1. Everything is going on sale.... $GRPN $FIVE $SALE $SODA and $HABT

  2. As Toys R Us losses mount I am sure $FIVE below will thrive in this new stretch every dollar world we live in today http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-27/toys-r-us-insurers-are-said-to-cut-policies-after-losses-mount

  3. $FIVE below going down in price makes me :)

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  5. $FIVE Testing support at 200 day ema and entered the down side gap created on gap up on earnings

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  16. I only invest in things I understand. $TWTR $BURL $SALE $GRPN $FIVE $SODA $ZOES . $ETSY if it drops another 50% & $HABT in the 20 s

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  22. $FIVE surprising to see this go down.

  23. Wish I had more $FIVE on a day like this

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