1. $FREE fear is a good thing ...it brings the best in u...at this moment i am filled with fear!!!

  2. $FREE you guys wannt a real pennystock? try THCZ MJMD MDCN DIGP PMCB

  3. $FREE Greece promotes stronger ties with trades Russia if embargo is lifted free seas profits stock prices profit everywhere

  4. $FREE expecting a nice bounce soon

  5. $FREE no worries. With today s buy I avg closer to 6. I wi have my money out soon. Have 420 k shares.

  6. $FREE Setting up. Expect a bounce here

  7. $FREE You disappoint me daily but I still love you lol

  8. $FREE 2MM shares sold short.Gotta cover sometime.CRRS exploded when shorts covered,although it dropped after that.Sell the day shorts cover!

  9. $FREE this company will live up to its ticker shortly...

  10. $FREE 4,8,16,32,64_Stockcharts_BDIY BROKE 600_602

  11. Lol $FREE and the astronauts looking for a space ship.

  12. $FREE Did I miss something? 100 messages since 2pm...anything happened today?

  13. $FREE $4000-$5000/ 100,000 shares on spikes_FACT_See Past Charts

  14. $FREE $7200 Gain/ 100,000 Shares= Almost 300%(See Oct .10-.28/ 9 da run

  15. $FREE this is making me nervous biggest gamble ever

  16. $FREE. Everyone do me a favor and relax... take it easy my friends

  17. $FREE that s a new one. Closed unchanged. Maybe a bottom?

  18. $FREE clean house today

  19. $FREE I love this stock even more now

  20. $FREE I fold...sold my weak hands...Gonna dump my money in some MJ to recover the loss lol...

  21. $FREE buy today live rich tomorrow grow together for freedom of the seas

  22. $FREE situazion greece

  23. $FREE Bashers Buying Bottom .04 s, but trying to get lower_Bor-ing!

  24. $JDST sold rest of JDST at $12.21 will be watching to go back into JNUG in 2 days. Positions left are $FREE and $GBSN. GLTA.

  25. $FREE surgex the most desperate guy trying to get hooker money out of this stick