1. $FOSL I think this is bound to go higher. Getting smart watch and with all the acquisitions.

  2. Swing Sell Picks: $BBBY, $FINL, $FOSL, $HSY, $JCP, $KEL.CA, $KMI, $OKE, $PIR, $TASR http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  3. Fossil s Executive V.P. and CFO just picked up 26,614 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2216238 $FOSL

  4. $FOSL a lot of people gonna start locking in profits gonna be interesting

  5. $FOSL looks like a nasty dip could be coming be careful

  6. $FOSL once we get support here we are heading to 39!!!

  7. $FOSL uptrend time to soar past 38

  8. $GME $AAP $ARG $BBBY $FOSL Bollinger Bands Expanding. Discover more stocks or signals here https://www.stockmonitor.com/filters/?filter=10000191

  9. $FOSL very undervalued...expecting to see mid 40s before a dip!

  10. $FOSL 38 today!!!

  11. Jawbone shutting its NY office & laying off 15% of its employees. In 2014, valued at $3.3B - $AAPL $GRMN $FIT $FOSL $SNE $INTC

  12. $FOSL waooo!! Its at 37. Interesting. Opportunity.

  13. $FOSL

  14. $FOSL still green on a bad day in the market...looking strong for 40 by Wednesday

  15. $FOSL

  16. $FOSL seller of 3,200 January 2016 35x puts mostly for 1.40.

  17. $FOSL Got out this morn. Made some money and not going to be greedy.



  20. $FOSL

  21. $FOSL

  22. $AMBA Goldman s potential SHORT-SQUEEZE watch list: $GPRO $FIT $LULU $SCTY $DV $ZIOP $GME $OUTR $Z $SUNE $FOSL $GRUB

  23. whoa! A nice bear flag. $FOSL

  24. Growing EPS and low PE $FOSL http://www.gurufocus.com/news/372662/affid/152113

  25. $FOSL $13 more to go