1. Earnings announcement: $FMI is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Feb 23 2016

  2. $CGEN $FMI Cancer treatment stocks getting hammered. Long term holds though. Both have promising pipelines

  3. $FMI check out the Roche website. Under science, it s relationship with $FMI is described in great detail. It is the most prominent note

  4. $FMI like a slow death

  5. $FMI The fact that $NVS not taking them private (having paid initially ~5 times more) says it all. The crook at NVS who did deal got FIRED

  6. $FMI Total buyers strike in biotech, and at FMI, which is down 5.5% on 62k shares...NO VOLUME

  7. $FMI Agree...take $50 million and buy back stock and Roche should buy more stock on the open market, get their ownership up to 75%

  8. $FMI Take $50 mill of the $200 mill stockpile of cash and buy back stock!!

  9. $FMI All the members of Senior Management should do an across the board insider purchase as most sold some at $50.

  10. $FMI momentum and trends remains to the downside.

  11. $FMI NIH chief: We ve got cancer s number http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/23/cancers-on-the-march-but-weve-got-its-number-nih-director.html Seems as though all cancer patients need a genome test!

  12. $FMI More shorts coming into the stock - see below post by Vladimir = more fuel for a rip higher on any good news

  13. $FMI Foundation Medicine by Vladimir Zernov

  14. $FMI It is on my Conviction Buy list.

  15. $FMI Enterprise Value only $315 million...that s a joke. STRONG BUY.

  16. $FMI Like the science and hope reimbursement supports rev. growth.

  17. $FMI Goldman Sachs analyst Isaac Ro revisions: Foundation Medicine $FMI to $17 from $25;

  18. $FMI Not participating today....hmmm

  19. $FMI Gonna rip back to $24 soon; reimbursement momentum improving; new liquid biopsy test launched

  20. $FMI Looking to maybe start a position here, looking at 1yr chart, any reasons for those big drops in May and June? Went from 50 s to 20 s.

  21. $FMI trading like I reduced my position, oh I did. Now she goes up. Ugh

  22. $FMI See upside to estimates as additional reimbursement agreements get announced

  23. $FMI No doubt that FMI s forecast for 2016 is extremely conservative on other reimbursement besides United Healthcare; s

  24. $FMI Good read; FMI says Grail test could be very complimentary to its own offerings.. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/cancer-genetics-sequencing-company-harnessing-153828117.html

  25. $FMI strong. Trading like something is coming. Hedge to $IBB ??