1. $FCEL 1/25/15 inst ownership was 37.47%, 1/29/15 its 37.07% im still waiting for large block trades, or strong ETFs purchases to buy in hvy.

  2. $FCEL 10mil loan to fcel and 9mill grant/loan to Conair To build FC at new facility $HYGS $PLUG $BLDP http://stks.co/j1f6i

  3. $PLUG $FCEL News: 5.1mil award for Fuel Cell micro grid. http://stks.co/b1akk

  4. $FCEL so what the vote? Havnt had time to read through it.

  5. $FCEL http://fcel.client.shareholder.com/secfiling.cfm?filingid=1308179-15-16&CIK=886128 i would vote against on all if i still had my shares . Why they write those stuff ?!

  6. For those of you interested in the debate of fossil fuels vs. clean energy, a great read: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-30/seven-reasons-cheap-oil-can-t-stop-renewables-now $BLDP $FCEL $HYGS $PLUG

  7. Other preliminary proxy statements http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1416667 $FCEL

  8. $FCEL: New SEC Filing for FCEL: Form PRE 14A, No. 0001308179-15-000016 http://stocknewsflow.com/886128_000130817915000016_0001308179-15-000016

  9. $FCEL our moment is near!!! just wait

  10. $fcel likey

  11. $PLUG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BswUXOJg30E&feature=youtu.be few yrs down relion home solution? This guy installed a FC CHP in his house before Andy made it cool $FCEL

  12. $FCEL Connecticut s bond Commission okays $10 mil to fuel cell Energy and 9 toConair they will buy a fuelcell now lets buy and hold

  13. $PLUG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCM3xd8Yh&feature=youtu.be So He is bearish on FC cars but bullish on forklift trucks & mentions PLUG Andy here another fan!! $FCEL $BLDP

  14. $PLUG $BLDP $FCEL $HYGS hydrogen news today in Europe http://www.gasworld.com/linde-to-build-sweden-hydrogen-station/2005256.article hydrogen station is now reality

  15. $PLUG $FCEL $BLDP A RUMOR I IGNORED while back. WMT is planning 2 expand/use their PLUG fuel stns 2 serve future customrs drivng F vehicles.

  16. $FCEL holding this thing for a few years.. some day I tell ya..

  17. $BLDP $FCEL $PLUG sell the news buy the rumor! We need a rumor then, someone has one?

  18. $BLDP $FCEL $PLUG so all that wanted to buy bought. Those that sold bought back! Only the shorts can push price up then? How is intrest now?

  19. $fcel has a meeting today. anyone have a time that the Connecticut will decide on the loan for fuel cell energy?

  20. $PLUG $FCEL $BLDP http://www.nationaljournal.com/energy/george-w-bush-s-favorite-green-car-is-making-a-comeback-20150128 The coming Presidential election shouldn t affect FC s IMO ;)

  21. $PLUG $FCEL $BLDP http://www.marketwatch.com/story/next-generation-advancements-in-fuel-cell-technology-utilizing-proprietary-hydrogen-on-demand-technology-aims-to-replace-existing-battery-technology-in-a-variety-of-applications-2015-01-29

  22. $PLUG $FCEL $BLBP Hyundai launched a $163.9 million fund meant to support the use of hydrogen fcells Link: http://www.hydrogenfuelnews.com/hyundai-launches-fund-support-hydrogen-fuel-cells/8521037/

  23. $PLUG $BLDP $FCEL Fuel Cells to Reach Nearly $57.8 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2023 Link: http://www.achrnews.com/articles/128725-jan-29-2015-fuel-cells-to-reach-nearly-578-billion-in-annual-revenue-by-2023

  24. $fcel http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-29/blackstone-scrambling-to-invest-in-energy-assets-james-says

  25. $FCEL $FXCM $IDN $GENE I can now understand why a friend said I should join StockTwits and go look at these message boards. Quite hilarious.