1. $FSLR nice Ichimoku chart http://y.ahoo.it/NTWO0eKK Bounce off flat kijun sen w/ tip rising. EPS in May http://y.ahoo.it/lA4gQc3q

  2. Gold, Silver And The Mining Sector: Prepare For A Severe Fall http://y.ahoo.it/swmmv6ld $ADBE $AIG $ANR

  3. $Z might correct to $100 tomm before hitting $110 next week $FSLR getting ready for b/o next week if it can stay around $70 end of this week

  4. $FSLR Pullbacks have been limited. Looks like wants to test higher.

  5. $FSLR left scty in the dust. 71.00 61.00

  6. $FSLR up 1.91 at 71.12

  7. $CSIQ, $SCTY, $FSLR Most undervalued $SLTD

  8. Six Days in April | Stock Market Today http://y.ahoo.it/hgGEA6zm $DJIA $SPX $COMPQ $RUT $CSIQ $SCTY $FSLR $SFUN

  9. Potential #SwingTrading opportunities over the coming sessions $DHT $FSLR $KYTH $PCYC $STML $YOD http://y.ahoo.it/ve1lnG5C #TechnicalAnalysis

  10. $CREE and $FSLR see similar to me - good concept but just think pricing gets destroyed over time

  11. $FSLR Very sunny in Tempe over the next 10 days. :) http://y.ahoo.it/bHXryYyR

  12. $FSLR creating jobs at Moapa Project, while oil companies create none and push the XL pipeline that will result in higher gas prices in US

  13. $FSLR Sometimes, the best strategy is to do nothing but hold. http://y.ahoo.it/b2S9N0Te

  14. $FSLR I want to know. http://y.ahoo.it/XKNQbkOb

  15. $SUNE $FSLR Greenlight gets it... sustainability is here and it s the biggest trade of this century... imo.

  16. Share an idea on $FSLR Wasn t it only a week ago that this sold down to 63 and change...What were they thinking?

  17. $JASO $CSIQ $TSL $FSLR $SUNE moving, 20-100% upside from here

  18. $SUNE U might look at $SCTY or $FSLR instead imo

  19. @Cow: $SUNE Einhorn says worth 35, bullish on solar $GTAT $SOL $CSIQ $YGE $TSL $JASO $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR

  20. $CONN big move paras all over $FSLR $CONN $ANF $SUNE

  21. $SUNE Einhorn says worth 35, bullish on solar $GTAT $SOL $CSIQ $YGE $TSL $JASO $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR

  22. $FSLR Where you at $XOM?

  23. $FSLR Continues to look healthy. Possibly has reached its bottom. http://y.ahoo.it/MHu6Ev1K

  24. $VTNR $AGIO $FSLR are waking up dangerously... An eye should be kept on them. Graphs here http://y.ahoo.it/F1Nd6k4c

  25. First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) To Host Job Fair For The Moapa Project http://y.ahoo.it/QMIcmGnf $FSLR