1. $FORD back to 0.60 cents

  2. $EVOK $VTLC $NOR $AQXP $FORD $BTU $BAS $VLTC EVOK show strong momentum and continuity, if it breaks $4.5 then $6.

  3. $FORD come on $2.00. We need some news, anything.

  4. $FORD Oh Ford, you take from me now it s my turn to take that dollar mark from your stock. 😼

  5. $CANF companies & stock that ruined everyone s expectations - $AQXP $PBMD $ITEK $FORD. They won t happen often guys. Take profits frequently

  6. $AXPW Come Monday, I am shifting my portfolio. 1,000 shares more of AXPW for the fire. $SPEX $FORD $GEVO

  7. @robertellis Not a coincidence. Anything strong during mkt downturns are always dumped when mkt flies. $VBLT $BLPH $CANF $CAPN $FORD no

  8. $FORD quite funny @jeffreyliu520 - those new quality cases for Leica’s will be rolling off the shelves in no time. . like curing cancer...

  9. Not a coincidence. Anything strong during mkt downturns are always dumped when mkt flies. $VBLT $BLPH $CANF $CAPN $FORD

  10. $FORD i have faith in the new management and the new ceo as he has done what he promised which is to increase stock price.

  11. $FORD no news is good news set to close below 1.15

  12. $FORD It might be time to sell when you re excited that it s only down 3% on the day.

  13. $FORD about to enter the teens under $1.20 (after almost 2 months), very low float, keep an eye on it, earnings in December.

  14. $FORD I know a discount when I see one...

  15. $FORD hasn t been this low since 8/10/2015. Good buy?

  16. $FORD nice bounce..now go the f up

  17. @donnaperan: $NOR $AQXP $VLTC $AA $FORD $BTU $BAS $LNCO That is the best enter point $4 target!!! 150% upside!

  18. $FORD buying here @$1.15 $MSTX want my $3

  19. $NOR $AQXP $VLTC $AA $FORD $BTU $BAS $LNCO Smart money is getting in to NOR after 10 days in a ROW! U turn and huge upside to $4 zone!

  20. $FORD Just no volume at all anymore. Any upcoming news/events in the next week or two?

  21. $FORD out today . . at the 1.45 . . this is going to be less than a $1 long before it sees 1.70 ever again . it ll be red again by EOD.

  22. $FORD would like to see this swing to 1.70 like it has in the past

  23. $RITT - pumped heavily but having a hard time going anywhere with market conditions & a looming Government shutdown. Similar story as $FORD

  24. @tommyjohn: $VTL my W/L today needs a Maxipad... $CANF $FORD $VBLT $ATNM

  25. $FORD has been a pretty solid swing from 1.40s to 1.70s over the last couple weeks. Lets see if that continues.