1. $FREE to the moon

  2. $FREE LOL omg I can t stop laughing!

  3. $FREE

  4. $FREE http://wolfstreet.com/2015/04/21/f35-jet-that-ate-the-pentagon-concurrent-development/

  5. $FREE Keep shortin shorty!!! Let us know about yout go fund me page and i will send you a cheeseburger

  6. $FREE if your still in it get out. Just let it die.

  7. $FREE Institutional ownership up 89.62% Q/Q, with 3,077 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/FREE

  8. $FREE http://www.businessinsider.com/people-afraid-zombie-ships-first-sign-of-global-economic-collapse-2016-1

  9. $FREE Wake up rookie reverse split was a month ago. Blocked

  10. $FREE wait a minute... I have 1k shares, how is the reverse split going to affect me??

  11. $FREE constipation 💩💩

  12. $FREE gonna load before closing Sam because Monday its exploding day...hasta la vista...

  13. $SUNE Not so fast.. Have a look at $VPCO $GBSN $FREE and $DRYS also, remember $NEWL

  14. $FREE Byebye cono

  15. $FREE 15k@0.0602

  16. $FREE mean 0.0602

  17. $FREE .08 close , 5737 watchers

  18. $FREE been green plenty of times and I ve made a boatload.

  19. $FREE $0.05 close

  20. $FREE I ve been watching this pos for years. It s been green once. Seriously. There is no bottom.

  21. $FREE I seriously wonder if anyone has ever killed themselves because of this pos? I mean it s like the biggest pos ever. $2000 shr to .06

  22. $FREE Yes it will be green , if you and all bullish buy it :) But I am sure this is death spiral ..

  23. $FREE Green EOD

  24. If $FREE is a pump and dump stock how about we start pumping with a dump target at .95. LETSGO

  25. $FREE Shorties haven t stop shorting. Can they put this down to 0.02?