1. $FRO Frontline Ltd. will buy Frontline 2012 Ltd. by issuing 584 million shares. Is this another stock dilution? Yahoo finance FRO

  2. $FRO, #Frontline 2012 agree to merge http://thudderwicks.com/2015/07/frontline-merger/

  3. $FRO $TNK Brazil to continue rising Tanker broker MJLF says cuts in spending at Bendine-led Petrobras won’t stop export growth.

  4. $AG, $CLF and $FRO, 3 stocks to watch http://pennystocklist.org/penny-stocks-to-buy/

  5. $FRO $TNK EIA Crude stock 465 +2.4 Gasoline 216.7 -1.8. Data may have error, but tells us supply is ample, price won t be expensive. $SDRL

  6. $FRO Payoff $225M bonds is a milestone for us. The long term growth plan, $SFL deal, starts from today is another milestone.

  7. $FRO $TNA Despite $65 oil, Shell continues Arctic exploration project off Alaska’s Arctic coast. Oil industry works for more affordable oil.

  8. $FRO Still waiting...

  9. $FRO back 2 bad

  10. $FRO Stopped Out for 1% Loss http://independentcapitalist.com/2015/07/01/fro-stopped-out-for-1-loss/

  11. $TNK $SB $SBLK $FRO shippers waking up today

  12. $FRO nice start to the trading day so far.

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  14. $FRO locked and loaded

  15. $FRO I think July 7th is the Iran vote. Hopefully we can get a boost then

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  19. $FRO once i get out of this POS, I will never come back. I ve lost more money on the direction of this company than any other by far.

  20. There always are some stocks won t go up despite very bullish market. I hope $FRO is not one of them.

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  22. $FRO the bottom should be around 2.36 or so. This has been the pattern so far

  23. $FRO I need it above 3 again, and to stay there... I can t handle this

  24. $FRO Captain @leomu. Make sure your seat belt is fasten.

  25. $FRO This stock bottoms in the 2.30 s and is good buy then. Watch the pattern