1. $CLVS near R1 78, $FMI at R1 24-25

  2. @Think4self watching $NVTA specifically today,but my money maker for the week is http://stocktwits.com/Think4self/message/41944532 . $FMI $EXAS $STML $OMER $ESPR $IG


  4. I call trash stocks out, don t like it; TOO BAD! $ECYT $KERX $INO $MNKD $ATRS $INFI $OXGN $CYTR $GALE $OREX $AMRN $ARWR $AAVL $FMI etc

  5. $FMI No brainer buys are $FMI with Roche in at $50, $JUNO with $CELG in at $90, $QURE with $BMY in at $35ish.

  6. $EGRX $FLML $NLNK $RDUS thing about good biotech stock, u have good bounces. Y buy losers like $AAVL $FMI $NVTA $ECYT $CYTR $INO & others

  7. $FMI Management needs to step up and buy some stock in the open market again like they all did at $32.

  8. @Think4self it will take miracle for some losers to regain some value $CALA $AAVL $BIOS $NVTA $OMED $FMI see wt happened to oil stocks?

  9. @Think4self $BIOS $NVTA $AAVL $FMI $STML $MGNX $OMED $ARWR $IDRA some charts looking like oil stocks http://stocktwits.com/Think4self/message/41730346

  10. 1234 Bearish http://www.dailystockplays.com/1234-Bearish-2015-08-21.html $LB $MPW $NUGT $ZBH $JNUG $LOCK $AUY $RSPP $NEM $CLD $TICC $PRFT $COHU $SBGL $DOOR $FMI $CSTE $CTRE

  11. Scan results - Bullish Engulfing today: $IPCM $TGH $FMI $CSII $RMBS $OCUL $FRSH $FTK $AF $AEGR ...

  12. $FMI when the POS are the leader

  13. $FMI Thoughts? was it finally beaten down so far, has found floor? or is this (5% up) a deceptive lure...

  14. NR7-2 http://www.dailystockplays.com/NR7-2-2015-08-20.html $MDCO $IDTI $SBS $JUNO $CSTM $ENZN $AQXP $SVLC $SAND $AZPN $SAGE $FENX $EPAM $EBIX $KPTI $FMI $ABTL $AGX

  15. $FMI Mgmt needs to run a cost-benefit excel analysis & bring Roche mgmt into meetings w/Medicare firms who are wasting time & killing lives

  16. $AAVL rofl. A tough year for a certain someone...$MEIP $AERI $FMI $KPTI...$EPZM next?

  17. @Think4self $AAVL there will be pain tomorrow. Am heavy with the short here! $FMI $EPZM $JUNO $KPTI suckers follow like sheeps

  18. $FMI This 100% a Medicare reimbursement issue which will get fixed given OBVIOUS billions in savings

  19. $KPTI 49 to 13 $AAVL 62 to 13 $FMI 64 to 18. All 3 still have future albeit rocky road. Value proposition attractive if LT contrarian view

  20. $FMI what the hell has happened here?

  21. $KPTI @sogenerous $AAVL $FMI $KPTI need any stock tips bro just follow me

  22. $FMI $AAVL $KPTI @sogenerous Are u still holding thm? Thx

  23. $FMI ready to avg down If this breaks 19.5 tomorrow. Unimaginable got to this level to begin with. FoundationOne platform cancer tech rev.

  24. $FMI Roche owns 57.5% fully-diluted per 10-Q just out; they may buy more in the open market

  25. $FMI Roche bought 5 million shares at $50...that s how big they know precision medicine is in cancer. Payors wasting $$ on 30% misdiagnosis