1. $FREE Just Sold Going Short on the FREE its like getting Free Money you cant lose Short Selling $FREE

  2. $FREE Tripple Bottom Forming on the Chart at .20

  3. $FREE From DEC 27. 2013. high $3.10 down.down, down.....now this $0,20 looks so little price

  4. $FREE Since it held 0.20 for multiple days already, if the market is not letting it go below, shouldn t the market just let it run?

  5. $FREE Feels like we re on Noah s Ark. Stocks are dropping all around.

  6. $FREE All my stocks are in the red today, could today FREE breaking the 0.20? Hope not, my funds are not settled yet.

  7. $FREE making a swing buy down here - hold for now

  8. $FREE - MAKE A FORTUNE WITHIN 20 MINUTES WITH BREAKOUTS - https://www.tradingview.com/v/fgxTOQM6/ http://stocktwits.com/message/27399627

  9. $TKMR If airline stocks are going down, then shipping stocks should go up ? $FREE

  10. $ZNGA You like penny stock and $$$ $FREE looks like it s about to blast off.

  11. $FREE

  12. $FREE Fly FREE common

  13. $FREE hold guys we r about to fly

  14. $FREE the next NEWL...

  15. $FREE Still being held down, its the conversions, yes a dollar is in the cards, or .74, first as a resting place, its launch point?


  17. $FREE Stocks are bouncing back today. Always seems shippers are the last to leave.

  18. $FREE been waiting for .20 to double down, but finally 2x my pos at 0.21

  19. $FREE I feel compelled to buy this as long as we see a bottoming pattern form through out Oct maybe into Nov. Sector should get hot again

  20. $FREE Wait till this goes stagnant for a while and finds a bottom. Any surge in the BDI later in the year and penny pumpers will drive this

  21. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Sep/29 $BCRX(5.5 %) $FREE(15.4 %)

  22. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Sep/29 $TWTR(4.5 %) $BDSI(3.9 %) $MUX(7.6 %) $FREE(15.4 %) $BDSI(5.3 %) $JRJC(100.0 %) $PGN(3.3 %)

  23. $FREE Had a sell order in @0.25 but it didn t get filled. Have to ride out the day. Better luck tomorrow.

  24. List of Greece Shipping ADRs/stocks at http://y.ahoo.it/W0q9ff2L $CPLP $CMRE $DAC $DCIX $DSX $DRYS $DLNG $ESEA $FREE $GLBS $NM $PRGN $SB

  25. @adrianahook Looking maybe $FREE might have another play left?