1. Watch for a break below this bear flag for a short. Trade Price. $FSLR http://stocktwits.com/message/28318925

  2. market analysis video and $BIDU $CTRP $SINA $TWTR $FSLR http://joehentges.net/retest/

  3. $YELP at least 3 other stocks reacted like this last year after er s they reversed $GMCR $FSLR $FB where are they now....$$$

  4. $FSLR :p

  5. $SPWR $scty $vslr $fslr how high will these stocks go today ..

  6. $CSIQ shines among $SCTY $JKS $FSLR $TSL $SUNE $SPWR http://www.nasdaq.com/article/stick-some-money-where-the-sun-does-shine-cm404439

  7. $SCTY $TAN $VSLR $FSLR $SPWR $AAPL http://seekingalpha.com/article/2560535-solarcity-undervalued-in-the-face-of-possible-obstacles

  8. $FSLR Good buying opportunity?

  9. $SUNE $SPWR $SCTY $FSLR solars heating up

  10. $FSLR EoD run

  11. $FSLR bump & run pls

  12. $SCTY $VSLR $TAN $FSLR http://seekingalpha.com/article/2560535-solarcity-undervalued-in-the-face-of-possible-obstacles

  13. $TWTR lackluster performance....$FSLR $KOG $P $YELP $SCTY $MU $LNG ....these stocks are trading properly on a +1.5% market day

  14. @TopStocks @Jose_FD $SCTY and $FSLR pretty different IMO. But will both be in 60s again

  15. $AMD Will Effected By Competitive Intel Architecture- $CY, $FSLR http://www.emarketsdaily.com/advanced-micro-devices-inc-nyseamd-will-effected-by-competitive-intel-architecture-cypress-semiconductor-nasdaqcy-first-solar-nasdaqfslr/1820034/

  16. @Jose_FD Solar City has more growth potential IMO. Much more visible company. $FSLR is old guard, $SCTY new, innovative and cool

  17. $FSLR cheaper than $SCTY, I like it

  18. A Modest Einhorn Bounce for Solar ETFs $KWT $TAN $SUNE $GTAT $FSLR https://www.vetr.com/posts/QNZFibHnmknQir

  19. $SCTY $FSLR $SUNE $CSIQ $SPWR Joe on FM said buy solar stocks. Dropped too much, nothing changed...

  20. $FSLR 4th time try to break hod, if break, could see more upside

  21. $FSLR einhorn pin action??

  22. $SPWR $SUNE SCTY $FSLR Solar sector rebound!

  23. $FEYE headed to low 28 where it should get some support. $IBM at 165 odd is a steal. Solar stabilizing for now $FSLR $SCTY

  24. $FSLR feeble! come oooooon

  25. $FSLR still dragggin. Only thing in my account red and have offers out to dump it.