1. $FREE and see form-6K for September too

  2. $FREE U want to lost all money? http://www.streetinsider.com/dr/news.php?id=11015243

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  5. $FREE Lot of shorts hoping on this as usual https://www.quandl.com/data/FINRA/FNSQ_FREE-FINRA-NASDAQ-TRF-Short-Interest-FREE

  6. $FREE Institutional ownership up 12.58% Q/Q, with 3,077 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/FREE

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  9. $GBSN Watchlist 11/30 $GBSN $FREE $HART $SPDC $NETE $NSPR $LPTN $DNAI

  10. $FREE Great correlation to the turnaround in the Baltic Dry Index. FREE $$$

  11. $FREE these boards are not meant to only be positive David, otherwise there would only be a bullish signal. deal with the warranted negative

  12. $FREE typical tactic by a bogus pumper...use the paid basher approach even though that theory was debunked a long time ago.

  13. $FREE this is going to make a lot of people $$$$ Low float high volume... Industry of drybulk on a rise... Shorts will get margin calls

  14. $FREE If you hate this company, you shouldn t be here. It is that simple unless u r thinking to short sell this or paid basher & buy cheap

  15. $free are you people for real? Wow

  16. $FREE look at the actual figures. the 18.31 million in valuation includes 18.32 million in debt obligations. Yeah...that is real solid.

  17. $FREE a valuation only shows how much it would take to buy out the company in question, including its debts. https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/market/FREE--valuation--FreeSeas-Inc

  18. $FREE anyone that uses David Warner as an example (promoting since +$3.00) can t be taken seriously either. Pump away.

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  20. $FREE low float... High volume...drybulk industry on a rise This is poised to go above .10 Great bullish Monday

  21. $FREE no stock has ever recovered this low...

  22. $FREE back to .02

  23. $FREE loading up

  24. $FREE Lts hope this will do what $KBIO did valume is crazy high something is up.

  25. This weeks list for cheap buys for me $ABGB $AMDA $APTO $CRTV $EPE $FCEI $FREE $FTEK $NGO lmk what yall think