of the group today, but bullish daily reversal, sets up for test of $42.50 level $XLF $FAS

  6. @Partridge: $XIV $TQQQ $FAS horses.. no questions please -->> 23 minutes into this trading day :))

  7. $FAS closing

  8. @Partridge: $XIV $TQQQ $FAS horses.. no questions please Oct. 2 at 7:53 AM -->> #timestamp .. BECAUSE WE CAN ... NOT LIKE THE OTHERS

  9. $FAS 1/4 left now

  10. Anybody watching the volume in $fas

  11. $fas ANOTHER 1/4 SOLD

  12. $fas BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM TARGET HIT.. STARTING TO SCALE OUT... and yes we bought the low today baby

  13. $fas 24.48 PLEASE


  15. $XIV $TQQQ $FAS horses.. no questions please

  16. $FAS Mobile

  17. @dailyalerts: $XLF $FAS Banks up Friday

  18. @Daily_Stock_Plays: $FAS unusual call buying 1422 calls vs 421 daily average

  19. $FAS unusual call buying 1422 calls vs 421 daily average

  20. Long $JNK Long $UCO Long OIL DEBT $FAS

  21. $FAS first time ive actually wanted a rate hike. Come on Janet

  22. $BIB I remember when $FAS was dead money for years.

  23. $XLF $FAS Banks up Friday

  24. Closed: $LABU $TQQQ $FAS $SPXL $SOXL Bearish engulfing candle on daily is ugly into the weekend $QQQ $COMPQ $SPY $IWM $SPX $RUT $DIA $DJIA

  25. $FAS doing well..