1. $HEB $SWSH $RNN $CYTR $OPXA $EGLE $FREE $ZLCS All looking like good buys today.

  2. $FREE 1.05 is the only known support at this level waiting for that

  3. $FREE I m out, can t take the abuse anymore. Good luck to everyone.

  4. $FREE will be back over $2.50 soon...mark that...

  5. @DancesWithMantas $FREE is not going up anytime soon. Could be a very long hold for you, like a year or so to see any return

  6. $FREE Maybe we find bottom here

  7. $FREE am holding 6K shares @ $2.17 still holding but....

  8. $EGLE $DRYS $FREE $SHIP Shippers sunk

  9. $Newl better watchout $free is trying hard to beat you to zero...

  10. $FREE I am in it and wnt go out with big looses better stay then out

  11. $FREE Nope I am in aswell 10k -> gonna ride out this large wave.

  12. $FREE please tell me I m not the only person totally phucked in freeseas

  13. $FREE @Wiseguru $NEWL is on another kind of pos stocks, they are what I call Madoff level ponzi schemes.

  14. $FREE $ZLCS $MVIS That wonderful time in the morning when your red stocks appear green on Stocktwits.

  15. $FREE the shittiest pos I ever saw. www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1325159/000114420414021633/v373959_f1.htm -_- enjoy! $50 mil dilution

  16. $FREE This will certainly go below $1 soon, most probably settle around 0.80 before spiking again.

  17. $FREE going back under 1.00?

  18. $FREE When they will stop this sell off, and why last 3 month?

  19. IPOs and Transactions: April 7 – 11 > http://y.ahoo.it/cB1q7Yfd > $NAMG $MEIP $ABMC $IZEA $XGGTX $ROIA $FREE $TLLP $JGW $FFBC $VNRX

  20. $FREE Hang in there Freeseers! If your still holding. This ll bottom soon! It s on wave 5!

  21. @Dwyatt1985 Wise not to call the bottom but let price action dictate your actions; $FREE remains Bearish, S at 1.33 but if fails then 1.07

  22. Alert Results 2014-04-11 : $ARTX $DHRM $FREE $NTN $PRAN http://y.ahoo.it/5XR8AcwT

  23. @Apples_Oranges91 others sold $ino for a lose, smh. Oh well. Not my money. Btw covered my $free short today. Howd you make out over there

  24. $FREE E gad this ship is sinking back towards pinks.

  25. Alert results: $ARTX +5% $DHRM +3% $FREE +0% $NTN +15% $PRAN +0%