1. $FMCKJ Hi

  2. Hammer coming down of the daily charts of $BX $FMCKJ $SNV & $YPF slap em up on your radar next week http://y.ahoo.it/wq5VfA7j

  3. The Hammer coming down on $ATRS & $FMCKJ http://y.ahoo.it/EnE9OEVl

  4. $FNMA watching to pick up more junior preferreds $FNMAT, $FMCKJ, $FNMAS

  5. @DMJX $FMCKJ (Z Series) is up 500% since Jan 2013. I got several pieces along the way.

  6. NEW POST: Five Stocks Flying in Style Today http://y.ahoo.it/Yq3UcA6D $CAMP $CAVM $DIA $FMCKJ $GA $IWM $PSA $QQQ $SPY $STUDY

  7. $FNMA Looks like money flowing from common to preferreds. Common holders getting spooked. $FNMAS $FMCKJ

  8. @saltflat: $FNMA Sell $FNMA for a few days, buy liquid $FNMAS $FMCKJ , or better deal but more illiquid $FMCKI $FMCCT FnF Jr Pfds.

  9. $FNMA $FMCC common aren t up today but my preferred $FNMAS and $FMCKJ are at 62 week highs. Steady accumulation my smart money $FAIRX

  10. $FMCC $FNMA can still triple up on prefs $FNMAS $FMCKJ

  11. $FNMA Sell $FNMA for a few days, buy liquid $FNMAS $FMCKJ , or better deal but more illiquid $FMCKI $FMCCT FnF Jr Pfds.

  12. $FMCC & $FNMA preferreds look good to me. Not as exciting as common but will have standing in court. Added to $FNMAS and $FMCKJ.

  13. @kendfm03 get some prefs as well $FNMAS $FMCKJ im about half n half

  14. @AskLou I recommend selling $FMCKJ tomorrow. Next week it will almost certainly begin a pullback > 10% -- perhaps 20-25%

  15. $FNMAS $FMCKJ long both on value and momentum play

  16. $SNTS $BITA $AVG $FNMAS $HIMX $IMMU $FMCKJ $HIMX $P $SFUN $SSNC $VIPS $YY $Z $ZNGA & yes.Even some $FB I took blood oath never to sell, gone

  17. $FNMA $FNMAS $FMCC $FMCKJ lol @3stooges but ill keep my money on Gibson Dunn & Cooper and KIrk etc

  18. $FNMA & $FMCC down when $FNMAS & $FMCKJ up. As usual.

  19. $FNMA $FMCC $FNMAS $FMCKJ Govt using conservatorships and emminent domain to further overt communist policy shift. Rule of law is only hope

  20. $FNMA $FMCC $FNMAS $FMCKJ Govt stole sholder property in 2012 with no legal reason to do so. Communism is running rampant in the USA

  21. $FNMA $FMCC $FNMAS $FMCKJ Buy these imo

  22. Buying back my $FNMAS and $FMCKJ These stocks won t give ground. I assume the court, not congress will have the final say. I m not in common

  23. Long $FMCKJ which is how I m playing $FNMA & $FMCC. To me preferred shares have superior risk reward vs the common. Still super high risk

  24. @shakin long preferred short common is the only trade. $fmckj $fmcc

  25. @GoldenGlobe: $FNMA, $FMCC, $FMCKJ, $FNMAS Let Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Live, Hedge Fund Investor Says http://y.ahoo.it/tu2NqiRn good debate