1. $FREE The forbidden fruit looks so juicy... LOL

  2. $FREE Don t buy.

  3. $FREE This could be a buy at .20 if sector sees some interest and BDI goes up.

  4. $FREE Handy size rates need to be over double what they are now for FREE to even break even or make a little.

  5. $FREE Handy size rates are in the toilet. Been bearish since Dec 1st 2013.

  6. @heterodontbull It s faster if I just take the money I would invest in $FREE and flush it directly down the toilet. Save the middleman.

  7. $FREE another $NEWL .. getting ready for a tumble & reverse split..

  8. $FREE Does Realist15 still love this stock?

  9. $FREE Could see under .20 by Oct.

  10. $FREE next drop to .35 and if they do a split again I will be shocked, Pirates

  11. Bearish MACD Crossover $AVGO $EMR $FREE $FSL $GRA $HXL $JAKK $KLIC $L $NAT $O $OKS $PCP $RBY $SSRI $TAST $TEL $VIAB http://y.ahoo.it/kVZiFMFW

  12. $FREE Down and Out for a 80% loss. Maybe I can t pick some up again in a few months when it s free ...

  13. Worst performing industries YTD (via Finviz): Shipping -83% YTD and Computer Periph. -23% $SSYS $DDD $FREE

  14. $FREE Chins up !! Go down with dignity.

  15. $FREE Before christmas everyone likes FREE, now no one

  16. $FREE wants to be friends with $NEWL IBtw, is NEWL halted still? Cant tell..

  17. $free heading towards the boneyard

  18. $FREE yup this dead cat is bouncing

  19. $free on the way to lake of fire

  20. $FREE looks like this dead cat may bounce off .42

  21. $FREE Should almost be time to move it back up

  22. $FREE ouch

  23. $FREE Go BK u POS

  24. $FREE 2 split reverses in a short time is a REAL SCAM.

  25. $FREE a loser, get out while u can. Greek scam...