1. $FREE http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/free/time-sales lots of after hours..........whats going to happen before 2015?

  2. $FREE I mean 10,000 shares

  3. $FREE Will buy 1000$ shares and hold till it gets to 3$

  4. $FREE If this this goes to $9 this week. You have to have balls of steel to buy.

  5. New to this Stocktwits, I usually use Twitter, iHub or FB add me here as well. $BAS, $FREE, $EXXI, $ECIG, $DRYS, $ADMD, $RGMI

  6. next week $INO long till 2018 + $IBIO $RUSL long/swing $LJPC $KEG watching $FREE nvm ...lol

  7. $FREE hmmm avg is .13 not really feeling this one anymore, anyone have any suggestions?

  8. $FREE D OH

  9. Most of my plays I ve called on iHub and my Twitter still getting use to this Stocktwits $ECIG $BAS $FREE $ADMD $DRYS

  10. $FREE tmrw is Sat

  11. $FREE looks like current price is here to stay til EOD. may gap down tmr....

  12. Love being right haha $BAS, $FREE and $EXXI

  13. $FREE Any ideas on what s going to happen next? (No position)

  14. $FREE can t find which one is easier? quit smoking or playing swings FREE .. so addictive..LOL

  15. $FREE What a great ride 7.9 to 13.8 I hope all my friends made lots of xmas $ I will watch this after the RS happens

  16. $FREE it seems 99% of ppl here just do gambling since 2012~~

  17. $FREE ok re entered at 0.12xx for 1/4 pos now. will add more if this goes lower..don t fool me again :( I was wrong

  18. $FREE seriously, is it good time to re enter now at mid 0.12s? i sold out too early yday at 0.105s..TIA

  19. The only thing positive about $FREE is Nate from InvestorsLive mentioned it & that s like Jesus telling Lazarus to wake up from the dead.

  20. $FREE Wrong ticket symbole. Ment for CUBA

  21. $FREE Huston we have lift off !

  22. $FREE looks to be fading.. too soon?

  23. $FREE got in at .08... lets pray for big dollars.

  24. $BAS looks good today along with $FREE

  25. $FREE I feel bad for people that are selling, missing out on some $$$$$