1. $FMI About Time

  2. $FMI I think will only fill gap down to 25 if there is a huge setback, lack or reimbursement etc

  3. $FMI battle here at 35.5-36 s.. setting up for move to 38-43

  4. $FMI leggo @sogenerous #knows

  5. Easy money buying $JUNO in low 40s. Hope you bought with me there as well as $FMI

  6. @Think4self $CANF got filled here. Looking for same action as $ADHD just for swing trade. $AAVL $ACRX $STML $VSTM $FPRX $FMI $EXAS GLTA

  7. $FMI Foundation Medicine w/its 22(!!) presented papers and posters at #ASCO15, should be getting some positive attention! ASCO begins 2day.

  8. $TRIL $MGNX $FMI $KPTI firestarters...

  9. $FMI Only a matter of time before $FMI tests truly ramp as oncologists can t afford to just use single-array tests and be 100% confident

  10. $FMI Foundation Medicine management to meet with Leerink Meeting to be held in Chicago on May 31 hosted by Leerink. :thefly

  11. $ILMN $SQNM CITI reseach report out on NIPT - right on time for cfdna2015 http://bridgetunnelinvestor.freeforums.net/thread/1289/citi-womb-gauging-expectations-average?page=1&scrollTo=6932 … $RHHBY $FMI $GHDX $LH $DGX $BRLI $Q

  12. Jefferies short report: $ABAX, $EXAS, $FMI, $MYGN, $PACB, $QDEL, $SQNM $ILMN $NSTG $VCYT http://bridgetunnelinvestor.freeforums.net/thread/452/available-short?page=16&scrollTo=6926

  13. $FMI seeing some price stabilization. Could go lower but I think a bounce to 38-42 more likely

  14. $FMI

  15. $FMI ready for another ride to $50+ BULLISH

  16. @Think4self $CNAT $RPTP $SNTA $CTIC $LPCN ASCO this, NASH that...I m not interested! $FMI look at $IG for direction, same TA/chart set up

  17. $FMI is solid and

  18. $FMI I have a watchlist of 25 stocks. FMI just went from 23rd place to 5th place in daily performance.

  19. $FMI I m really starting to enjoy these quick one percent bounces in FMI.

  20. $RDUS sweet bounce from 35 back to 50. Hopefully we can see something similar with $FMI

  21. $FMI sheds some light on recent dip with reimbursement issues short term http://www.onclive.com/publications/oncology-business-news/2015/June-2015/Physicians-Struggle-With-Antiquated-Reimbursement-for-Next-Generation-Testing

  22. $FMI only an fool cannot see that if Roche is willing to pay $50 a shares that this price is a gift.

  23. $FMI BUY signal = bounce @ Fibo confluence ~33.4...confirmation @ >35.5

  24. This poor stock is like a teenager at her first beer party. Can t hold or handle her high . $FMI

  25. $FMI Added more below 35. Will keep accumulating at this level.