1. $FREE sell only when you re positive in your account. holding all from 0.18

  2. $FREE It could have been a whole lot worst.

  3. $FREE hope this doesn t bite me...I m buying monday

  4. $FREE all I see is 80000 bid on level 2 sitting all day....

  5. $FREE worth .74 imo, it will be held down by CREDE till BDI can take it to the dollar, pps next move is anybody s guess

  6. $FREE headed to be free soon.

  7. $FREE Should dip back down to .10 - .12 area, they have a lot of shares to dilute.

  8. $FREE load up

  9. $FREE has support at .13 but what sneaky surprises do they have ready to deploy covertly after hours? Can t trust this one here.

  10. $FREE that was a nasty drop to .15

  11. $FREE it s moving with the absence of sellers!

  12. $FREE sellers gone and buyers in

  13. $FREE I believe in this stock long term but tired of reading the AM and PM speculations that never happen. Just hold on to it!

  14. $FREE billy if this stock goes to 10$ i ll be a millionaire!! :)

  15. $FREE guys do you think this stock will go up. or should i cut my losses

  16. is this legal? @BillyLegal: $FREE i have family members who work here trust me big plans

  17. $FREE billy legal are you sure!!!!!

  18. $FREE i have family members who work here trust me big plans

  19. $FREE try 10 bucks

  20. $FREE this stock has potential buy and hold! in less than 6 months should go to 1$ :)

  21. $FREE Got back in @0.16

  22. $FREE so far so good

  23. $FREE there ships are sure worth something that plus falling oil prices = potential stock to buy! 1$ within 6 months from now :)

  24. $FREE I would think that the 5 ships they still have are worth over 30M. Interesting that it is trading this low MC 6M debt 24M

  25. $FREE anybody buying right now or is it still dipping??