1. $CYTX I m very bearish. I ve seen this manipulation before on $FREE huge buys after hours to cover the shorts then they are ready for more

  2. $FREE This was the reason that the stock could not pass .056. MM selling short and settled AH @ .0525. Will continue until converts are sold

  3. $FREE Look at today s AH block. Settlement below avg and close today. Same pattern just settled lower than close and avg trade.

  4. $FREE there goes the big block trade in a/h. What is happening here? Can anyone explain.

  5. $FREE living in a virtual FREE world. My stock, after reverse splits worth virtually nothing. This virtual world sucks.

  6. $FREE aka NEWL #2... huge scam but on watch$$$

  7. $FREE Doubt we have a AH block today

  8. $FREE what an awesome stock!

  9. $FREE time for one of you FREE bulls to open your wallet and make this run. What s it going to take 5 -6 thousand?

  10. $FREE please no EOD dump!!!!

  11. $FREE Wait, is this thing slowing going up and not coming back down? Am I dreaming? .055 now .056 and hasen t gone down. Gaining traction?

  12. $FREE can it break .07?

  13. $FREE i m in at .00 !

  14. $FREE @techhi I m Ready are you? . Oh, you won t believe how ready we were !

  15. $FREE Norwegian investors= potential-coming from a Norwegian!! Haha Greeks tried their best

  16. $FREE I m Ready are you?

  17. $FREE Looking for a THCZ move.....

  18. $FREE @jasz slow and steady climb? Are you sure you wrote this in the right place?

  19. $FREE pokerface :/

  20. http://www.freefdawatchlist.com/2015/05/nasdaq-mid-day-gainer-and-loser-for-may.html Nasdaq Mid day Gainer and loser for May 29th: $TBIO, $HRTX, $DCTH, $FREE, $HERO, $SPPR, $KBIO, $VIMC, $IMRS, $UVXY

  21. $FREE accumulation is better than a big spike..slow and steady climb

  22. $FREE It s really early, don t worry, will end the day down the usual -10 - -18%

  23. $FREE I love these computerized gap downs that are so beautifully algorithmic, synchronized in nature...like watching a computer play chess

  24. $FREE don t let these shorts bone you in the hull of the boat! The noose is getting tighter around these shorts neck

  25. $FREE If this passes .055 could take some stops out.