1. $FRO Here we are at that 3$ precipice

  2. $FRO US oil rigs fell by 1 to 659 last week. Can drillers wait any longer to continue support oil prices?

  3. $FRO guys, why did we move our earning report to a Friday?? It doesn t look good for ER to release on a Friday

  4. $EXXI $HERO are in downtrend, no one knows how long it will last. Why do people miss and ignore uptrend cheap stocks $FRO $TNK ?

  5. $SDRL $HERO drilling market is weak, early birds buy during weak market period. $FRO $TNK tanker market is strong, stocks are still cheap.

  6. $FRO : Blue Skies for this tanker.


  8. $FRO AH action make me so giddy.......watch my girl run like Forest next week......hot thang!

  9. End Of Day Scan: Stochastic Overbought $FRO $LGF $XLS $HIMX $ADI $XRT $DOV $EMR $MJN $MTW www.dailystockplays.com


  11. Pickens bought 115,000 shares in DHT Holdings & 210,000 shares in $FRO according to this article http://fuelfix.com/blog/2015/05/15/t-boone-pickens-makes-stock-picks-amid-oil-slump/#27126103=0&33048101=0 $SFY $GDP $XOM $NAT

  12. $FRO Ah the magic number!

  13. If its true T. Boone Pickens is investing in $FRO, that s a great sign that it will go up. He is right about oil also. $$$ $SFY $GDP $XOM

  14. $FRO almost 10% gain!

  15. @leomu you sick bastard! You scared $FRO away from $2s!

  16. $FRO Buy rating 2.5 Target 3.86 support 2.56 pivot price 2.65 Resistance 3.1

  17. $FRO 280.stop.bottomed-out + 330.best-case.target

  18. $FRO looking good... glad I got in this one. $DHT

  19. $FRO ud83d ude0a ud83d ude0a ud83d ude0a ud83d ude0a ud83d ude0a

  20. $FRO this stock makes me laugh and cry on a monthly basis...

  21. $FRO come on girl....its time for an afternooney balooney!!

  22. $FRO I hope MS will sell it to 2.31 again for @jh1 to load more shares.

  23. $FRO, on investors radar now, should go above $3 rather soon, Oslo was hungry on the stock and rise was on large volume,a strong indicator.

  24. $FRO I am really sorry that we won t be able to enjoy any gains on next Monday.

  25. $FRO the next two weeks will be telling...