1. $AMDA $FREE $AXPW $LOCM $NBG Any penny stocks that will go up tomorrow?

  2. $FREE 3 x time float traded today, Frontside float rotation coming $plug $axpw $nbg

  3. $FREE wasn t this a penny stock 3 months ago?

  4. $FREE Short Restriction tomorrow. Will make a run @ the bell.

  5. $NBG $FREE $GREK I believe the greek banks goal was to make people realize they need to vote YES. Seems to be working http://www.wsj.com/articles/cash-crunch-hits-everyday-life-in-greece-1435791588

  6. $FREE GTC orders w b in pm btwn 8.5 - 8.99 for few days..ttyl and GL.. see ya next week

  7. $FREE 8% up in ah is cool although the vol wasn t there..anyhow trend is your best friend. .more to come tmrw

  8. $FREE

  9. $FREE i need this to go up up up so I can make some nice profit

  10. $FREE

  11. $FREE Tomorrow will be interesting. ud83d ude01

  12. $FREE was at $4.44 today and already at $3.4 at AH. Strong $5 tomorrow.

  13. $FREE There is going to be a deal and this will shot up to $8 by Monday.

  14. $FREE cover now if you must. 100% increase tomorrow.

  15. $FREE 9%

  16. $FREE alright alright 8% not bad not bad!

  17. $NBG $FREE $GREK Greek referendum: ‘Yes’ side has four-point lead in latest poll http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/greek-referendum-yes-side-has-four-point-lead-in-latest-poll-1.2270112

  18. $FREE lol...AH? looking good. 8%

  19. $FREE dont get caught short this weekend. fair warning

  20. Video Lesson on how our team traded $FREE, $TLOG, $WPCS, $FIT, GREAT WORK everyone!

  21. $FREE Steer clear of this stock.

  22. $FREE but was important to be above 1$ for July 12 or also 2,5 mln of capitalization?

  23. $GREK $NBG $FREE

  24. $NBG $FREE $GREK Greek referendum: ‘Yes’ side has four-point lead in latest poll

  25. $NBG $FREE $GREK http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/greek-referendum-yes-side-has-four-point-lead-in-latest-poll-1.2270112