1. Not defensive in economic downturn #sell $SCTY $fslr

  2. $SCTY good fade off $74s & bounced back supp 20ma, ER next wk 8/7. $FSLR wow off 200ma daily (missed), thats a solid support. :(

  3. Notable earnings for next week: $KORS $MRO $COH $CVS $ATVI $FSLR $DIS $Z $CHK $DISH $TAP $MDLZ $VIAB $FOXA $CTL $GMCR $WMT $AMAT $JWN

  4. Clearbrook Capital Advisors holds an allocation of 13.4% in $FSLR in his Undervalued Opportunities Investment Portfolio

  5. $FSLR  Going to be fun watching them cover and scoop up shares this afternoon and Monday before the run up.

  6. $FSLR On sale!!! Take some of that SCTY profit and put it to work

  7. @MongoCalabash Yes monday could be bloody...but tuesday, that s the question. $FSLR

  8. $FSLR shorts that sold at 65-66 are only buyers -Monday is setting up for a drop to 58.25 with people getting margin calls after 4 today.

  9. $FSLR Adding more also. This company is deep rooted in the future of energy. In for the long haul!

  10. $FSLR Added more here, very positive about ER

  11. $SPWR Down On Weak Outlook http://y.ahoo.it/eAXh3jH7 $FSLR $DB $JPM

  12. $FSLR an insider purchase alert would be nice right now

  13. @george4it @notelonmusk I am not a day trader either. I am long $FSLR. And to put my money where my mouth is, I just added to my position

  14. $FSLR I sure have taken a pounding this week, but not made it official yet. The big question is whether to ride through ER.

  15. $FSLR $DOW $POST lots of stocks hitting the 200dma ...watch for the bounce

  16. $FSLR Picked up 500 shares below 61 and wow that moved up my average a bit. Let s get this show started fellas.

  17. $JASO markets need to decide if all solars go together or US vs CN $TSL $JKS $SPWR $FSLR $CSIQ

  18. @etradebaby @G_Money will keep dropping before ER...gotta have some cajones with this stock $FSLR

  19. $FSLR My Aug 16 65 calls have been bleeding past week or so. At this point I need a blowout earnings.

  20. @G_Money $FSLR is kinda low already and has ok p/e so I d hold. Im holding mine

  21. $FSLR wants to sell into ER it seems. But I think it pops on ER at least a little

  22. $FSLR this is the red line in sand before 59.60 wait didn t a president say that about saving 1 mil women and children?

  23. $FSLR nothing fades and fakes out harder than this one. IMHO. I think one of most volatile stocks in entire S&P 500.

  24. $FSLR THE F A D E

  25. $FSLR Downward pressure with low volume just before ER is a good sign. IMO. GL