1. adentro en $TQQQ 116.33 $SPY $QQQ $SQQQ $FAS $FAZ

  2. $FAZ I know its a hard question but, I bought FAZ on 15 dollars, thinking that the market would go down...will come back? Will market crash?

  3. $FAZ 1110.stop.bottomed-out + 1160.target

  4. Long $TZA $FAZ

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  6. $FAZ going to go ahead and take profit here, wait for gap below to fill around $1130. 10-cents short of my target but that s how it goes

  7. $FAZ still holding for my $11.66+ target. It will get there. Eventually. Patience and Discipline the winning combo.

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  9. Long $FAZ

  10. $FAZ 11.01 looks like an important low point

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  12. in the near future these ETFs will hopefully be band, these are not investment vehicles $vxx $nugt $faz

  13. $FAZ Bought small position at $11.11.

  14. $FAZ hmmm $XLF

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  18. $FAZ looking for $11.66 - $11.90 next week if market cooperates. Viva la bounce!

  19. $FAZ bounce my hated, despised, beaten-down bashed little thing, bounce away!

  20. $FAZ Long Stop below lod #faz

  21. $FAZ buying here for a a little bounce, a tiny bounce, but a bounce all the same

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  25. $CLF In gold and silver I thrust, well also some $FAZ too. We will see how all goes... $SLW $GDX