1. $FREE entered Friday for early March push

  2. @ProTrader70 $FREE ill take this as a lesson learned

  3. $FREE Keeping a close eye on Shipping Index, Looks like it already hit the bottom and started creeping back up...GL All...!!!

  4. $FREE might take a bite @0.08

  5. @Apples_Oranges91 $FREE has a horrendous chart lol. but people keep pump and dumping it bc it is so cheap, 0.01 is 10%

  6. $FREE Best bullish case anybody can present. Diamond bottom with with a bunch of big W s! https://www.tradingview.com/x/w24A94en/ $JNUG $JDST folks know ;-)

  7. @TechnicalYogi they have to if they do not reach and maintain $1 minimum listing. RS would only be the alternative to keep $FREE listed on N

  8. $FREE some one is just not letting 0.850 go. Keeps pushing sales order. Idiots.

  9. March madness coming $IBIO $IMRS $ECIG $FREE $RUSL bye Feb

  10. $FREE any seasoned $FREE trader suspect this reverse stock split happening??? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/freeseas-provided-second-grace-period-140000351.html

  11. $FREE this is getting old.........................

  12. $FREE Be nice to see a close in the .09 s, for a strong launch pad for next week!?!?

  13. $FREE there you go, broke.!

  14. $FREE Day 3 of higher high on the Baltic Dry Index. If $FREE does not make a move, something else is going on.

  15. $FREE i guess nothing again today

  16. $CYCC out for now, quick scalp, profit is profit. Watching $FREE also... $PAL $GEVO ... Play the channel

  17. $ECIG check out $FREE and $GEVO

  18. $FREE Germany is backing the Greek bailout

  19. $FREE guess I will have to hold this one forever

  20. $free solid close.

  21. $FREE added more at 0.0820. I now have over 100k in shares. Pure gamble, but should be easy money right here imo.

  22. $FREE this will Jump better then $EGLE one day its coming soon

  23. $FREE why do people feel this stock is bullish may I hear your thoughts?

  24. $FREE .11-.21 Running 8-9 days. Fri or Mon bigger jump. Gearing up.

  25. $FREE it has so much of selling pressure and I feel it s from one entity. Once he gets out we shoot up