1. $FREE does anyone think it will get to a dollar by their deadline in july to stay in the nas? maybe if they buy a new ship?

  2. $FREE nice... expecting .14

  3. $FREE vol still low but around 2M could be the launch pad for 10M vol soon.

  4. $FREE yup very awkward AH today followed by impressive intraday..let say this might be more like an INDICATION to next week :)

  5. $FREE During the past fiscal year, FREESEAS INC continued to lose money by earning -$29.37 versus -$220.50 in the prior year.

  6. $FREE The company has demonstrated a pattern of positive earnings per share growth over the past two years.

  7. $FREE reported significant earnings per share improvement in the most recent quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago.

  8. @TROMBA Think $FREE is bad look at $NEWL ...:(

  9. $FREE why did this stock go up after hours? anyone know??

  10. $FREE- Charts point to .46. Realistic Feb. FREE doubles on doubles when it gets rolling. Sit tight. Get past .11 & quick to .22.

  11. $FREE I pray for this stock recovery, with prayers all things are possible!

  12. $FREE It s nothing volume too low:(

  13. $free lol .1048 AH :-)

  14. $FREE Anyone take a look at AH?

  15. $FREE @Farne what was the official close?

  16. $FREE Still need 10mil share volume for anything to mean anything, so this doesn t really mean anything until then...

  17. $FREE Must be the bottom soon

  18. $FREE The Baltic Dry Index falls another 3.8% and is now trading at its lowest levels since the 1980s,

  19. $FREE http://seekingalpha.com/news/2261436-bulk-commodity-rates-fall-to-30-year-lows?auth_param=1e12p:1acnome:69f7b719539062a1965b4fb3277783d2&uprof=17#email_link

  20. $FREE Junk stock

  21. $FREE Let s break .10 first, guys..before we all go running down Wall Street naked n throwing money, how about that?

  22. $FREE s 1st Sweet Spot .225, then .36, then .46, then .73, then .95, then 1.10, then 1.25, then 1.69, then 2.07

  23. $FREE is flexing it s muscles for a 2 week run. Could hit .46.

  24. calling it a day. HNW all $INO long ++ $FREE $ECIG $RUSL and $IMRS

  25. $FREE push! da vol is one million now