1. $FB Poor J. Cramer.. Everyone s scapegoat.. lol

  2. $FB Good point about Cramer he is an investor not a trader.

  3. $FB ... Go out longer on your options to avoid all the noise. Remember, the numbers are what they are ... nothing has changed!!

  4. $FB Laid a goose egg today. Should have sold in pre-market to buy this dip!

  5. $FB Feb 20 and April 17 options looking pretty bullish..

  6. $FB Mrkt waiting on bulk of earnings season to be done. End of the month books. Weekly options flushing out.

  7. $fb shorts at work here. Rebound will be severe with a painful squeeze for some.

  8. $FB buy

  9. $FB in his defense, Cramer DID say to OWN not TRADE the stock.

  10. stock gods like to toy with $FB and $AAPL holders while smiling down on $AMZN, $GOOGL $NFLX holders. :)

  11. $FB Cramer is going to get hammered today. he went on a 5 min rant about fb yesterday. he is long term so cant hate on the guy.

  12. $FB around high 75 and i ll buy

  13. $FB can someone explain why twtr is up and fb is down? NO YOU CANT! LOL

  14. $FB patience... will rally into close... no reason to be down here.

  15. $FB at least a dead cat bounce on Monday, stock gods, OK?

  16. $FB See what smart money does final hour

  17. $FB holding puts over weekend

  18. $FB institutional buying

  19. $FB Jim Cramer......don t make me sick Jon Stewart on you so you can get hounded on his show again....haha fraudster

  20. $FB Think I will add 250 shares

  21. $FB people want cheap shares. i think we will be going towards 80 next week. no reason for this right now.

  22. No dividend on $FB, btw, so no worries about hauling it around when short.

  23. $FB ARGH!!

  24. $FB GOOGL misses and up 5% .. FB blows the doors and?? Make sense of that.. Lower P/E? Patience.... Llloooooonnnngggggg FB

  25. $FB legitimately confused