1. $FREE because it didn t sell off in AH, Tomorrow should be a good pop ?

  2. $FREE scary that only a year ago this stock was close to $5... wow

  3. $FREE I jump on this one to make up for a loss in another stock. Most likely everyone else did to.

  4. $FREE Check the chart.. This happens all the time and then newer lows follow. Pump before the re-dump unfortunately

  5. $FREE sheeshhh probably going to 1$....LOL

  6. $FREE 8.07M shares, closed at HOD, most other shippers way red, market red, this thing is up 72% for the day. What is going on?

  7. $FREE wow

  8. $FREE Vol is really high (since I had a position), what s going on? Gain is not big enough to call a squeeze.

  9. $FREE go go go go go

  10. $FREE Needs to be pumped to $1 doesn t it ?

  11. $FREE Closing at HODs strong buy EOD...god knows what is going on...I just want 1.00+

  12. $FREE Don t know what s happening but it ll be nice to gain 3-4 cents a day.

  13. $FREE Yeee 30+% gain...hope something good happens tomorrow

  14. @TCA_Trader I have in $free and $fro

  15. $FREE This thing is up when market is red, hoping Tues it goes up again since Tues is generally a red day.

  16. $FREE All the other shippers way red....what could it be?

  17. $FREE I hope you don t disappoint again...great volume so far today

  18. $FREE somebody knows something.

  19. $FREE this is being bought up. rather impressed.

  20. $FREE 0.55 here we come

  21. $FREE lets go free!

  22. $WLT $FREE interesting free plotted over WLT http://y.ahoo.it/NxroHWta

  23. $FREE Free ride up;-)

  24. $FREE Make up for the disappointments with $IBIO Next week when it s done dipping down on the roller coaster

  25. $FREE Their misleading info is criminal