1. $FTR For those buying cuz of the dividends, how s that working for you?

  2. @banzaitrader: $FTR... Where is the news event? Do we even need one? try http://y.ahoo.it/kibeGIPm

  3. Sent out a bunch of charts late last night...feel free to take a look. $SPY $FTR $CBS $NOV $SE $OXY $KEY $MOS $SODA $DTV $FCS

  4. @DGV @Ocloc12 $FTR 10 in what timeframe you think? I ve had call options since late february hoping for a big jump.

  5. @Ocloc12 $FTR is going up to the 10s

  6. But right at monthly 50sma $FTR from

  7. First close over Weekly 200sma since the crisis BUT look at the next chart $FTR from

  8. Frontier Communications Corp upgraded by TheStreet to buy. http://y.ahoo.it/Fn5YIO5Z $FTR

  9. Some names that look good to me (no posn): $BRKB $D $DVN $EMN $FNSR $FTR $H $HAL $LLY $NU $VIPS $WFT

  10. $FTR Is it still a good time to jump on FTR or should I wait?

  11. $FTR As a follow up, this is a 50% position at this point.

  12. $FTR Took a position in $FTR via May 6 Calls.

  13. $FTR - http://y.ahoo.it/4kySkaFH - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  14. Stocks Moved Above Upper Bollinger Band Line $ACET $AMT $AVA $AXS $CVX $D $DK $FRT $FTR $MRO $REGI $RGEN $ST http://y.ahoo.it/WCBVay4C

  15. Utilities or energy that driving markets: $FTR $WIN $AXAS $PTEN $GLNG $FANG $WFT $ECA

  16. $FTR price increasing w volume + short interest declining = short squeeze. Where is the news event? Do we even need one?

  17. Watching $QUIK, $WBC, $SAFM, $WFT, $LPI, $PDS, $ECA, $FTR, $GLOG but still leery of new positions >> daily charts http://y.ahoo.it/dBpT0vbU

  18. $FNMA good day from $FTR and $GE is up to bat tomorrow morning

  19. $FTR @Sassy_SPY you called it! Hope you got back into this trade.

  20. $FTR new 52 week high. going vertical and putting pressure on the 200 million shares short.

  21. PUT $FTR in your Radar....

  22. My Trading today are the following: $KNDI $WAVX and $FTR.

  23. $FTR Watch that baby today. Great time to load positions.

  24. Ideas 04.16.14 $WAVX $DEJ $WIN $REN $RDNT $NTE $LFVN $FTR

  25. Watching 4/16 TOP 10 $BIOL $CPST $ENZN $FTR $GMO $KWK $MPO $SKH $SMT $USU ..KA BOOM...