1. Bearish MACD Crossovers 1/2 $ABT $ACI $AER $ANR $APP $ATHM $BIG $BIIB $CAR$CBMX $CMCM $EQC $ESRX $FREE $HF $HT $HUN http://y.ahoo.it/muu0GWEp

  2. $FREE Is down 99.999.999.999.999.99 % and still sinking. Don t be a part of the scam.

  3. $free DAVLINER7, if you get this excited over 100 shares I would hate to see how you would react to the next door girl getting naked.

  4. $FREE 18.5 % up AH

  5. $FREE Biggest scam on the face of the earth along with $NEWL

  6. $FREE I got an idea, listen to people who nothing about dry bulkers that said this popped up on their scan & their profile says they re pros

  7. $FREE Oh uh, what s happening is exactly what I told you last week? No?

  8. $FREE $4 to $0.4 what a performer

  9. My shortlist from yesterday: $FREE $SGOC $KNDI $JRJC $TUBE ... IM HAPPY!

  10. @Milliondollarmastermind The bank is letting you short $FREE ?

  11. Watchlist:$VII $DGLY $FREE $TKMR $ISNS

  12. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 1/2 $AAN $ADI $ADT $BIOF $CCJ $DCT $DRE $EDMC $EDR $ERJ $FREE $GOOGL $GRMN $HOLI $HSH http://y.ahoo.it/uGQujN7n

  13. $FREE Kick to the nuts. Glad I sold

  14. $FREE Is blatant pump, will crash at some point this week, good potential short

  15. $free this one floating to the rocks

  16. $FREE junk. Big smelly pile of crap. took my losses and ran for the hills. Dry bulk shipping is terrible to invest in

  17. Shipping stocks toke a hit. $DRYS $SB $DSX $FREE $SBLK $BALT $ISH $FRO $ESEA were all down today.

  18. $FREE There was the pop to help continue the drop afterwards.

  19. $FREE scam. Free scam. free junk.

  20. $FREE Junk

  21. $FREE Anyone still holding this junk, best take your losses and exit now. IMO

  22. $FREE BIG jump happening today. Very

  23. Weekend Blog: Is the Shipping Bounce Already Over? $SEA $DCIX $DRYS $FRO $NAT $NM $TNP $FREE $TNK $TOPS #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/7DsyZNzl

  24. $free @ToyzBoyz or you could have bought at .75 and sold and .84 same difference. This stock is a POS.

  25. $FREE This stock will go up. $1.40 soon. It will happen when you least expect it. Then dump this sh$&t lololol