1. $FREE This stock will go up. $1.40 soon. It will happen when you least expect it. Then dump this sh$&t lololol

  2. $FREE what a day rallys to .84 and all the Friday shorts ran away...dont cry when it hits 1.00$

  3. $FREE Patience

  4. $FREE All of that for red? POS

  5. $FREE Lol RED

  6. $FREE Crap crap crap

  7. $FREE @vintagerock It s a piece of crap

  8. $FREE Seriously!?

  9. $FREE Junk stock

  10. $FREE You POS, go up damnit

  11. $FREE Looks like this just might run into close today

  12. $dej Dejour Energy looking like its ready for a breakout ..$HEB $KMP $INO $IVAN $dej.ca $AAPL $FREE

  13. $FREE Man this thing needs to move. Sheesh

  14. $DRL Looking for 6.15 or count me out. All in $FSI. $CPST looking good too. $ANV needs to dip further. $USU $FREE $BAC $AAPL $PLUG on watch.

  15. $TOPS and $FREE

  16. $FREE All aboard !!!

  17. $FREE is running hard again,meaning the real shipers will run soon $DRYS $PRGN $BALT


  19. $INO ++++ $JRJC + $VRNG + $BAA + $FREE best week I ever had. booyah!

  20. $FREE I don`t think its going tto fall its holding strong

  21. $FREE 2 inside candle days, lets see what this does today, way too many bears out there on the entire shipping industry

  22. $FREE Is burning up the race track. $1.40 here we come.

  23. @Milliondollarmastermind All the stock quotes in AH are correct on CNBC but $FREE is alway incorrect in AH wtf ?

  24. FreeSeas Inc. Just Received a Notice of Effectiveness http://y.ahoo.it/6ToJilqn $FREE

  25. $FREE last 6 months sell off, time to recovery and back above $2